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Sorrows Sadness

by Frank Vincent

Dark Poetry

Prepper Hacks: 48 Outstanding Prepper Hacks (Survival Gear, Survivalist, Survival Tips)

by Max Kessler

Hurricanes, tornadoes, Ebola outbreaks or complete government meltdown are just a few of things we could be facing in the days ahead. We all need to be prepared for whatever might come our way. In order to be prepared, we have to know what to do and how to do it when we are faced with emergency situations. There will be times that regardless of how much we have planned, we are faced with a few uncomfortable situations. When those situations arise, it’s always nice to have a few tricks up our sleeves to get us by until we can find something that works better.

Whether we are trying to deal with a lack of electricity or defending ourselves against others or animals, it is important that we know that there are different methods and strategies that we can use to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe in times of turmoil and disaster. We will take about 48 different prepper hacks that might not be for the ideal situation, but can sure help you out when you find yourself in a pinch. These hacks are the perfect solution to keeping devastating situations from happening to you.

A few of the topics that we will cover include:

  • Creating Light Sources from Everyday Household Items
  • Easy Defensive Weapons You Might Never Have Thought Of
  • Ways to Prevent and Treat Health Hazards With Everyday Household Products
  • Simple Ways to Start Fires With Everyday Household Products

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The WISDOM of JED: Notes for a Jedi lifestyle

by PC May

Eons ago, long before the founding of the Jedi Order of Knights, there lived a wise old creature. Nothing is known of the species, race or gender of this creature. All that is known is that he or she ended their life as a hermit in a cave in the Tartegus Mountains of Manius in the solar system of the Orphius star in the galaxy of Sokolata. Before death this creature inscribed a series of graphene sheets with notes on how to live a virtuous life in unity with the force. The sheets were enclosed in a graphene casket engraved with the name JED. A group of speleologists on a caving expedition in the mountains came across the casket alongside a collection of bones. When they opened the casket, the cave began to shake in the grip of a sudden maniusquake. They grabbed the casket but left the bones and escaped just as the cave was engulfed in a rock fall which totally obliterated the entrance. No creature has been able to locate the cave since. It is not known if this collection of wisdom formed the basis for the Jedi Order or if they came to the force independently. The wisdom of Jed refers to ordinary aspects of life rather than relating to warfare for which the Jedi are best known. This translation seeks to make Jed’s words relevant to our time and age on this planet. Includes eight FEEL THE FORCE exercises.


by Will Speed

Betterment . . . a term used by shipwrights to describe structural repairs to a vessel, which improve the vessel’s seaworthiness.

For the past sixteen years I have travelled our beautiful planet by plane, train, boat, as well as accidentally hitchhiking from Mexico to Ecuador. I’ve slept in hammocks under palm trees where the oceans kiss the land and the jungles rustle above and where there is nothing but the beauty of Mother Nature.

And it is, believe me, a beautiful planet. Although I have never been to another planet, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. But I know that when I open my eyes and look around I see so much beauty. Unfortunately, as humans, we do not always respect the beauty of Mother Nature; like an angry husband hitting his wife, we slowly erode what loves us the most.

So join my dog Cha-cha and myself as we travel through the beautiful French Alps and I reflect on my voyages from Asia to Latin America, and let’s see if together we can help make our beautiful world achieve betterment.

Prepper Survival Guide: The Essential Prepper Guide For Disaster Survival and Off-Grid Living (Prepping, Survival Tips, Disaster Relief, Emergency Preparedness)

by J.P. Jeffries

In a disaster scenario, you and your family’s safety and survival will become your top priority. Learning how to live and survive off-the-grid will become essential. This is what you will learn by reading this book.


In this book you will learn everything from what supplies to gather to how to survive on your own in the wilderness should the need arise for you to leave your home. You’ll also learn how to prepare your “prepper pack” as well as the rules of engagement that you must remember and follow during these types of situations.

Prepare for the future! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY!


  • Prepping for Disaster – Home Security
  • Modern Security Systems and Why They’re Not Enough
  • Securing Your Home and Perimeter
  • Gathering the Supplies You Need to Survive
  • Survival Necessities
  • Security Essentials
  • How to Survive, Live, and Thrive Off-Grid
  • Your Prepper Pack
  • Rules of Engagement
  • And Much, Much More!

The Cursed Nation


A village boy came to the capital city after finishing high school, he was associated with the national ruling party and worked in the party headquarter. In no time, he became the personal assistant to the top leader, got to meet all the powerful and influential people of the nation, and even got a portfolio of his own when his immediate boss become the prime minister of the nation. While trying to do his job properly, he had faced many obstacles of bureaucracy and eventually got fed up with the dirty political games that were played out in a daily basis. He resigned and moved out to an outer place of the capital where mostly the poor and neglected ones were resided. He decided to help them out, a very long and difficult struggle pursued, and it eventually changed his life once and for all. What he did to help them? How he managed to do that? And what happened at the end? Read the book to find out more about his struggle, achievement and disappointment that were somehow related to the fate of the nation he was from.

Author’s Note: I write to raise fund for my charity ISSLCARE which in turn help finance poor families in Nepal so they can send their children to school.

On Memory and Reminiscence

by Aristotle

Along with Plato and Socrates, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) is one of the triumvirate of philosophers responsible for the establishment of Western philosophy as it exists today. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were among the first to refine philosophical thought, and Socrates is credited with devising the Socratic Method as a way to argue and debate points rationally.  The Ancient Greek philosophers further stressed the importance of virtue and stoicism, advocating the improvement of one’s self through constant learning and knowledge.  These teachings and practices formed the foundation for philosophy and psychology as fields of study.

Still, Aristotle was very much his own philosopher. Though he studied at Plato’s famous academy, he was not hesitant to counter or criticize Plato’s philosophical stances on certain issues. Aristotle was the most renowned Ancient Greek philosopher for nearly 2,000 years


by Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes (5 April 1588 – 4 December 1679), was an English philosopher, best known today for his work on political philosophy. Although Hobbes was a strong believer in the right of sovereigns to rule absolutely, Hobbes developed the political philosophy that laid the foundation for theories like social contract theory that have formed the backbone of Western democracy. Hobbes also wrote about history, mathematics, physics, ethics and philosophy, writing at length about human nature and the strength of self-interest, often referred to as materialism.

Among Hobbes’ work, his most famous and important is Leviathan, titled after the Biblical character. Hobbes’ Leviathan expounds at length upon the structure of society and legitimate government, becoming one of the most influential political philosophies in the West’s history. Leviathan weds social contract theory to an absolute sovereign, calling upon legitimate government to protect the natural rights of its people. Written during the English Civil War, Hobbes argues a strong centralized government is necessary to avoid war and upheaval.

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