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Comic Books: SURVIVE OR DIE (Unofficial Comics Box Set) (Comic Books, Comics, Kid Comics, Teen Comics, Manga, Kids Stories, Kids Comic Books, Teen Comic Books, Comic Novels, Comics for All Ages)

by Melvin Group

Best Selling Comic Series: SURVIVE OR DIE!

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A Collection of 11 Best Selling Comic Books For All Ages!

Survive or Die #1

In this story, we meet Steve, the hero of Cubeworld. Steve learns how to create weapons, to defend himself again the relentless surge of zombies, hungry for his brains! He also fights a chicken and a pig, neither of which are what they seem!

Survive or Die #2

in this story Steve creates a pickaxe, and digs into the center of the earth. He fights mean green creepers, who want to blow his house to bits, and then finds the secret cave of the spiders. What danger and treasure does this underground fortress hold? Find out inside!

Survive or Die #3

in this story Steve is captured by the skeletons, and bitten by spiders, in a fearsome underground battledome. Can Steve defeat the evil King Vertebray the Handsom, steal the treasure, and escape? He might need some help, from an unexpected source.

Survive or Die #4

in this story Steve and his magical shapeshifting horse race for freedom! They escape the horrible skeletons, but once outside, become lost in the swamp and meet a mysterious witch. What will she do with her magic potions? Probably nothing good.

Survive or Die #5

in this story Steve meets an Enderman, who is a pretty good monster, unless you look him in the eye! They journey to a village, and help the townspeople fight a monster. But the real monster might be locked inside with them already!

Survive or Die #6

in this story Steve creates an iron golem, that smashes monsters like they were made of jello. He also learns the true meaning of vegetables, goes tomb raiding, blows stuff up, and meets an old friend, who brings him through a portal to the worse place imaginable!

Survive or Die #7

in this story Steve journeys to the fiery nether world underneath the world, and with the help of his friends the Pigmen, fights the blaze, a sort of horrible firesquid. But in this harsh environment, it is easy to get lost, and eaten by something even worse…

Survive or Die #8

in this story Steve must fight the ghosts and their evil poetry, and get back to his friends in time to prevent the worst monster in the universe from being constructed, a three headed explosion spitting Wither! Will Steve ever see his beloved house again?

Survive or Die #9

in this story Steve makes new friends and new enemies! Clarissa, another crafting adventurer and portioner takes Steve to meet the Wizard, who might just hold the key to saving the world. Meanwhile, the sinister wolves gather their strength to attack, and the witch returns to ruin everything!

Survive or Die #10

in this story Steve and Clarissa journey to the End and fight a dragon! They forge a truce between the warrior pigs and the scavenging Wolflord, and together assemble the mightiest army Cubeworld has ever seen! WIll it be enough to save the world?

Survive or Die #11

in the final installment of ‘Survive Or Die’ Volume One, our hero Steve has raised the mightiest army Cubeworld has ever seen, and they all gather to fight the dreaded Wither, a three-headed destruction monster from the firey world bellow. Who will live, who will die, and who will come back to life? Find out inside! You will be on the edge of your seat for this exciting adventure, full of swordfights, magic, and time travel!

Guarantee – All Kids Will Love These Adventures

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Please note that we are not associated or affiliated with Minecraft/Mojang AB. Minecraft is the official trademark of Mojang AB.

Minecraft: Amazing Guide of Interior and Exterior House Design for Minecraft (minecraft, minecraft cheats, minecraft guide)

by Daniel Richardson

Minecraft is a popular video game that lets the player to build constructions from surfaced cubes in a 3D environment. When it comes to graphic, there is nothing very impressive about this game. Minecraft is played in low quality resolution graphics as compare to other games.

But you might be wondering why this game gains great popularity all over the worldâ?¦ Well, the answer is simple.

In this game, everything is special. You need to build your own world from scratch. You need a house?Then build it! But in order to build a house,you need different materials like blocks, and blocks don’t just magically appear, thus you need to produce blocks from minerals and that’s what you need to mine. In order words, you will find materials and build a community of your own through mining and crafting.

And if you are making a community, the first you need to do is to make your own house to survive and

protect yourself from monster attacks during the night. Building a house can sometimes be really complicated, especially for the beginners. So if you are new to game, this book will guide you in making an amazing interior and exterior house design plan for your Minecraft house.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How The Game Works
  • How To Play It
  • Building in Minecraft
  • Design Plan Tips
  • Exterior House Design Guide
  • Interior House Design Guide
  • Furniture You Can Put In Your House

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Thrice Wise

by Jeanne Perrett

Dan and Deppy inherit a run-down hotel in Greece and decide to be adventurous and get it up and running again. And then the guests start to arrive…

The Bluffer’s Guide to Poetry (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by Richard Meier

From ‘Wordsworth’ to ‘Word Count’, and from ‘Shakespeare’ to ‘Edward Lear’, The Bluffer’s Guide to Poetry contains everything you need to have you waxing lyrical in the most intellectual of company.

Hugo Chavez: Zombie Dictator

by Brian Zaiger

.â??Long Live Chavez, Forever.”…A satirical short story about Hollywood, Zombies, and Socialism.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Hiking (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by Simon Whaley

From ‘Corbetts’ to ‘Cairns’, and ‘hills’ to ‘hillocks’, here’s everything you need to know to navigate not only the conversation.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Fishing (Bluffer’s Guides)

by Rob Beattie

The Bluffer’s Guide to Cricket (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by James Trollope

From ‘the Ashes’ to ‘umpires’, and from ‘beamers’ to ‘seamers’, here’s everything you need to know to increase your social status or avoid getting caught out.

The Relativity of Vice

by Wendy Fraioli

Judgey McJudgerson thinks she knows the right way to live, to work, and to play but her actions have consequences and her judgments are less than objective. When the women she assumes is a kindred spirit disagrees with her, righteous indignation is perfectly justified.

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