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Hamburg Travel Guide: The Top 10 Highlights in Hamburg (Globetrotter Guide Books)

by Marc Cook

Hamburg: Thrills Abound in the Green City on the Water!

Are you thinking of your next vacation, but you’re not sure where to go? How about an activity filled trip, with great opportunities to explore a brand new city and discover its culture? If your answer is yes, then Hamburg is just the place to visit.

This city in Germany offers its visitors one of the largest harbors in the world, beautiful districts and amazing museums just waiting to be explored.

But because Hamburg has a great number of touristic attractions, it can be quite difficult to pick those you are certain to like. That is why you should definitely get this compact book, which will give you the most important information about the places you can’t miss while visiting Hamburg.

Inside the Hamburg Travel Guide:

  • Rathaus
  • Deichstrasse
  • Hamburg Altstadt
  • Speicherstadt
  • Planten und Blomen
  • Hamburger Kunsthalle
  • Hamburg Museum
  • Port of Hamburg
  • Fischmarkt
  • Reeperbahn

Follow in the footsteps of locals and seek refuge at one of Hamburg’s famous fish markets. The sights, sounds and smells will be more than enough to keep you entertained and happy during your visit.

Hamburg also has several districts with great architecture and old-world charm. Starting with the Altstadt, tourists who want to experience the Hamburg lifestyle should simply take a stroll through the cobblestoned streets.

One of the many things Hamburg is famous for is its red light district. But, did you know you can take a stroll through the Reeperbahn and see firsthand what goes on there?

Well, in this easy to read travel guide you’ll find out some of the goings-ons in this red light district, but also the most interesting districts and museums and what other amazing things you can do while vacationing in Hamburg.

So, why wait? Get the Hamburg Travel Guide right now and start planning your best vacation yet!

Not Quite Sane in America: The Follow Up to: Going Around the Bend on the QE2

by Nicholas Walker

This is the hilarious follow up to Going Around the Bend on the QE2 (available on Kindle) where Nick now runs away to America to escape his proctologist. He is welcomed by the American people and delighted to find that they love his accent. As always the outspoken Nick, runs into many situations some of which would seem to be unbelievable, but they are true: he meets a number of Hollywood Stars and has a flaming row with one of them, he is interrogated by the FBI, lives with a top model, has a fight with a mobster and sadly witnesses the American’s reaction to 9/11! He falls out with the police and falls in with three lovely ladies as he lives as an illegal immigrant for two years in one of America’s loveliest towns, Laguna Beach CA.

This is the travelogue of a man who is trouble prone and who is lucky enough to encounter hilarious situations wherever he goes…it is, as always, the story of a man who is not quite sane!

Goin’ Garf! (Memories of the Caribbean Island of San Andres)

by Lawrence Bohme

In 1975, London-born New York-bred adventurer Lawrence Bohme set up his crafts shop on the remote West Indian island of San Andres, a possession of Colombia. With the difference that its people are the English-speaking descendants of Jamaican slaves brought there by the British, before the island was ceded to what was then New Spain, in 1822. Lawrence evokes the islanders’ unshakeably “Afro-Victorian” view of the world and themselves, their pungent and often graphic patois harkening back to pre-Industrial England as well as Africa, and their strange dream that the English will one day return to free them from the “panyas”, that is, the “Spaniards”, who for a century had already become Colombians… Here is the loving but unsentimental “guide book” which Lawrence wrote while living on this island of the south-western Caribbean, illustrated with his own pen and ink drawings.

A word about the authorĂ¢?¦

Lawrence Bohme was born in 1942 in London, to an English mother and a German refugee father, emigrating to Vancouver, Canada, after the war. At age 14, Lawrence travelled to Mexico with his mother, who wanted to become a painter. It was in Mexico City that Lawrence learned to speak the first of his current five languages. The small family later lived in Jamaica, British West Indies, and in New York’s Greenwich Village.

In 1960 Lawrence went on to study at the University of Madrid, where he acquired the second name of “Lorenzo”, and later also at the Sorbonne in Paris. In 1965, finding himself in San Francisco, he sailed to Rio on a freighter to fulfill his dream of living in a favela, staying in Brazil five years. Always with the writing of a book about his travels in mind, he spent two years in Haiti and three years in Colombia, living also on the islands of San Andres, Grand Cayman, Saint Martin and Saint Barths, where he worked as a leather craftsman and pen-and-ink postcard artist.

He returned to Europe in 1981, becoming a translator for UNESCO in Paris and eventually finding his way back to southern Spain. There, he settled in the olive-farming town of Montefrio and wrote several “artistic and historical guide books” about his village Montefrio and also Granada, the city of the Alhambra Palace. He has been at work for the past ten years on his memoir, “Lorenzo, The Story of a Very Long Youth”, and has thus far completed seven volumes “each one the length of a normal-sized novel”, which are published separately on Amazon for Kindle. He is now working on the last three volumes of the series, which reaches its cataclysmic end in Paris, in the year 1983.

A journalist recently asked Lorenzo why he calls his book the story of a “very long” youth. The author explained that his youth went on much longer than is considered normal, given that it wasn’t until the age of forty-one that an “emotional earthquake” forced him to finally start “growing up”. He added, with a trace of irony, that the title also expresses his gratitude to “a God I can’t help believing in for granting me so many years to make an ass of myself”.

How To Avoid And Prevent Bed Bugs! Don’t Get Bed Bugs!: If you are Afraid of Getting Bed Bugs, Learn How to Effectively Deter Bed Bugs! Don’t Get Bed Bugs!

by M.G. West

Are you downright afraid of getting bed bugs? Do you have a friend or someone you know that has gotten bed bugs, or maybe you’ve just read about bed bugs are very concerned about them.

Bed bugs are on the rise in the United States. They are invading colleges, hitching rides on airplanes and going almost everywhere and anywhere that they can.

It’s really getting to be a big concern in this country with every state reporting bed bug infestations. If you aren’t prepared, then you will at one point end up with bed bugs.

I’ve had bed bugs and by following the information in this book, you can avoid ever getting them yourself.

You especially should arm yourself if:

o You Travel Frequently and stay at motels and hotels (more than half of the bed bug infestations is coming from here.)

o You have a college student who goes off to college.

o You have a child in school including preschool, middle school and high schools. (Bed bugs are reported almost daily at schools across the nation.)

o You have a questionable guest at your house who may or may not have brought bed bugs with the.

o You frequently bring home used furniture or clothing.

o You’ve ran into someone who has red welts on their legs or arms.

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