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Tiny House: 12 Unique Ways to Design Your Tiny Home and Maximize Space (Tiny House, tiny houses, tiny house book)

by Alvin Singh

The idea of having a tiny home setting with little space is often times a dilemma that many people find very difficult to manage. People often link the size of their homes with the size of their comfort. They feel the bigger the size of their homes and possesses, the bigger the size of their comfort ability. This impression has been found not to be absolutely true. On the contrary, having a tiny home has lots of advantages. Having several possessions comes with much stress with manageability. It is easier to manage a smaller space than a very large space. When a tiny home is well organized, it can have a very comfortable look and design that makes it unique and outstanding.

This book has been carefully put together in a way that will help its readers bring out the beauty that can be explored within the confines of having a tiny living dwelling place. By the time you go through the pages of this book, you will definitely agree that a tiny home can be beautifully managed in such a way that beats ones imagination.

Here are some 12 very unique ways and styles to adopt within your home that will help you maximize the use of the little space you have and make it look very big. Bigger spaces are not also left out. When you know how to manage a small space, you will be able to harness the possibility for beauty and comfort within the home. With your tiny home, you can live without stress of managing excess belongings that you do not really need. With your tiny space, you can learn how to live with the most important and useful things that you really need. Remember wealth does not really have to do with the material possessions that you have. Having this mentality will go a long way in equipping you for comfort in your tiny home. You will be able to develop a very comfortable and healthy lifestyle when you are able to accurately manage your environment and space.

When you are done reading and studying this book, I guarantee you that you will be able to bring some very good and necessary changes to your lifestyle and living arrangements. You will be able to reduce clutters around you while doing a great deal of increase in your savings in the process.

Find within the pages of this book the following and lots more:

  • Advantages of living in a tiny home
  • How best to maximize comfort within a tiny home.
  • How to manage the little space available
  • How to save by acquiring what is needed
  • Designs that can be created within the areas of your home to maximize the use of space
  • Best methods to reduce clutters around your home
  • How to develop the right disposition to aid living comfortably and without stress within a tiny home
  • Great designs that will bring out the beauty in a tiny home

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Drawing 30 Top Tips To Successful Drawing

by Edgar Ford

Drawing 30 Top Tips To Successful Drawing

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw? Do you often feel that you can express yourself a lot better by mastering the art of drawing? Do you love to draw? Is sketching your passion? If yes and you want to improve this amazing skill, then you have landed at the right page. Created with the aim to help budding and advanced artists groom their sketching skills, this book will provide you with 30 amazing tips to enhance your drawing skills.

If you are interested in making a career out of drawing, it is absolutely essential that you refine your drawing skills and take them a notch higher. The better your drawing becomes the more realistic, attractive and engaging drawings you will be able to make. And when your skill becomes completely polished, there would be nothing that could hold you back from becoming the brilliant artist you have always desired to become.

You’ re soon discover how to…

You’ re soon discover how the…

  • 30 Tops Tips to Succeed with Drawing
  • Hatching
  • Cross Hatching<
  • Back and Forth Strokes
  • Circular Technique
  • Different Types of Shades
  • Smooth Shading
  • Adding Depth to Images
  • Plus much more inside

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Coloring Books for Grown Ups: Creative Mandala Patterns: For the Enthusiastic Artist, Ideal for Relaxation and Stress Relief

by Kaye Dennan

Mandala designs are a work of wonder. Even though the pattern is in a circle formation there are many different types of designs that can be created.

‘Creative Mandala Patterns’ has images covering floral interests, abstract, outdoors, and many other shapes that will excite the colorist.

An ideal Christmas gift this beautiful book is one you can give with confidence.

All hand drawn images developed during November 2015.

Interior Design: The Essential Interior Design Guide For Designing Breathtaking, Luxurious And Elegant Homes (Interior Design, Interior, Design)

by Jennifer Inston

Do You Want To Master The Art Of Interior Design?

In this easy to read and colorful guide,

Jennifer Inston introduces you to the vast world of interior design. You will be introduced to sound principles and step-by-step approaches that are aimed at helping you design breathtaking, elegant and luxurious homes.

The content in this book will provide you with the fundamentals you need to excel and master the beautiful art that is interior design.

These professional techniques will transform your designs. You’ll be amazed of what you will be able to produce and the quality and professionalism of your designs.

Just some of the topics covered in this book include…

  • Interior design – An Introduction
  • Interior Design Principles
  • Colors And Their Psychological Effects
  • The Different Styles Of Interior Design
  • 7 Things To Always Keep In Mind As An Interior Designer
  • Step-By-Step Approach For Designing Your Home
  • Interior Design As A Career
  • Much, much more

50 Tips For Teaching Private Guitar Lessons: A Guide For Guitar Teachers

by Mike Freze

“50 Tips For Teaching Private Guitar Lessons” is a guide for beginning private guitar teachers…private or group lessons…in your own home or at the student’s residence. I have taught private guitar lessons for over 30 years and my accumulative experience has served me well. I have played in popular bands as a singer/musician for over 1,500 nights and I have taught guitar as a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I have taught all age groups from 5-80, beginning and advanced. These private guitar teacher tips work with acoustic or electric guitar.

UK Bound: A Postman’s Holiday (5)

by Donna and Arnie Gilson

Our two Justice Department agents, Tammi Nagel and Ben Wilcox were given an all expense trip to the UK as a reward for the great work they performed in the first four episodes of their careers.

On the way, they saved not only the two hundred or so passengers on the plane but just may have just saved the world and all it’s people as well..

