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Claudy Conn’s Bestselling Regencies (box set)

by Claudy Conn

Claudy Conn’s Bestselling Regencies take you into a time of romance and passion, humor and intrigue: the time of the Regency, when England’s King George went mad and his beautiful son became Regent.

It was a time where Beau Brummell became arbiter of men’s fashions. Aristocratic men followed his lead and discarded the bright-colored satins and white wigs of the past.

It was a time of hedonism, with bawdy events taking place at Vauxhall. Noblemen played at changing world events at a gentlemen’s clubs called Whites, and it was a time when an invitation to Almacks was all-important.

Lord Byron flourished during the regency, even when it was rumored that he and his half-sister were lovers.

It was a time of passion, when all rules and social mores were thrown to the windsâ??a time when such notables as Lady Caroline Lamb, rejected by her lover, Lord Byron, went out into the public’s eye to burn all his letters.

It was a time when ladies dressed as boys, when gentlemen sometimes posed as highwaymen, and when seemingly upstanding aristocrats might also be smugglers and spies.

Regency society often portrayed itself as a comedy of manners, but beneath it all was human nature, ever present, ever laughing, ever sensual, and ever erotic.

Claudy Conn’s Bestselling Regencies contains three full-length novels–Wildfire Kiss, Taffeta and Hotspur, and Oh, Cherry Ripe–that will transport you into those times and into the lives of three unforgettable heroines.

flights/choices: (a novella)

by Peter Raposo

In England a young Jewish writer is trying hard to write a novel along the likes of Marcel Proust, but life, the past, the present, the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, and so many other things, including Chinese food and friends, keep distracting him, and instead he writes little notes about his friends and family, past and present. At times, satirical and funny, flights/choices shows us the world, both past and present, as seen through the eyes of a young writer.

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