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1. The Werewolf Detective

2. The Werewolf Detective 2

3. The Werewolf Detective 3

4. The Werewolf Detective 4

5. The Werewolf Kidnapper

6. The Werewolf Kidnapper 2

7. The Werewolf Army Ranger

8. The Werewolf Army Ranger 2

9. The Bodyguard Wolf

10. The Bodyguard Wolf Returns

11. Forbidden Bear Obsession

12. Mated to the Alpha Enemy

13. Trapped Blood Mates

14. Werewolf Seeking Mate

15. Determined to be Mated

16. The Werewolf Navy Seal

17. Married to the Werewolf Navy Seal

18. Destined to be with My Alpha

19. Desired by the Alpha Bear

20. Owned by the Alpha Bear

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Stories of the Apocalypse: Zombies: Short Stories of Survivors in the Apocalypse Part 2

by Kody Kramer

Another installment in the short series of zombie apocalypse survivors in the world of infected. In this one, meet a group of organized survivors three months into the outbreak. But when you’re three months into an infection, are zombies really the only threat? Read more to find out!


by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Francine has discovered there is a paranormal world around her, one most people can’t see … but then Francine isn’t like most people, and she is about to discover she is more different than she thought. No longer able to rely on just herself, Francine teams up with an unlikely group of friends, including an angel, a werewolf, and a psychic. Can they stay one step ahead of the Vampire that has set his eyes, and teeth, on Francine before she becomes one of the undead? Is Hunter the true enemy, or is one of her new friends more dangerous than she ever suspected.

West (Mancers Book 2)

by Goran Klemenc

Mancers of the east are chasing the red Necromancer of the west over the great western sea when his trail suddenly disappears and they find theme self’s on a mysterious jungle island, it proves to be a trap and one of their number general Shari is taken prisoner by their enemy. They have to descend into the forgotten world deep underground in order to save her and accomplish their mission to stop the red Necromancer before he finds another way to liberate gods of the west from their dungeon. But as it turns out not everything is as it appears to be, and they learn about another even greater threat from the west that threatens theme all.

Marie My Sweet: A Vampire Story

by J.B. Weisler

Marie is dying in a rest home. She has just lost her husband and now discovers that her grandson is a newly turned vampire. She makes it her mission to redeem them both, because she has been turned too. Marie travels through Europe to find the origin of the curse and in the end makes the ultimate sacrifice for redemption.


by Yamille Ascension

An unidentified woman who preys upon, tortures and kills men out of sheer boredom meets a man who shows her some of the fun in life that she forgot existed and finds herself conflicted about killing him.

The Malevolent Seven: a novella of Western horror

by Algor X. Dennison

A raven-haired woman is being hanged for a killing spree that would have required supernatural ability to carry out. But her shape-shifting, gun-slinging brother is in town, and a preacher with dark intentions has also just arrived.

As the preacher’s sinister influence spreads across the Old West and women walk away into the night, responding to his irresistible call, a collection of outcasts will come together to form the unlikeliest of bands. These men and women of supernatural ability are united by one thing: a desperate need to hunt down and kill the preacher in the heart of the darkness that is growing in Silverton.

This dark western novella is a continuation of a popular short story in Algor X. Dennison’s trilogy of western horror, “A Darkened Landscape”.

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