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Come After Me to Pineville

by Carl Reader

Nothing but odd news comes out of Pineville, as these short, satirical pieces of fake journalism prove. If you visit these pages, you’ll read of a place where birds abduct obese children and put them on enforced diets, where the President of the United States comes to visit and lunches on a dog he happens to spot, and where the ancient practice of knee-sniffing is a cherished tradition. The illegal aliens here really are aliens, long-time residents from outer space who do the menial labor of the town and sometimes become lunch for the construction workers, since they are delicious entities as well as exploitable ones. Pineville has a lake of gasoline where the locals play and fill up their tanks. It has an ancient history of religious absurdity, as well as a castle of glass hovering over the highway. If you visit here, you’ll get a glimpse of just how odd we all can be, and you’ll laugh heartily at the gigantic human comedy such a small but thoroughly absurd venue can offer. Welcome to Pineville, which is not a place but an unstable state of mind.

Terror Trip

by Delaney Landon

Gabriel and his two friends clash with Nelson and his two companions as they share the same train compartment on the London to Brighton train. However, later on in the journey they are all confronted by a situation which poses a much bigger threat to the lives of everyone on the train. Each passenger in the carriage has a memory which surfaces as they confront their fear. Gabriel suffers from crippling self-doubt, but he and his fellow passengers must overcome their personal demons and take action together in the ensuing terrifying climax.

No Joy: Tales of Pathology and Regret

by Michelle Wong

The many miseries of Michelle Wong persist. In her regretful world of cruel journeys and strange destinations, child-eating beasts stalk lonely forests, an old man haunts a home always moving, violent gambling rings spiral deep and wide. Young women are danced to death in the tropics; eccentric architecture hides bitter conspiracies; feral orphans demand nauseating sacrifice. Not even in the blur of television stardom or the hot release of a rock concert can Wong find relief, contrition. In the absence of joy, there is remorse only.

What We Make Of It

by Emmond Smith

Sometimes Life Can Feel Like It Isn’t Worth Living. Events and Actions Can Attribute to feelings of despair and pain that are felt throughout all of our lives. While we try to hide them, and go about our lives as normal. They’ll always show in our actions. The way we walk, the amount of time we put in certain things, and even the wrinkles in our faces are dead giveaways. That’s The lesson that is learned when Micheal who is a successful musician in the R&B world.We come in on the music on the music mogul reminiscing on memories of his brother while visiting his gravesite. He also confesses some things he’s held in for a long time. What could be on the mind of this Chart Topper? What can the built of sadness for his brother cause him to say and or do? What memory will in fact make him realize that life is truly “What We Make Of It”

Backland Graces; Four Short Novels

by Hal Zina Bennett

These four short novels have best been compared with the work of bestselling author Annie Proulx. Like Proulx, Bennett plumbs the dark interiors of hard-living, back country characters, unveiling their common links with our humanity, surprisingly restoring a sense of compassion and trust. The inner lives the author delves into in his stories take us into the mysteries of love, death, conflict, peace, and the existence of an indefinable “other power” greater than the personality of the characters. There are many surprises in these pages, even his least likeable characters such as the religious fanatic, the developmentally challenged woodcutter and the dedicated environmentalist who oversteps his authority and causes greater harm to an ally. These are stories of the heart without denying the violence that hovers over us whenever we care deeply about anything.

“Foreword Reviews”
Clarion Review Four Stars
Hal Zina Bennett lives with his wife and pets in a lakeside cabin in rural Northern California. He describes his neighbors as “mostly responsible” citizens living in a hardscrabble community that is “a far cry from Midtown, USA.” This community and its people inspired the stories in Backland Graces. They also showed Bennett that even the most dysfunctional individuals possess a hidden “immutable humanity√Ę?¬¶that rises to the surface in unexpected moments.”

