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The Trap King’s Property: A Hood Love Story (Thug Romance, African American, Hood Love, Urban)

by Shaunie Harris


Kiera had spent all her life marching to the orders of her father, Pastor Jacob and poster boy for all that was good and holy. She had enough with all the pressure put on her and decided she wanted to live in her life on her own terms.

When Kiera meets, Devon Fairwell, he sweeps her off her feet. Little does she know that he’s heir to a billion dollar empire built on drugs, guns and blood, and that he ad his father have ulterior motives.

When Pastor Jacob finds out just how involved his daughter was with Devon Fairwell, he will stop at nothing to make sure that Dashon and his father pay the ultimate price.

Will fatherly love prevail or will or will Dashon put an end to their family feud once and for all?

All She Wants for Christmas

by Sara Olds

Saving Christmas will take more than Magic.

George Clauson is Santa’s daughter, but she can’t stand Christmas. All that ho-ho-hoing, caroling and people’s greedy wants? No, thank you. She’s left the family business and struck off on her own in the human world finding her niche as a humble second-grade teacher.

Ebenezer Herod is a descendent of King Herod. His family has never stopped trying to destroy Christmas. This year they may actually get their wish, but not if Ben can help it.

George wants nothing to do with restoring balance to the Christmas season, and she certainly isn’t interested in the shockingly handsome and devilishly rich Ben. A determined do-gooder, Ben’s used to saving the day, but he can’t rescue Christmas alone. Can George and Ben find a way to work together despite their opposing heritages to make the Season bright?

Menage: Penetrated (Werewolf, Shifter, Paranormal)

by Kathleen Hope



‘Aspen liked me. She drew herself toward me, and I felt her body pressing against mine, her breasts nuzzling against my own. She had worn a light, nearly sheer shirt, and I felt her nipples hardening as she moved in toward me. Feirno watched as he stripped his clothes off. Aspen noticed his body and turned us so she could kiss me and watch him. Her lips on mine, we moved together toward the bed. I had kissed plenty of women before, but none had been quite like Aspen. Her mouth fit mine perfectly, and, as I felt Feirno climb into the bed with us, I continued to kiss her deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue…’

Warning: This story has sexual content and may not be suitable for children under 18

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Menage: Climax Rush (Werewolf, Paranormal, Shifter)

by Kathleen Hope



“She should have slammed the door shut right then, ending the strange encounter, but she didn’t. Her arm simply would not respond to logic. Instead, Madison took a step backward, unblocking the doorway in the process. Michael looked at her again, staring into her eyes as if he were trying to read something there. And it seemed he found his answer, taking a step forward to close the distance. Madison took another step back, and then another, and the two men who had been outside her door followed and now stood in her room. The blond haired stranger reached behind him, finding the door handle easily. Ever so slowly, he closed the door, giving Madison every opportunity to change her mind, to object, to realize how absolutely crazy this was. But, she didn’t object, and the moment she heard the door latch closed her arousal level soared to new heights…”

WARNING – This book contains steamy romance scenes and is not suitable for all ages.


A Love for All Seasons (The Seasons Series Book 5)

by Denise Domning

The award-winning author of Winter’s Heat presents the conclusion of the five-part Graistan Chronicles, a historical romance between a medieval apprentice and a young woman promised to another man.

Johanna of Stanrudde, wife to Katel the Spice Merchant, hates the man her father forced her to marry almost as much as she hates Robert of Blacklea, the man who stole her heart and her virginity then abandoned her. But as famine walks the land this winter, Johanna discovers her husband’s plot to destroy Rob who is newly returned to Stanrudde. After Rob saves her from a mob of the starving can she stand aside and let Katel kill him or find the faith to trust Rob when he vows that he still loves her?

Love in The Projects: A Brooklyn Love Story

by Shantel Johnson

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Giselle Rogers is Daddy’s little girl. She was spoiled by her parents and by the age of 16, she thought life couldn’t get sweeter, but it all changed very suddenly. One car accident took away both of her parents and sent her into a whirlwind. Now she not only has to grieve but learn how to survive on the hard streets of New York City.

Lionel Taylor has to make money and quick. He tried the legal way of doing it, but the profitable drug game lured him in. With his best friend Antwon Jordan by his side, nothing could go wrong. He meets Giselle and tells her that she has to fight for herself. It starts off as a friendship but the more he gets to know her, the more he likes her, but an unexpected event could ruin it all.

Is Lionel going to run off with Giselle or is he going to let the streets completely take him over?

Romance: The Naughty Babysitter And The Billionaire Boss, 6 STORY BUNDLE (Short Stories, Women’s Fiction, Billionaires)

by SteamyReads4U

Fulfill your darkest fantasies with this unbelievable 5-Story BABYSITTER ROMANCE BUNDLE! In this Collection, you’ll find over 70,000 words of HOT PASSION guaranteed to leave you wanting MORE!



ROMANCE: Highland Repress (highlander romance highland scottish druid celtic bride stories medieval) (Historical Romance Short Stories Boxed Sets)

by Riley Moreno


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Tristan and Ashley’s love is tested as Rona, a woman from Tristan’s past, returns repeatedly to try and tear them apart. Even as Lydell Mackenzie, Ashley’s biological father who refuses to acknowledge her, gears up to defeat the united armies of the clans, the Mackenzies and Kincaids rise up to defend themselves, and Ashley discovers a greater strength within her. Through the birth of a new generation, Tristan and Ashley continue to explore their passion for each other, discovering every day how their love can withstand any challenge.

