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My Tiny Vegas: Stories from Las Vegas, New Mexico

by Birdie Jaworski

Birdie Jaworski lives on the edge of the eastern plains of New Mexico, where the Sangre de Christo Mountains meet the Great Plains, smack in the middle of the town of Las Vegas. No – not the big City of Sin in Nevada with the gambling strip!
Las Vegas, New Mexico is not as well known as other Wild West towns, such as Dodge City, Deadwood, or Tombstone, but she is said to have been the worst of the rowdiest Old West towns. She’s still rowdy, still mysterious, still full of larger-than-life characters!
Doc Holliday kept his medical office in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Rough Riders held their first reunion in the saloon of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. You can get a shot of tequila in that same saloon, today.

Birdie wants to share her beautiful tiny Las Vegas with you… read her beautifully crafted essays on roasting green chile, on the secret Scientology mesa near the ghost town of Trujillo, New Mexico, on salsa dancers, on the never ending drought that threatens life on the edge of the Great Plains.

MUDRAS: The Simple Beginners Guide to Using Hand Gestures for Healing, Weight Loss, Yoga, Mudras and Chakras: Mudras (For Modern Life, Awakening Chakras, Ebooks, Advait, Mudras)

by Laurent Wygant

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MUDRAS: The Simple Beginners Guide to Using Hand Gestures for Healing, Weight Loss, Yoga and Chakras

Are you feeling tired, run down and just low on energy?

Do you feel mentally, emotionally or physically drained?

Have you always wanted to learn about meditation but didn’t know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, “MUDRAS: The Simple Beginners Guide to Using Hand Gestures for Healing, Weight Loss, Yoga and Chakras” is the book for you!

The book will cover the following and give you deeper insight about how you can maximize your potential physically & mentally through balance & meditation. You will learn the basics and key elements of Mudras, as well as over 30 different Mudras to try and practice!

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Mudras?
  • Practicing the Mudras
  • Mudras in Yoga
  • Mudras and Chakras
  • Incorporating Mantras
  • Bonus

These are just some of the areas we will be covering in this book!

You will learn how practicing Mudras can benefit each function of your body and how it can help you lose weight and prevent and heal almost any ailment you may have. Give this book a try, what do you have to lose?

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Faith-based Travels: A Devotional Guidebook for the Faith-filled Traveller

by Nicki Jeffery

What kind of traveller are you?

In search of adventure, seeking new experiences, hoping to improve a language, aspiring to work and holiday, a missionary or vagrant sojourner?

No matter what your flavour, Faith-Based Travels is a spiritual tool for experiencing the world as a Christian traveller. This devotional delves into the realities of living out of a suitcase, from backpacker hostels to home stays.

The author, a traveller herself, will take you on a journey from planning a trip overseas, to living it out, returning home and reconnecting in the community. Each devotion concludes with thought-provoking questions and a prayer. Devotions are arranged topically, with travel tips from a multitude of travellers following each section. Praise power, evangelism, accountability … plus specialised devotions for six different kinds of traveller.

Both practical and spiritual this is a must for all jetsetters, gap year students and graduates. Future travellers will be encouraged to dream up his/her own adventure, with God’s guidance. Current travellers will be challenged to examine their walk with Christ, their witness and their purpose. Young Christian travellers will be on their way to evangelising the nations when they take faith-based travels with Jesus!


“I loved it! I read the devotional most days while on mission. This

kind of book is awesome for the mind’s eye with all the different

settings and situations. It is such an encouragement to read

Christian testimonies. Each day after I read I had a prayer time

about the concept, which was a great starting point. I found I was

really enjoying prayer time while I was in Vanuatu.”

– Isaac (Australia)

“I like the book size. It is compact and perfect for travellers. The

advice for travellers section is very useful and practical.”

– Ricky (Canada)

“I can’t put it down. It is so interesting. You certainly give God glory

throughout your whole journey. I have really enjoyed reading all

about your travels, experiences, and God appointed times. I love the

prayers at the end of each devotion.” – Cindee (Canada)

“The book includes a wide range of people’s travel experiences. This

really rounds it out but also makes it point to God, because He’s the

one thing that they all have in common.” – Naomi (Australia)

“It is really wonderful from a Christian perspective and the author

has shown a lot of transparency, honesty and reality.” – Bev (USA)

“I loved the daily devotions and found them to be easy to read,

practical and challenging, which is what you need when on the road

and away from the usual church support. In fact at times it felt like

having a wise Christian accountability partner speaking to me! I

like that devotions constantly link back to Bible verses, which is a

reminder to keep plugged in to the Bible.” – Eleanor (UK)

“I began reading the devotional yesterday and am really enjoying it.

Great job!” – Kelly (Australia)

About the Author:

Nicki Jeffery grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in central New South Wales, Australia. When she was in primary/elementary school, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and an author for her careers. At the end of highschool, she headed straight for university and graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) after four years. Three and half years later, she flew to the USA with her journal. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and her experiences were the begnnings of “Faith-based Travels”.

Nicki has written magazine and newspaper articles and poems. She has posted articles on Her writing has featured in Australia’s Christian Woman magazine and the UK’s Woman Alive magazine.

Growing up, Nicki came first in McDonalds City of Sydney Performing Arts Challenge creative writing – short story or non-fiction (17 and over). She earnt third place in the Australia Remembers Writing Competition, and certificate of commendation in the Young Writer of the Year

Italy: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Beautiful Cities in Tuscany (travel italy, italy tourism, travel tuscany)

by Myron Rice

Discover Beautiful Tuscany!

8.900 square miles (23,000 sq. km) of history and art, Tuscany truly is a masterpiece that needs to be explored. Tuscany and its capital, Florence, attract millions of eager tourists on a yearly basis. Known for its opulent history, picturesque landscapes, rich legacy of art and culture, this Italian gem is certain to be on the wish list of every tourist who wants to visit Italy.

In this guide you will learn some more about some of the most beautiful and popular cities situated in Tuscany.

Book cover the following cities in this guide:

  1. Florence – Think Botticelli, Dante, Galileo… Florence truly is a monument of the Renaissance era. Florence offer sculptures, frescoes, monuments and more to the eager visitor. Since Florence is considered to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, it is just common sense that we would start with this amazing city in Tuscany.
  2. Siena – This beautiful city is located in central Tuscany and is distinguished by its medieval buildings that dominate the area. With so few modern buildings to spoil the medieval feel to it, you are sure to be transported back in time and explore history at its very core.
  3. Pisa – Although the city is most famous for its Leaning Tower, Pisa has so much more to offer in terms of architecture, art and culture. Indulge your senses in this striking city that just wants to be explored and experienced.
  4. Lucca – This charming city on the Serchio River at the foot of the Apuan Alps truly is a historic legend. Explore the city within the well-preserved 16th and 17th century Renaissance walls that still keep the city safe from medieval armies, even today…
  5. Cortona – A delightful little hill-top town in the South of Tuscany and situated in the Chiana Valley. At around 1968 feet above sea level, you are sure to get a full panoramic view of the valley surrounding it.

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What To Do Before You Move To China: Take Appropriate Steps Before And Once You Arrive

by Allister Kosik

Moving abroad can be an exciting experience. We do not always know what we should do ahead of time, what we should plan to bring with us and what other preparations to make. This short text suggests things to buy, things to bring with you and other things to do before you move to China.

With the right planning, your time living in China can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.

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