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Dublin: By Locals – A Dublin Travel Guide Written In Ireland: The Best Travel Tips About Where to Go and What to See in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin, Dublin … Ireland, Ireland Travel Guide, Irish)

by By Locals

Tired of the typical boring guides? This guide tries to do the same as the “ask a local”, but it is (maybe!) better organized and more complete. In all our guides, we hire a “local” writer, and then we edit to be sure that the guide is complete, unique, fun and interesting. Typically we won’t add too many maps or photos, since you can have all that on the internet, and we like to give you only unique and original content that you won’t find easily.

Here is a brief description of the guide:

  • How To Get Here, Travel And Transport
  • Where To Stay, The Best Hotels, Hostels And B&Bs
  • Best Local Tips On Dining Spots
  • y Night. Where To Drinkâ?¦Off The Beaten Track
  • Dublin By Day
  • Shop â??Til You Drop. Dublin’s Shopping Districts
  • Current Lingo. And Dublin’s Literary Part
  • Things To Do In Dublin For Free
  • Dublin Coffee Culture
  • Top Music Places In The City
  • The Best Tours in Town
  • Festivals And Sporting Events

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From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World

by Gloria Atanmo

Education, entertainment, and empowerment about how a girl took her excuses and turned them into excursions to start traveling the world.

There’s a world of knowledge out there in subjects that can’t be taught in a classroom that ultimately shape the better part of our existence. I was willing to do whatever it took to get an A in that curriculum.

Get Awesome at Airbnb: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Airbnb Entrepreneurs: A simple easy guide to bring more guests and make more money

by Sarah Nadav

Why are there some Airbnb hosts with booked calendars and some without any guests? The answer is simple, it is all about how you market yourself. The better you are at bringing people, the more money you will make. Doing the marketing yourself can seem overwhelming. That is why I have written an easy to use manual to maximize your profits and make the most money from your listing.

As a journalist, entrepreneur and mentor at Google- I have become an expert in digital marketing and “Corporate Storytelling.” I love Airbnb and have traveled extensively and written many articles about the places that I have visited.

One thing that was surprising is that some of the best places which I visited had a hard time booking guests. At first it was confusing, but then I realized that most of my hosts didn’t know how to market their listings and many weren’t very comfortable online. None of my hosts used social media effectively and when I told them this was my profession, I ended up sitting with many of them giving impromptu lessons. I was happy to do it and wanted to do more.

I wrote this book so that I could help people to boost their businesses, get more bookings and make more money. The book outlines simple but powerful methods that anyone can use. Most of my suggestions can be used for any rental booking platform. The focus here is on Airbnb because I think that the service provides the best tools to help hosts succeed.

This book is meant to be used as a manual, and I link to all the tools and online platforms that hosts should be using. The information is provided in a format that makes the mysterious process of marketing user friendly.

From Jarrow to Java

by Joe Writeson

A book based on some of the unique characters and situations encountered in the course of a large construction project in East Java during a crucial time in Indonesia’s history .

The cast includes all the usual suspects Europeans, Australians, Americans etc. but the starring roles are Indonesians.

Centred around the building of an Independent Power Plant consisting of eight coal-fired power stations, distribution system and extensive infrastructure with over ten thousand employees at the height of construction activities.

The account is based around the job, the impact on the area, the people, the ladies, the pubs, the problems, the perceptions…and misconceptions. Featuring an introduction to Javanese customs and culture plus their effect on interaction between expats and locals, including the often weird and wonderful way that Indonesians view foreigners ….plus how some Westerners behave when given the ‘keys to the sweetie shop’

The timescale covers immediately before, during and after the downfall of the Soeharto regime.

A lot of the characters recur throughout the stories, some of the chapters are linked or cross referenced.

All of the names have been changed and some players and scenarios are a sum of several people or events, on reflection I have removed some altogether to protect the innocent and prevent the guilty from repercussions by angry wives, girlfriendsâ?¦and mothers.

These are all my own work and based on actual events that I was directly involved in or witnessed personally, no hearsay, urban legends or second hand gossip.

Although based in Indonesia the anecdotes will appeal to anyone who would like to expand their social and geographical boundaries, and just possibly gain an insight into just how other people live, laugh, endure and survive ��

Joe Writeson

Uprooted: A Vietnamese Family’s Journey – 1935-1975

by David Lucas

The ancient Vietnamese life in which Tung was raised is being torn apart. It is not enough to work hard and grow rice anymore. Now every farmer in Mai Dong has to pick a side.

The French or the Communists.

“They are going to murder your father.”

Intelligence, humility and graft made Que an honorable figure in Mai Dong. His values ensured the family’s survival through famine and flood. They will not protect him against the Communists, who need class-enemy victims for their land reform campaign.

Tung becomes protector and provider for the family, who struggle to stick together as World War Two, the French Indochinese War, and the American War tear his country apart over forty years.

Vietnam becomes the battleground for the cold war. Decisions made in Paris, Washington, Moscow and Peking force three generations of Tung’s family to risk their lives just to survive in the changing landscape.

Based on a true story, Uprooted is an uplifting saga that spans three generations of a Vietnamese family.

Travel Italy: A 5 Day Guide to Venice on What to See, Eat, and Enjoy! (italy travel guide, venice travel guide, italy facts)

by Sarah Evans

In this book we will be taking a look at some of the top attractions, sights, things to shop for, and of course what to eat on your five day trip to Venice. What’s great about this book is that it appeals to both the first-time traveler as well as those who have been to Venice before and are looking to discover more of what the famous city on water has to offer.

Highlights of this book include:

  • What must-see places you should include in your five-day visit
  • Methods of transportation
  • Local food and drink you don’t want to miss out on
  • Accommodation options
  • Typical temperatures and precipitation amounts
  • A brief history of Venice and what makes it such a popular tourist destination
  • A look at themed-tours to meet all interests

This book is an excellent place to start when planning your trip and can also come in handy as guide while you’re actually in Venice and taking in the sights. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to delve into the pages and broaden your knowledge when it comes to Venice, Italy.

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