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only!


ROMANTIC COMEDY: Desired by HIM: Rom Com Collection (Romantic Comedy, Collection, Bear, Wolf, Shifter, Suspense, Short Story, Collection)

by Lovy Books


Over 30,000 words of passion in this ROMCOM COLLECTION

This is a 3 book collection that contains an explosion of HOT and INCREDIBLY SEXY stories sure make you sweat and get your heart pumping!!

This collection includes:

1. Bear Attack

2. A mate for the Wolf

3. Her Fighter

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WARNING: This collection contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

HIGHLANDER ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Clan of the Shifters Box Set (Shifter Fantasy Romance) (Historical Scottish Paranormal Romance)

by Sky Winters

Paranormal Highlander Romance Box Set on Sale for a Limited Time!!!

Wild highland hearts aren’t meant to be tamed.

Volume I of Sky Winter’s Highland Shifter box set includesâ?¦.

{Lord of the Wolf}

Lady Bethia is horrified when she discovers she is betrothed to Lord Lachlan, a brutish but handsome highlander. Although she hates the highlanders for murdering her twin brother in cold blood, she knows it is her duty to seal a fragile peace treaty.

With the help of a great white wolf, similar to the one she sees haunting her dreams of her twin brother, she makes it to the settlement and is shown kindness by Lord Lachlan and his clan. She tries her hardest to resist the peculiar Lord Lachlan, but as time passes, she finds her resistance waning. She tries to escape temptation by going back to the lowlands, but meets trouble along the way. What will happen when she is kidnapped and held ransom from Lord Lachlan? Will the wolf come to her rescue?

{Clan of the Werebears}

Lady Arabella Armstrong is travelling from her home in the Lowlands to marry her betrothed, Lord Andrew Stewart, the Laird of Inverness, a man she hardly knows but is extremely wealthy. He is handsome but cold, yet her father believes it will be an advantageous match.

On her journey she is kidnapped by a clan of wild men, led by the enigmatic and handsome James Macadam. Lord Stewart has stolen and torched his lands, imprisoned his father, and tortured members of his mysterious clan. The only hope of getting his way of life back is to use Lady Arabella as a bargaining tool. Arabella and James do not intend to fall in love, although it proves difficult to curb the growing desires they feel for each other. Too much is at stake, yet how can they ignore their passion?

{Clan of the Wolf}

Lady Ceanna of Castle Glen has been living a life of gloom and abuse ever since her mother was murdered by her own father. To make matters worse, the abusive Duke has traded her hand in marriage to the bruthish Lord Worthby of England, in exchange for knights and money. When the cruel Worthby tries to take Ceanna, she flees into the woods at the foot of the highlandsâ??despite tales of rebels and beasts hiding among the thick pines.

The knights give chase, and Ceanna is overrun by one who threatens to attack her. Ceanna faints when a massive wolf kills the knight and turns toward her. Upon awakening, Ceanna finds she’s been captured by rebels, including the handsome leader, Connell McCriag who is infuriatingly clever and appears to have saved her from the wolf. The rebels act like good people, but that would mean everything she’s ever been taught is wrong. When the knights attack, and Connell hides her from harm, she has to make a decision: Fight her own father’s men, or turn on the rebels who saved her.

{Lord of the Bear}

Alisa MacGregor longs for a life of significance, but she’s betrothed to a vile English earl, and for her, the future seems bleak. Traveling through a Scottish forest on their way to his home, they are attacked by her father’s enemy, Clan Campbell. Alisa manages to escape, and she is saved from certain death by a handsome highland huntsman.

The huntsman, Logan Allaway, tells her it’s not safe to go home. They’re waylaid by a pack of wolves, and Logan shifts into a massive black bear to protect her. Injured, Logan urges her to take him to his village. Sensing she knows what Logan and his clan can do, an old warrior there named Drew reveals to her the mysteries of his people. He urges her to learn to fight and protect her family. Logan Allaway means more to her than even she knows, and if she can keep safe the people who matter most, she’ll find love and victory amongst the bear shifters.


Get ready for intrigue, mystery, and seduction in the highlands! Ohâ?¦ and be forewarned, this book is intended for mature (18+) audiences.

Pleasure Island

by Rebecca Lee

Beauitful Sara Britton longed for both love and an escape from her dull existence in boring, cold Buffalo.

In the matter of hours, her life took exciting turns. Luck lands her the attention of one of the city’s most eligible bachelors and the opportunity to explore her fantasies with some of the world’s hottest celebrites.

But it all comes with a price. Is she willing to risk everything for ultimate pleasure and freedom from her boring but safe life?

Pleasure Island is Hot romance with mature situations.

Torn (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) (The Torn Series Book 1)

by Sky Corgan

From USA Today best selling author Sky Corgan comes a new dark romance alpha billionaire series!

Piper Gravatt thought she had a perfect life. She had just graduated from college and was about to marry the man of her dreams. Then it all went to hell.

Dark circumstances led to even darker desires, and there was only one way to bury her pain. Her new motto: Never fall in love. Never give yourself over completely.

Life is bleak except for pleasure. And there’s only one place that Piper can go to get what she needs to survive. Club Fet, where the men are hot and the acts of lust are unconventional.

Being discrete doesn’t always work, though, especially when paths cross in all the wrong places. Powerful men lurk in the shadows and one, in particular, is determined to destroy everything that Piper is.

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