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Destined For Her Heart (The Hearts and Heroes Series Book 3)

by Sherrie Dykes

Warren Medford is going back to Bear Creek for two reasons. First, he left his heart there two years ago, and he intends on reclaiming it by winning back Shauna Keller’s heart. The second is to capture Lucas Cantrell who has escaped from prison and is going back to Bear Creek to mete out his revenge on the people he feels wronged him.

Warren can handle Lucas Cantrell but Shauna is another story. For all he knows she could be married by now. But short of that scenario, he doesn’t intend on letting anything stand between him and the woman he loves. No matter what it takes, he will win her heart back.

Shauna Keller hadn’t ever expected to find herself in this position. How was she to decide between two men? Two men whom she loved in such different ways. But whether or not she liked it, she knew that in the end she would be forced to make a choice between them. Can she trust her heart to make that choice when once before she’d failed so miserably in trusting the path her heart had taken?

Count Your Blessings (The Destiny Book 3)

by K.L. Woolerey

A romantic story of one young woman’s journey to make peace with her past and step into God’s purpose for her life.

When Destiny’s husband, Pastor Cliff Lawrence, announces that he would like to start a family, Destiny isn’t sure she can go through the pain of having another child. After a traumatic childhood experience, she doesn’t want to be reminded of a past she’d rather forget. But with her marriage on the rocks and her emotions in turmoilâ??will Destiny Count her blessings and realize that the only One who can truly help and heal her is closer than she thinksâ?¦or will she fall prey to the Devil’s plan to destroy her marriage and her life?

Count Your Blessings is the third book in the Destiny Series. A series of books, which follows the lives of three young Christian women and their quest to discover who they really are in Christ.


WESTERN HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Keeping the Faith for Love (Historical Christian Second Chance, Inspirational Romance) (Western, Historical, Cowboy, Short Stories, Regency, Victorian, Mail Order Bride)

by Angel Atkins

FREE Mystery Romance at end of eBook

Sweet Jenny Garner is Nineteen and With No Prospects for the Future, or Love

With the loss of her mother, an abusive Aunt, a drunkard father and tasked with the responsibility of taking care of him and younger brother James, Jenny’s dreams of having her own home and family seem like a far-fetched fantasy. That is until she sends out a secret advert as a Mail Order Bride.

Jake Harper is a Strong, Handsome Cowboy in Search of a Good, Christian Woman

Jake Harper is a self-made Montana man whose dreams of owning his own ranch have come true. All he needs now is the love of a God-loving Christian woman. He half-heartedly places an advert for a Mail Order Bride and gets various responses, but feels drawn to Jenny.

Jenny’s Aunt has ideas of her own, plotting to have Jenny sold as a servant, and pocket the money for her and her brother, Jenny’s alcoholic father.

Jenny has kept a significant but necessary secret from Jake, one that could easily destroy any plan for escaping a life of virtual slavery and chance at finding love.

How will Jake respond, when he learns his female pen pal and potential MOB has deceived him?

What lies ahead is a road filled with obstacles, abuse, poverty, and what seems like no escape.

Enjoy this thrilling, suspense-filled Western Historical Romance, that brims with inspiration that comes from the virtue of Having FAITH.




Rudy Banks, is a Tall, Dark and DISARMINGLY Handsome Private Investigator

One late night, while working on an old, unresolved case, PI Rudy Banks gets a knock on the door. His visitor, Christina Summers is an enchanting, stunning all be it rather mysterious woman.

Christina Summers is a KNOCK OUT, and fortunately for Rudy in desperate need of his help, her life depending on it

Of course, as is the case with every truly beautiful woman, this one also attracts serious danger, as Rudy will soon find out. When a much more puzzling and devious man named Jonathan comes into play with the ability to stop time, ALL HECK BREAKS LOOSE.

Rudy finds himself terribly attracted to Christina, on both sides of the law, in the middle of a ruthless hunt for revenge, and set in a world of paranormal experiments gone wrong.

Wit, humor and suspense paint the backdrop to this Romantic Mystery, as Rudy desperately tries to save Soul Mate, Christina, from pure EVIL.

WARNING: This eBook contains mature content and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Tags: Western, historical romance, fiction, mail order brides series, husband, holiday, Christian, cowboy, erotic, rancher, frontier, Montana, second chance romance, ranch, bride, love, married, husband, inspirational inspiration stories.

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