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Romance: Love Letters From The Well Endowed Rancher (Westerns, Billionaires, Historical)

by Evelyn Stone


When a mysterious stranger rolls into town looking for a girl to be his wife, no one is expecting him to return to his mansion in Montana with two girls. One, an attractive, young Southern Belle who is the perfect wifeâ??but with a dirty secret. The other, a spunky girl who would love nothing more than to spend the rest of her days on the back of a horse, immersed in the wilderness.

This manâ??a billionaire no lessâ??must make a decision. He loves both of the girls, but in the end, he can only choose one of them to be his wife….

Romance: Falling Into Bed With A Lone Rancher, A Mail Order Bride Romance (Westerns, Billionaires, Historical)

by Karen Summers


Clara is alone. Widowed and broke she has no idea what to do next until her friend proposes a proposition: to become a mail order bride. She has reservations. This man could turn out to be completely different from what she thinks. Even though she looks at the reasons why she shouldn’t do it she finds herself with no other choice.

Hopping on the first stagecoach out of the city she heads out of town and to the frontier. She meets Craig and finds out that things are not bad as she thought out in the wild. She meets not only the man she is supposed to come be with, but his daughter as well.

She develops a special bond with the little girl. On the other hand, Craig is seemingly seems distant and cold, trying to shield them both from his dark past.

Can they make their marriage work or will Clara be hopping on the first stagecoach back home to the city?


by Mats Vederhus

“Freedom” is Mats Vederhus’ first literary work. The short stories in the book spans a thematic breadth covering everything from love to death to new life, and wil resonate with anyone who’s ever experienced one of life’s big moments.

Romance: Taken By The Rival Cowboy Brothers, 6 STORY WESTERN ROMANCE BUNDLE (Westerns, Billionaires, Historical)

by SteamyReads4U

SIX Steamy Rival Brother Western Historical Romance Stories in One Ultimate Box Set!!!

In this Collection, you’ll find over 60,000 words of Intense Rival Cowboy Brother PASSION guaranteed to leave you wanting MORE!

Taken Rough By Her Montana Cowboy Brothers, A Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance includes:

Shared By The Sexy Cowboy Brothers

Taken Rough By The Wild Cowboys

Two Handsome Ranchers and a BBW Bride

A Bride For the Cowboy Brothers

Torn Between The Montana Cowboy Brothers


A Bonus Romance Story!!!

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EROTICA: ROMANCE: The Home Coming (Bisexual Taboo Menage Romance) (MMF New Adult Contemporary Collection)

by Piquette Fontaine

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasy with this unbelievable short story. It will heat you up!


The Home Coming

Life is funny sometimes… Growing up, I never could have imagined my parents getting divorced. Nor could I imagine the notion of my mother getting remarried, and I especially wouldn’t have believed it if you’d told me I would end up falling in love with my mouth-watering housemate….

Kyle and I had had a strained relationship for a while by the time I went off to college. The sexual tension between the two of us was almost palpable, and at varying points we’d each walked in on one another in our shared bathroom in various states of undress. It began to drive me absolutely crazy…

Things were alleviated somewhat, then, when I made my way off to college, and started going out with a guy named Mark- who was in many ways similar to Kyle, and could please me in ways that were far less taboo than my forbidden housemate ever could. But then one day, over summer break, I come home to find both Mark and Kyle wrapped up in one another’s arms on the couch- only to discover that they have something very special planned for me…

This book contains adult themes, harsh language, and is not intended for under eighteen.

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