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Warren Buffett Box Set: Simply Amazing Lessons on How to Achieve Profit, Make Progress and Become Successful (Warren Buffett, warren buffett biography, warren buffett way)

by Jason Butler

BOOK #1: Warren Buffett: Lessons for Boundless Success and Amazing Improvement of Your Business, Investments and Life

Warren Buffet is one of the richest people and is used as one of an immersive symbol of success for you. This incredible book is well searched and contains whole of the logistic material. In the proceeding chapters of this book, you will come to know about how you can kick start your business and which tactics you can use for sake of boosting them.

BOOK #2: Warren Buffett: 23 Simply Amazing Secrets of Warren Buffett for Money Saving, Worthy Investmants and Successful Life

If you are one of the many people that sit back and wonder how Warren Buffet has become the third richest person in the world, you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people all the time wonder how this man that seems to be the go to guy when it comes to investing and building a fortune. In this book, you will see firsthand all of the secrets that Warren Buffest has used in the course of amassing his large fortune.

BOOK #3: Warren Buffett: Awakening Lessons on How to Achieve Profit, Make Progress and Become Successful

This book tells you how to learn the investment lessons of billionaire Warren Buffett. It reveals the wisdom of the “Oracle of Omaha,” one of the world’s very richest men. It explains the simple principles which he used to build his vast fortune. The book also details how he has subtly evolved the way he works to continue beat the market year on year. And, most importantly, it explains how you can invest like Buffett and make progress and become successful.

BOOK #4: Warren Buffett: 33 Simple Lessons For Life-Changing Results and Extraordinary Success

This book is an interesting collection of suggestions and tips to help you succeed financially, and even more important – in life itself. All 33 of these pearls of wisdom come from Warren Buffett, who is one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in the world. Reading this book will not turn you overnight into a rich person, but it will give you ideas of how to do whatever you are doing in life much better, and thereby begin to feel more sagacious and accomplished even before reaching your most paramount goals.

BOOK #5: Warren Buffett: 23 Metamorphic Lessons of Warren Buffett for Surprisingly Amazing Success in Every Aspect of Your Life

Investing and living life can be hard. Sometimes there are things that people don’t know how to do, and sometimes people are left with the inability to make a decision on something. There are inspirational people out there, and one of them is Warren Buffet. As an investor and one of the wealthiest people out there, he can help teach you some important life lessons that will make you more successful in every aspect of life. This book will help you not only learn these life lessons, but it’ll also go into detail explaining how they are a part of life.

BOOK #6: 28 Essential Critical Thinking Skills and Brain Exercises which Can Improve Your Logical Thinking

Critical thinkers are highly prized for their ability to see problems, read between the lines, and analyze information to get better and more detailed results as well as spot potential problems that others might miss. There’s nothing magical about critical thinking, it’s all down to hard work and practice, your brain is a muscle and you can’t expect your muscle to be in great shape unless you work it out. This book aims to give you some lessons and ideas in how you can start your journey to being a critical thinker today.

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Helen Twelvetrees, Perfect Ingenue: Rediscovering a 1930s Movie Star and Her 32 Films

by Cliff Aliperti

Helen Twelvetrees, Perfect Ingenue
Rediscovering a 1930s Movie Star and Her 32 Films

At her peak, Helen Twelvetrees was leading lady to legends like John Barrymore and Spencer Tracy. Other early co-stars who were billed below her included Joan Blondell, John Wayne, and Clark Gable. Twelvetrees broke out in Her Man (1930) and affirmed her stardom in Millie (1931). Her ten-year Hollywood career is highlighted by a run of starring roles in pre-Code era melodramas, but Helen Twelvetrees kept working long after movie audiences had forgotten her.

She lost momentum for a variety of reasons. External factors such as typecasting, studio anarchy, and Production Code enforcement, combined with an independent attitude that spurred inconvenient headlines and whispers of temperament are among those that kept her career from progressing. At her peak she chose to follow natural impulses and start a family, but in terms of her career, her pregnancy couldn’t have come at a worse time. When she returned to the screen it was with a new studio, and the types of films she was known for were not as popular as they had been before her maternity leave. Afterward, time itself may have been Helen Twelvetrees’ greatest enemy: one can only remain an ingenue for so long.