The four novellas are set in and around the community of Deer Lake. Though each story has independent events and characters, a reader can easily imagine that the characters in all of the novellas know each other if not by name, then by reputation. Rocko of “Swimming Lessons” works for Fish and Wildlife. He certainly knows Cal and T.J. of “Congratulations on Your Recent Death” because of their predilection for schemes involving the lake and surrounding woods. Any of the characters might have had a peek at Sarah of “Throwaways” through the pass-through to the kitchen at the Eagle’s Nest Saloon. These implied connections make the book both a portrait of the community and a record of critical moments in the lives of individuals.

Each of the stories contains a spiritual element. As a child, Rocko survives a near drowning in “Swimming Lessons.” His escape from the “slimy muscular thing” that dragged him to the bottom of the lake and his miraculous recovery deeply bind him to Deer Lake.

In “Throwaways,” Sarah’s spiritual awakening is stimulated by the music her long absent father creates for her. “The Rapture” is a twist on the story of David and Goliath: Truman, the Christian fundamentalist “David,” overcomes Loman, the non-believing “Goliath.”

The mystery and cultural conventions surrounding death and dying are explored in “Congratulations on Your Recent Death”: Cal and T.J., grown-up bad boys, reveal their sensitive sides when they kidnap Cal’s father from the veteran’s hospital where he is dying. Later, the eagle soaring over the desert funeral pyre at the end recalls Native American myth. Though spirituality is a strong element in Backland Graces, readers do not need to share the author’s beliefs or fear that his purpose is to proselytize.

The emphasis on spirituality reflects Bennett’s interest in ancient spiritual traditions. This interest has infused the author’s private and professional life, beginning with his own near-death experience as a teenager. Bennett has written more than thirty books, including nonfiction titles on spirituality and creativity. ~

“Mendocino Arts Magazine,” review by Peggy Templer
You read one story and you can’t stop yourself from diving right into the next one…”hard scrabble” characters… What redeems these characters, makes their lives compelling and forces you to look beyond their squalid live, is their spirituality, their humanity.


A collection of stories in which people face the risks of daily life – emotional, physical and possibly imaginary.

Spirit Series (Books 1-2)

by Jodi LaPalm

SPIRIT and the follow-up title REVELATIONS are combined into one edition for convenient, back-to-back reading!

SPIRIT — “I won this book thru a Goodreads contest and couldn’t put it down for anything.” [Amazon Reviewer]

In SPIRIT, a woman seeks freedom from the boundaries of her small town and overbearing mother. Yet, as the prospect of independence looms near, she discovers leaving the only life she has known may not prove easy, particularly when love is one of the ties to be severed. SUMMARY: At sixteen, Ellie saw things other people could not. By eighteen, she saw things as they really were. And yet, it would take years before Ellie could see that a Spirit, if willing, could never truly be broken.

With senior year in high school underway, all Ellie Duncan can think of is the day she will finally break free from the confines of her small Colorado town and overbearing mother. When she meets a mysterious new boy and uncovers secrets of a local Indian legend, however, Ellie soon realizes her life and the people around her are not as they appear and events of the past may push her toward a future she never wanted.

REVELATIONS — In this follow-up to SPIRIT, Ellie and Reese have settled into a life of simple pleasures surrounding home, work, community, and family. But contentment quickly turns to concern once troubling mysteries about their young daughter and tribal ancestry come to the surface and demand attention. SUMMARY: Ten years may have passed, but her innate ability to interact with the spiritual world continues to haunt Ellie Duncan Noble. Determined to overcome the pervasive hold it has over her life, she makes the difficult decision to suppress any and all contact, even if doing so keeps her from someone she loves.

Yet when her daughter begins to exhibit disturbing mystical powers of her own, Ellie is forced to face her private fears and acknowledge the truth about herself and her family. Her path toward personal acceptance quickly turns into one of investigation, however, as she unwittingly delves into the baffling history of her Native American heritage along the way.

With the help of her husband, his dead mother, and an unwelcome visitor from her past, Ellie learns to confront the reality that some things are not only beyond her control but full of hidden, undeniable purpose.

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