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Amazon Echo User Guide : Insightful Guide How to Take Advantage of your Adorable Echo: (Amazon Echo, Amazon alexa, Echo Amazon, alexa, Amazon Echo Users … Amazon Echo User Guide, Amazon Echo App)

by James Ewing

Find Out Everything About Amazon Echo

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“50 Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

There is a new device in town, and it is changing the way people organise their

lives and even enjoy entertainment. This new device is the Amazon

, a state-of-the-art speaker that delivers much more than sound.

The Amazon Echo is a lot of things, including a smart, voice-controlled, Wi-Fi enabled speaker, a charming assistant, and an excellent source of entertainment.

What makes this device stand out from all other similar devices is the fact that

it is entirely hands-free, giving a user an element of freedom which they may

not enjoy with other devices.

The voice behind the device is called Alexa, and she is the assistant

that can make your life so much easier. Once you receive this device, you may

be puzzled how you can use it for every aspect of your life, but with the help of

Alexa, everything you do can become so much easier.

In this guide, you will find:

  • Tips to help you figure out, master and get the most from your Amazon Echo.
  • An Introduction to Alexa – The Charming Assistant.
  • Fantastic features that will simplify your life.
  • Some useful commands to get you started.
  • Tips on how to integrate your calendar and other apps for smart living.
  • How the Echo gives you more snooze time in the morning.
  • Information on the protection of your privacy.
  • 50 funny questions you can ask Alexa.

To get the most out of Alexa, you need to know how to communicate with

This guide offers you excellent tips and strategies to maximise your

experience with Amazon Echo.

Voice – controlled devices are the way of the future. Amazon has

realised this, and this inventive device is the beginning of a revolution.

So take the time to master this modern innovation with this insightful

Amazon Echo User Guide.

Bootstrap: Practical Guide with Easy to Follow Steps and Instructions (From Zero to Professional Book 3)

by Daniel Perkins


Practical Guide with Easy to Follow Steps and Instructions

This book is an exploration of the Bootstrap framework. It begins by explaining to the reader about what Bootstrap is, where it is used and how it can be used. The Bootstrap Grid system has been explored in detail.

You will know how to create columns and rows for your web pages. Menus have also been explored in detail, thus, you will know how to create them.

Each website has a navigation bar. The process of creating this in Bootstrap has been discussed.

Modals have also been discussed in detail, and you will know how to create these.

Form validation has also been discussed in detail.

You will know how to make sure that the values for certain fields has been provided. Validation of the email address has also been discussed.

The book will also guide you on how to customize your Bootstrap using LESS so as to achieve the style that you need.

The image carousel in Bootstrap has also been explored in detail, and you will know how to make one for your website.

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Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?: Amazing Brain. Human Communication, Creativity & Free Will

by James Tagg

Are you a computer? I ask this question of many people, and they usually answer, no. “I have emotions,” “feelings,” “humans exercise free will,” “I just don’t feel like one.” But many scientists, perhaps even most, think we are computers. “Computers can be programmed to display emotions,” they say. “Humans are just protein-based computers?” I think this is wrong and in this book I explain my reasons and the current debate.

Strong AI scientists believe it is just a matter of time before computers overtake us and we become their pets! On the other hand, a group of scientists including Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, J. R. Lucas, John Searle, myself and others think there is something more complex going on in the human brain. Our theories are controversial in some quarters as they involve quantum mechanics and hyper-computing. However, things are changing. Only a few years ago it was shown photosynthesis is a quantum phenomenon so arguments that the brain is too warm for quantum effects have fallen away.

While Stephen Hawking looks at the surface of black holes for inspiration this book looks at the puzzle of consciousness in the human brain. Charting a journey through the science of knowledge I explore the origins of language and logic, our present understanding of the brain and Alan Turing’s work on the universal machine. The story culminates in a look at our current understanding of where quantum mechanics meets relativity at the information level, examining Bell’s inequality, and the Conway-Kochen Free Will Theorem. How do the laws of physics give rise to our creativity, our rich experience of communication and, especially, our experience of conscious free will?

***** Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? should not be missedâ?¦ – Foreword Reviews

In this hefty examination of creativity, free will, and the meaning of humanity, engineer James Tagg discusses the similarities and differences between humans and computers. In exploring the possibility that computers will one day match or exceed human mental capabilities, Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? provides a whirlwind tour of philosophy, computing, logic, and communication…

An excellent choice for both the newcomer looking for an introduction to the debate over artificial intelligence and a more sophisticated reader looking for a deep reassessment. – Kirkus Reviews

The extraordinary progress of neuroscience has led many to believe that a comprehensive explanation of human thoughtâ??and its artificial replicationâ??is a theoretical inevitability. First-time author and inventor Tagg argues, however, that the analogy between human cognition and artificial computation is flawed. In fact, computers don’t really seem to think or understand at all in the sense in which humans do, and their often amazing feats are accomplished with a minimum of creativity and no self-awarenessâ?¦

***** â?¦a scientific treatise written in a wonderfully entertaining way that can reach the lay person. – Readers’ Favourites

â?¦I was fascinated as soon as I saw the book cover and continued to be engrossed and interested while reading as I started to look at everyday things in a scientific way. I was also impressed at how easy it was to understand various scientific terms and explanations, and the credit for that goes to James Tagg for his ability to translate complex theories into a language that the lay person can relate to and appreciate. The subject is interesting and, at times, fascinating and it was a fun read for me. Overall, Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?: Amazing Brain. Human Communication, Creativity and Free Will by James Tagg is an extremely interesting book that almost reads like a wonderful story, except that it is all true.

Amazon Associates: The Ultimate Steps To Building An Online Business – Discover The Simple Way To Make Money Online With The Amazon Affiliate Program … Amazon Associates, Affiliate Marketing)

by Chris Phillips

Amazon Associates

The Ultimate Steps To Building An Online Business – Discover The Simple Way To Make Money Online With The Amazon Affiliate Program

Have you thought about making money online? Have you ever heard of the Amazon Affiliate program? This book will outline for you’re the facts you need to get started, one step at a time, as an Amazon affiliate.

And much more! So if you are interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate, then this book is certainly for you.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The newest tools available to Amazon affiliates, including Native Shopping Ads and Publisher Studio
  • The latest summary of the referral fee structure, as well as vital information about bounties
  • How to develop a blog or website to successfully promote Amazon products, including tips on selecting a theme and using keywords
  • The best types of links to use, and where to use them
  • Best practices for selecting products that will provide the highest conversion rates
  • An outline of how to setup your own aStore

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Instagram and Dropshipping: A Marketing and Dropshipping Boxset 2016: Instagram for beginners, Dropshipping for beginners (Instagram, Drop Shipping, Make Money, Marketing)

by Erik W. Jones

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Instagram and Dropshipping: A Marketing and Dropshipping Boxset 2016

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You’re about to discover how to…

In this two book boxset, You will learn how to use the power of Instagram to promote your Drop Shipping business. Instagram matches perfectly with a Drop Shipping business to promote your product line! Learn how to Post your products To Instagram to gain the most effect

Not only will you learn how to make Instagram a powerhouse marketing tool for you, but You will also learn how to start a Drop Shipping business will little to no money up front!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • eBay, PayPal and Fees
  • Amazon Listing and Ordering
  • Customer Service
  • How to Deal With Returns
  • Scaling Your Business
  • How to Target Followers
  • How to Post
  • Call to Action and Hashtags
  • Much, much


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Protect Your Favorite Tech: Geek-free Tips to a secure and private digital life (tech support, tech world, innovative products)

by Scott Russell

Not everyone who uses technology is a tech junkie – majority of us are not. When looking for information on protecting your information and privacy online, often the jargon used makes it both intimidating and difficult to comprehend what you can actually do. The result is when dealing with our online security; we cover the bare minimum, and end up constantly worried about our how safe our information is on our technological devices.

This book is your solution to understanding how you can protect your information and privacy online in simple, straightforward ways. The chapters in this book are broken down into categories, with each category addressing types of technological devices that utilize the internet.

As you are likely to access the internet from many of your favorite gadgets, this book reviews your security on:

  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Video Game Consoles and Home Entertainment
  • Upcoming devices like Smartpens and Smart watches

In this book, you will find practical ideas that will help you protect your favorite gadget and change your expectations to peace of mind when you are using the Internet. In addition, there is valuable information that will help you protect your privacy in the event that your technological gadget is stolen, lost or damaged.

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