Helen Twelvetrees, Perfect Ingenue is one-half biography, one-half film retrospective. Presented here are the life, loves, and career of an unexpectedly modern woman. An extensive collection of notes supports corrections and new findings about Twelvetrees, including her accurate birth-date and a previously unreported marriage, while also supplying additional background about each of her thirty-two movies: the good, the bad, and the lost.

Foreword by Dan Van Neste, author of The Whistler: Stepping Into the Shadows.

Illustrated with still photographs from the author’s personal collection.

Makers of History Series: Alexander the Great

by Jacob Abbott

Jacob Abbott was a well-known 19th century historian who wrote biographies on various ancient leaders, including this one about Alexander the Great.

Over the last 2,000 years, ambitious men have dreamed of forging vast empires and attaining eternal glory in battle, but of all the conquerors who took steps toward such dreams, none were ever as successful as antiquity’s first great conqueror. Leaders of the 20th century hoped to rival Napoleon’s accomplishments, Napoleon aimed to emulate the accomplishments of Julius Caesar, but Caesar found inspiration in Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.), the Macedonian King who managed to stretch an empire from Greece to the Himalayas in Asia at just 30 years old. It took less than 15 years for Alexander to conquer much of the known world.  

As fate would have it, Alexander died of still unknown causes at the height of his conquests, when he was still in his early 30s. Although his empire was quickly divided, his legacy only grew, and Alexander became the stuff of legends even in his own time. Alexander was responsible for establishing 20 cities in his name across the world, most notably Alexandria in Egypt, and he was directly responsible for spreading Ancient Greek culture as far east as modern day India and other parts of Asia. For the ancient world, Alexander became the emblem of military greatness and accomplishment; it was reported that many of Rome’s greatest leaders, including Pompey the Great, Augustus, and Caesar himself, all visited Alexander’s tomb in Alexandria, a mecca of sorts for antiquity’s other leaders.

Stonewall Jackson at Second Bull Run: An Excerpt from Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson

by Robert Lewis Dabney

Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) was an American Christian theologian, a Southern Presbyterian pastor, and Confederate Army chaplain best known for being chief of staff to General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson during his famous Valley Campaign and the Seven Days Battles. He also wrote Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson, an invaluable biography of the general that was published in 1866, just a year after the Civil War had ended.

Stonewall Jackson needs no formal introduction, being one of the most famous generals of the Civil War, revered throughout the South for his extremely successful military skill. At the same time, Jackson’s pious Christianity and seeming eccentricities have continued to fascinate historians, scholars and readers, who often still argue why he would hold his left arm up with his palm facing outward while in battle. 

Jackson earned his famous “stonewall” moniker at the Battle of First Bull Run, when Brigadier-General Bee told his brigade to rally behind Jackson, who was standing like a stone wall. General Bee was mortally wounded shortly after giving the order, so it’s still unclear whether that was a compliment for standing strong or an insult for not moving his brigade, but the nickname stuck for the brigade and the general itself.

Stonewall Jackson at Second Bull Run is an account of Jackson’s performance during the campaign that culminated with the Battle of Second Manassas in August 1862, a decisive Confederate victory. The account of the campaign comes from Dabney’s biography of Jackson. The biography is invaluable not just as a contemporary source but as a study of Lost Cause ideology, coming even before the phrase itself took hold. Dabney’s hatred of the Yankees is evident throughout the book, as is his adulation of Jackson, who comes off as nearly perfect in this book. Slavery is depicted as a benign institution, and the Yankees are treated as inferior in every respect to Southerners. The frequent Lost Cause argument that the South lost only because of inferior manpower and resources can be found in this book, much of which was written before the Confederacy had been defeated. At the same time, Dabney wrote the book to demonstrate the importance of Christianity and its influence on Jackson’s generalship, helping create the image of Confederates as dignified, Christian fighters. The biography will be of interest to anyone interested in Southern attitudes toward the North and the war in the 1860s.

True Detective April 1966 (True Crime Magazine Book 55)

An archive of the magazine from 1966 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

General Edward Porter Alexander at Antietam: Account of the Maryland Campaign from His Memoirs

by Edward Porter Alexander

In the narrative of the Civil War, Edward Porter Alexander has loomed larger in death than in life. Just 25 years old when the war broke out, Porter Alexander had already served as an engineer and officer in the U.S. Army, but the native Georgian resigned his commission in May 1861 and joined the Confederacy after his home state seceded. 

