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The Ineffable Love Story of Henry & Miriam

by Boo Starling

“How you question shapes who you are. How you answer those questions can shape the entire world.” Professor Miriam Cohen poses these statements to her philosophy class at the age of 34. 25 years earlier, she watched as her entire world changed with the suicide of her famous playwright mother, and the flood of uncertainty and helplessness informed the rest of her life – her questions and her answers. Determined not to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she grows into a carefree, loving and beautiful woman always wanting more – more adventure, more experience, more life. She falls in love with questioning the world, even when the world doesn’t seem to provide many answers.

Then one day, she hears 51 year old physics professor, Henry Wells, give a lecture on the tiny strings that make up the universe, and for the first time, she feels like the world becomes a little more kind. Does Henry hold all the answers she’s been searching for, or is this love story the ultimate question that every human being, at some point on their journey through life, must answer?

What She Wished For…: a Cautionary Tale

by Ellen Ekstrom

All Violet Ellison wanted was to see her hard work to pay off and maybe just one of her dreams to come true.

Little did she know it would happen the moment she found a chess piece on the sidewalk.

Who knew her ‘Cinderella’ turn would put that knight on horseback in to play?

Be careful what you wish for…

THIS ROAD – The Complete Series (new adult rockstar romance)

by Karolyn James

He came back to town to say goodbye… not to fall in love again.


Bryce spent years putting distance between himself and his addict of a cousin, Blake. That meant giving up on the band he helped create, a motorcycle club he helped run, and a woman he secretly loved all his life that Blake held hostage.

Then Bryce gets a call that Blake is dead.

Thrust back into a town he never wanted to see again, Bryce can’t help himself but find Clara. Just to make sure she’s okay.

Soon, Bryce finds himself back on stage with Road Son, falling in love with Clara, and knowing he could never tell anyone the truth about he and Clara.

As the road twists and turns, Bryce soon finds himself in a familiar position – about to lose everything… only this time, it could include his life. 


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Victorian Loves (The Victorians Book 2)

by Amanda Harper

“Victorian Loves” is the continuation of the story of Robert, Alice, Thomas, and Victoria, who readers first met in “The Four Victorians.” The unconventional lives they lead in the London of the 1890’s are satisfying to all of them. Or so they thought.

But their happy and fulfilling lives with each other are changed by the decision of one of them to leave London. Who will fill the empty place in their delightful ménage style of living? And can anyone replace that missing person in their hearts and minds?

The four Victorians are challenged by other changes in their lives and their feelings for each other. Growth in self-knowledge for all of them leads to a realization that even though exterior events may change in their lives, love is a constant presence.

“Victorian Loves” is a full length novella of approximately 28,000 words. This book contains explicit sex scenes involving themes of discipline and spanking. There is also graphic language unsuitable for readers under 18 years of age.



Love for Jason, Alina to smile, wise up to bow down for Halid before his fate…

There, in the midst of a thumping sandstorm strengthened by the deep depths of the desert, the scent that reached him was somehow familiar. That very scent, rising when the dusts on the cracked earth embrace the first rain drops of the sky prevented him from breathing. That very scent he gasped, the extremely strong one and leaving him breathless, smothered him.

Sal: A Savior of Sorts

by Myles Kayano

Given a series of quests to fulfill by his late grandmother, Sal Jones rambles about town causing mayhem in pursuit of the greatness that he feels he is his destiny. He needs to become a hero, fall in love, and figure out what it’s all about. And he tries his damnedest to accomplish each goal to the best of his abilities.

Along the way, he is helped by a quirky group of friends, grandparents whose genius is only superseded by their secrets, and a father who believes he holds the secret to time travel. Darkly humerous and full of surprises, Sal: A Savior of Sorts delivers non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

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