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one corner of the sky: poems 2014-2015 terry mccarty

by Terry McCarty

A blend of topical and personal poems written in 2014 and 2015. ONE CORNER OF THE SKY is Terry McCarty’s final self-published volume of poetry.

12: 12 Poems of Christmas

by Martyn Roberton

12 poems to portray the best parts of Christmas from the perspective of all ages that do believe.

Tales, Prose Poems & Essays on Love and Longing

by James Lavrenz

An assortment of my favorite tales (short stories and flash fiction), prose poems and essays I’ve written on love and longing. Follow my blog,, to read more love-related writings of mine.

Gone Electric: A Poetry Collection

by Jimmie Aaron Kepler

In Gone Electric, Jimmie Aaron Kepler uses imagery and feelings. He transports us from Bob Dylan, the summer of love, through the popular culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s to present day. He confronts many issues faced by the Baby Boomer generation. Whether reflecting on the music of his youth, the Apollo missions to the moon, the draft and war or his haunting themes of loneliness, Kepler uses imagery and feelings to define of our daily experience.

In My Own Words

by Sabrina Weaver

Book of my life through poetry

Mad Skillz for the Demon Operators

by Victor Billot

This collection of poems ranges from satirical attacks on the political and social institutions of a globalised island of amnesiacs bouncing
around the South Pacific, to reflections on journeys and returning, the ghosts of the past and the ghosts of a digital future.

Soul Searching – Words Wisdom & Wit of a closet poet

by Robin Roberts

Can a mind get tired? Can a million thoughts which go no where lead you somewhere?

Are the words which roam my head yours, mine, Gods. How do I separate them?

Do I admonish myself for thoughts up becoming or blame an untamed ego?

If I answer myself am I insane or enlightened? Words words words words.

Perceptions: A poetry collection

by Ange Chan

“Perceptions” is the second collection of poetry by the author, which continues with the themes explored in her previous collection “Observations” (published by KDP and available in Kindle and Paperback formats from Amazon).

“Perceptions” is a very personal collection, touching on the poet’s own view of the world, observed from different standing points; geographically , chronologically, and emotionally. Diverse themes, of love, death, duplicity, friendship, places and seasons sit comfortably side-by-side as they span across decades, locations, and memories right up to the current day.

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