Porter Alexander would continue to serve under Longstreet’s corps for most of the rest of the war, and he famously suggested to Lee at Appomattox that the Confederate army should disband and melt away instead of surrender. Porter Alexander would later regret the suggestion, and Lee scolded him for it anyway. 

Though he had served with distinction during the Civil War, it was Porter Alexander’s memoirs that have kept his name alive today. While many prominent officers on both sides wrote memoirs, Porter Alexander’s were among the most insightful and often considered by historians as the most evenhanded. With a sense of humor and a good narrative, Porter Alexander skillfully narrated the war, his service, and what he considered the successes and faults of others, including Lee, when he thought they had made good decisions or mistakes. As a result, historians continue to rely heavily on his memoirs as a source for Civil War history. 

Police Detective March 1984 (True crime magazine Book 53)

An archive of the magazine from 1984 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature

Good Hearted Woman: Based On A True Love Story

by Jaclyn Hoffman

A memoir debut revealing Jaclyn and Christopher’s young, lawless, southern romance. Good Hearted Woman is a true story based in the backwoods of Florida’s wetlands and, from summer to winter, will trigger your inner wild side! It is full of intense adventures and intimate moments that will put you in a love spell! The book ties in to a heart-wrenching homicide that roared through their hometown in 2013, changing Jaclyn and Christopher’s life forever.

A Pioneer Woman Doctor’s Life (Abridged, Annotated)

by Dr. Bethenia Angelina Owens-Adair

A friend once said to her, â??If I wished to increase your height two and a half inches, I would attempt to press you down, and you would grow upward from sheer resentment.’

Divorced at eighteen from an abusive husband in 1859 (scandalous at the time), and with a little baby to care for, Bethenia Angelina Owens was determined to make her way in the world. Her family begged her to let them support her but she wanted to earn her own livelihood.

Taking in laundry, teaching school, and making cheese were among the tasks she set herself to. She eventually built a thriving business as a milliner that allowed her to send her son to college and to fulfill her own dream of becoming a doctor.

Against all odds and a tidal wave of objections by friends, family, and male doctors, she prevailed. Despite the sentiment of the times that it was disgraceful for a woman to practice medicine, she enrolled in 1878 at the University of Michigan.

By 1884, she was making $7,000 per year, an astronomical sum, as a physician. For all of her life she was a strong and vocal advocate of women’s rights.

As a doctor, she gave the shocking advice, “Nothing will preserve woman’s grace and her symmetrical form so much as vigorous and systematic exercise, and horseback riding stands at the head of the list, providing she has a foot in each stirrup, instead of having the right limb twisted around a horn.”

She also provides accounts of other pioneer women of her acquaintance.

For the first time, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones.

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Undocumented Procedure

by Brian Christofferson

In a rural area in northwest Montana, a couple often left the hot tub for bed when the mail plane flew over their house on its way towards the state capital.

Tom, a beekeeper and apiary inspector, referred to the mail plane pilot as “10 o’clock Charlie,” signaling to Tom to call it a night. There were other, less flattering descriptions of the footprint left by the noisy Aero Commander on its nightly rounds.

Undocumented Procedure is a glimpse into the world of that pilot flying the mail run in the mid to late eighties.

It is a love story about a pilot who met a psychologist.

“I am just crazy about her.”

He wonders, no, he hopes that if she knew, she might say, at the very least;

“You are a sad case of human detritus. However, 40 or 50 years of intense personal therapy may just right your rudder.”

The book tells part of the tale of three young children who resulted from the union of those two opposites.

The story is also an incremental tragedy, it details the deaths of ten pilots. The hero learns or determines, in his own mind, the cause of each of the crashes that took his friends. He struggles not to make the same mistakes and spends his time in the cockpit developing methods and procedures to stay alive.

Gastric Change From Me to Who?

by S.D Andrews

Starling go from a beautiful large woman well liked and loved by co-workers and friends, loved beyond infinity by her fiance. Once she is confronted by others about the gastric bypass surgery she decides to undergo the procedure. Against the doctor’s orders Starling’s defiance causes her more than weight loss. It cost her family,friends and love.She begin to attract the wrong crowd to accommodate the new her. Is being ideal for society worth losing everything.

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