They went on to fall in love with the UK and especially their two new found firends

Online Shopping

by Jessie Kinkade

Online Shopping





The Big Thank You

by Vanessa Vache

When little Vanessa started playing the clarinet, the only thing on her mind was having it make funny and sometimes pretty sounds. Little did she know that Clara, her Clarinet, would give her more than the “Gift of Music”. After squeaks, squawks, and years of diligent practice, a beautiful friendship formed and the two became inseparable. Clara began taking Vanessa on exciting and amazing journeys. After joining the Air Force Bands and moving to Europe, they lived a fast-paced life. They traveled from country to country, from concert to ceremony and from military base to opera hall playing beautiful music and seeing many sights.

Follow Clara, Vanessa, and the Air Force Band as they step off on a tour across Eastern Europe right after the fall of communism. Explore with them a mysterious and once forbidden land. Their passage into to Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, marked a turning point in the lives of the band as they were welcomed as unsung heroes. Why were the people of Pilsen so thankful to Americans? Join Clara and Vanessa as they experience more than the joy of playing an instrument in a traveling band. Live through a moment in history that had been silently waiting 45 years to happen.

Tune-Up Your Creativity: With 20 Simple Exercises

by Eva-Lotta Jansson

Stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there. Need a little kick-start?

I know I often do. Being a photographer who often attempts to tackle big social and humanitarian issues through my work, it can sometimes get a bit heavy. And there is also the financial and administrative side of the business to take care of, phew.

So I need some lighter, creative fun too (like writing this Kindle book). That restores the balance, and keeps me going on that more serious path as well. In this guide, I describe some practices that helps me tune up my creativity. I hope it will do the same for you.

This guide includes reminders about how to live life a little more creatively. It’s no rocket science, but engaging with these pages could help you appreciate the stars more. The exercises presented here aim to assist in connecting more with the magic of everyday life – especially when it doesn’t feel magical.

It’s easy to go through everyday life on auto pilot. This guide suggests how to engage with every-day type of practices, and make them new again. Through these exercises, you are being asked to be more present and deliberate, and therein lies one of the secrets to a more creative life, I think.

You will need a pen and a notebook, preferably one that really inspires you, for some scribbling exercises and to jot down a few ideas.

The guide is structured to be read from top to bottom, but feel free to jump around. After all, bypassing the logical, left brain favors the creative, right side of the brain. To get the most out of this guide, don’t just read it, though. Do it!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Five Holiday Crafts with Kids

by Instructables authors

Five Holiday Crafts with Kids

offers you step-by-step photographs that guide you through projects you can make with your kids, including a holiday wreath, cookie dough ornaments, a paper top, and faux stained glass. Text descriptions help children of all ages learn to build things. Detailed photos make each step clear. More important, they offer you time together over the holidays or a rainy day.

Coloring for Life: Colorful Christmas: Christmas Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

by Bill Clanton

Coloring for Life: Colorful Christmas is a coloring book for grownups or adult coloring book that features some great Christmas patterns and designs. This book is the second book in the Coloring for Life series, created by Bill Clanton. In Colorful Christmas let the spirit of the season take you back to magical the Christmas of your childhood. Snowflakes, Snowmen, Christmas Lights, abstract ornaments, Christmas trees, and more are just waiting for your creative touch to bring them to life. So this Holiday Season, make your Christmas Colorful, with Colorful Christmas from Coloring for Life. Whether you spell it “coloring” or “colouring”, you are sure to find this book a pleasure to color.

Mondala Coloring Book : The Magical Flower, Coloring Book for Adults Relaxation (Volume 1)

by Thaphada Coloring Book

KINDLE USERS – Cannot print from your device? Download printable PDF version from a link located at the end of the book.

50 Easy Mandalas Coloring Book for Adult Beautiful Patterns Adult Coloring Book Relaxing and creative art activities inside Color. They are perfect for decorating with markers, gel pens, watercolors, or colored pencils. When complete, are ideal for decorating, framing, and gift-giving.

Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lesson 7 – Learning Musical Notes in the Bass Clef: How the Bass Clef Coached the Hockey Team

by Tatiana Bandurina

This story from the series “Little Music Lessons for Kids” will present your child with a musical stadium, Bass Clef and his unusual hockey team. Thanks to this story and the bright pictures, any little musician can learn musical notes in bass clef with pleasure and fun.

On The Farm For Kids: Fun Pictures for Kids on The Farm

by Speedy Publishing

As kids love the outdoors, there’s no better way to draw their interest in reading than a book about farm life. This type of book would teach kids about how humans produce foods from plants and animals and the types of foods that are generated on farms. It would also explain how some foods like cheese and flour are created.


by David Stephens

All you need to know about fifties and early sixties rock and roll music in one volume, from an author who cares passionately about the subject.
Forming the core of the book are over 200 reviews of said music (which can be found on Amazon UK). The author doesn’t only cover the recognised classic LP’s (and singles) of the timeframe, he gives just as much attention to best-of and budget releases including some of the mammoth MP3 sets now available often at ludicrously cheap prices. The linking text provides a history of rock and roll from its roots in blues and country up to, but not including, the big shake-up in the early to mid sixties triggered by what the Americans call, the “British Invasion”. Along the way, the book takes in rockabilly, black group sounds, early soul, the parallel evolution of blues, the factory approach of the Brill Building and the like, and much, much more. Whilst aimed at the neophyte, the dyed-in-the-wool rock and roll fan should still find much in here to enjoy.
And it’s exhaustive. Over 1000 Kindle pages if you use normal font size.

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