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TRANSCENDER: First-Timer (TRANSCENDER Trilogy Book 1)

by Vicky Savage

Jaden Beckett, typical Connecticut teenager, possesses an awesome power she isn’t aware of until she’s catapulted into a strange parallel version of earth and an amazing alternate existence.
The venerated Inter-Universal Guidance Agency steps in and vows to employ it’s considerable influence to return her home safely. The only problem is, Jaden’s got other plans. In her new life she’s a princess and heir to the throne of one of three surviving dome nations, she has her mother back, a miracle she never dreamed possible. Add to that her breathless romance with the outlaw, Ryder Blackthorn, and Jaden is determined IUGA will not be permitted to dictate her future. The result is an epic power struggle for control of Jaden’s destiny and a tempestuous love affair that transcends both space and time. 

The Brick Moon Fiction Annual Vol. 1

by Christian Beranek

A woman inherits ownership of a bizarre cult. A man inherits a key to heaven. A child’s toy makes murder fun. A man is able to see the world as it â??really’ is. And the last man on earth is about to come face to face with humanity’s most deadly creation. These stories and more are found in the pages of Brick Moon Fiction’s annual collection of short, speculative fiction.

Brick Moon’s mission to â??imagine the future’ through diverse voices is vividly brought to life in this collection of short stories all revolving around central themes. Future of Water, Future of Food, Future of Space Exploration, The Future of Technology and more. We’re happy to present this collection of thrilling, mind-bending stories that represent the best of 2015.

The World’s Strongest Gambler: The 1st Gamble

by Andre A. Spence

Imagine a world where battles between lightning-fast individuals shake the surrounding skies, and whose explosive strength can create seismic violence so great… the surrounding land quakes with fear. Planet Krio is such a war-torn worldâ??a world ruled by corporate Masters, and yet it is also the kind of technological world where strength is king. Fighting on the forefront of these savage wars are artificial beings known as Experiments, massive bipedal war machines known as Riggs, supernatural beings with the force of the natural world itself at their disposal… and then there’s Gregory Vicksâ??a globally wanted criminal with a fast-growing bounty on his head, and the one who just happens to be the leading man of this present story. Gregory may be known as many different things, but above all, he’s a fighter.

Incidentally, the more he fights… the more he continues to survive each new devastating encounter, is the more the price on his head will rise to astronomical heights. Get ready to experience an action-packed journey like no other, but be warned… The 1st Gamble is just the beginning.

A New Divide (Science Fiction)

by Nathaniel Sanders

“A New Divide isn’t some simple fictional story about good and evil, it’s an intense epic whose roots come from the soil of a man.” – Stephen Weaver

Book One of Three


In the distant future, humanity has created peace by converting war between sovereign nations into a form of sport known as Gravityball.

War has been abolished, civilizations have flourished like never before, and now superstar athlete Collin King has won the hearts of billions by conquering his circuit for the fourth year in a row.

Unwittingly knowing he has set in motion a chain of events that will be known as one of the darkest chapter in human history.

Hours after celebrating his victory, his world is condemned for the crime of being free and during the extermination he discovers he holds a genetic key to immortality. Against his will he becomes the center of the first violent conflict mankind has witnessed in over one thousand years””brought on by a sadistic ruler from far in the past who will use every inch of his boundless power to complete his dying nation’s legacy.


A New Divide follows Collin King on his journey of adversity shortly after he is liberated from his destroyed motherworld. It’s the story of life, love, choice, and the power of desire – and what that can accomplish.

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