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PLEASE HUG ME–I’M AN OFFICE MONKEY: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive Life in a Cubicle (Please Hug Me Series Book 2)

by Jeff Michaels

For anyone who makes a living working in an office, this book is certain to become your new bible. Following his hit guide to air travel, Please Hug Meâ??I’ve Been Delayed, author and former cube-dweller Jeff Michaels takes you on a roller coaster ride of how to survive the in’s and out’s of today’s modern office. From tips on landing an interview, to dealing with annoying coworkers, to going on extended vacation without your boss finding out, this book is certain cure any case of the Monday Blues.

Learn how to:

– Reorganize your cubicle for maximum comfort and minimal work

– Convert the handicapped stall into a cozy studio apartment

– Claim your rightful Jewish holidays

– Go home early with the creative use of tree sap

– Deal with the Hallway Blocker, Cubicle Leaner, and other chronic office offenders

– Never again do an ounce of real work

Additionally, you will learn:

– Advance techniques for controlling your boss (AKA: the head chimp)

– The ONE reference that will land you any job

– The proper method of napping in the bathroom stall

– Creative ways to boost your annual salary with expense reports

Follow the real-time case study and learn the horrors of getting a P.O. number assigned in a major corporation. Discover the best in corporate ice breakers. Gain tips on how to dominate your team in Departmental Dodge Ball. Learn how to date your coworkers with minimal Next Morning Awkwardness (NMA). Play along with Corporate Buzzword Bingoâ?¦. and much more!

Comes complete with bonuses: Guide to Break Room Coffee, and How to Start an Online Business from Your Cubicle. Follow all of the hilarious advice in this book and watch your workdays fly by!

For Fans of Scott Adams Dilbert, The Office, Office Space, and workplace office humor.


“Instead of spending your days being frustrated, author Jeff Michaels offers an alternative.” -Metro US

“Michaels has a unique take on the inner workings (and non-workings) of an office, and does an excellent job of showing the many areas where things have gone awry, while potentially leading the masses to some sense of salvation. Any monkey looking for a light-hearted read to brighten their workday would be a fool not to pick this up and peel away the insightful information.” -Robert H. Thompson, Author of The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable

“My favorite book in the jungle.” -Curious George (W. Bush)

Book Two of The Please Hug Me Series

Business Ideas: How To find A Great Business Idea In 2016: Business ideas for beginners, Business Ideas entrepreneurs, Business ideas from home (Make Money Online, Marketing, Business, Ideas)

by Erik W. Jones

Available FREE On Kindle Unlimited!

Business Ideas: How to find a great business idea in 2016

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You’re about to discover how to…

Dig deep and find that one great idea that makes 2016 a game changer in your life! This is your year and this book is going to show you how to find inspiration to delve into the business world with a hot, fresh idea.

Use techniques not taught anywhere else on how to come up with a truly original idea in the new year. These methods on idea generation are so good I couldn’t keep them to myself. I put them in this eBook so you can get an inside look on how trendy businesses are formed.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Customer profile
  • How to Self-Examine, Looking Deep
  • Mix and Match Ideas
  • Bringing Ideas Back From the Grave
  • Check the Demographics
  • Online Business Ideas
  • Much, much more!

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INTERNET MARKETING INCOME 2016: One Hour E-Commerce & Amazon Blogger Profits

by Lexi Grey

Start your own business… even without a product of your own


Inside you’ll learn:


– How to find SUREFIRE product ideas

– How to set up your website from start to finish

– How to set up your landing page the easy way… just copy my template and you’re good to go!

– How to advertise on FB even if you only have $5 on your bank account

– How to negotiate with sellers (dropshippers)

– The entire process of making money laid out to you.. step by step…by step!


– How to create an Amazon Blogger website in a few minutes or less!

– How to choose your keywords and the products that you’ll promote

– How to use the POWER of SEO and YOUTUBE to double your sales!

– Real life examples of websites that are working right now!

– How to create a product review that turn words into cash!


MAKE MONEY ON KINDLE PUBLISHING 2016 (FAST START GUIDE FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS ONLY): How to get started with Kindle book writing, publishing & selling in 15 minutes or less

by Red Mikhail

If you are interested in having a part time income from Kindle…then this book is for you

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to get set up min 15 minutes or less

– How to find profitable topics… so you don’t waste your time w/ non-money makers

– How to outline your book…. with live examples

– How to choose your promotion type

– How to create covers that sells your books

Get this book for only .99! – today!

Money Making Box Set: Top 10 Tools and Items To Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA. Learn Top 15 Tips For Becoming Debt Free (Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA Books, Selling On eBay)

by Melvin Doyle

BOOK #1: Amazon FBA: Top 10 Latest Items That Will Bring You an Annual Profit of Over $66,000. Learn All About the Amazon FBA Tools for Amazon Sellers

You may or may not have heard of Amazon FBA. However, if you already run a business or are in the tentative first steps, the book, “Amazon FBA: Top 10 Latest Items That Will Bring You an Annual Profit of Over $66,000. Learn All About the Amazon FBA Tools for Amazon Sellers” will not only provide you with an insight into how you can make a profit selling on Amazon and also information on many of the tools that are available to ensure that you are earning the most from your time.

BOOK #2: Selling On Ebay: Amazing Guide With Outstanding Tips for Selling Items on eBay for Absolute Beginners

The online marketplace is a virtual store offering you with endless possibilities. For example, with a single advertisement, you can sell a product to millions of people across the globe. The book provides you with useful insights and tips that give you the ability to sell a product on eBay. You will learn the procedure that enables you to setup account, post the advertisement, choosing the membership, and shipping. Additionally, you will discover about the importance of quality of the product, its effect on the user.

BOOK #3: Amazon FBA: Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA

If you have ever wondered what Amazon FBA is or maybe you have never heard of it? Whether you are new to business or an old hand “Amazon FBA – Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA” has been designed to assist each and every seller to get the most from their time whilst maximising their business profits.

BOOK #4: Network Marketing: 20 Amazing Lessons on How to Build a Successful Team and Become a Network Marketing Guru

Network marketing is a popular choice for people looking to start their own business from home that will allow flexible working hours and the possibility for a good income without the numerous headaches that come with being employed by a company. In addition to selling a company’s products from your own home, network marketing gives you the opportunity to recruit other sales representatives, commonly referred to as â??commissions’. The sales of any commissions you recruit will generate income for you, and they can then go on to recruit further commissions of their own.

BOOK #5: Debt Free: Learn Top 15 Tips For Becoming Debt Free

Debt is a monkey none of us want on our backs. When we have debt we tend to have issues sleeping, eating and doing things in or lives that we want to do or have dreamed of doing for years. When we have debt we limit ourselves and our futures. In this book we will talk about credit and how you can get it. We will then move on to fifteen powerful tips and tricks that are generally overlooked when it comes to cleaning up your debt and building up good strong habits to live debt free.

BOOK #6: Options Trading for Beginners: Simple Tips on How to Get Started and Make Money with Stock Options Trading

The world of options trading can be daunting but whether you want to diversify your investment portfolio, make extra money on some stock you already own, or you just want to understand what options are, this is the book for you. Options Trading for Beginners will give you a streamlined and jargon-light discussion of what options are and how you can start trading them, as well as tips for making the safest and most financially sound decisions possible. For every option trading strategy there is at least one book and three other people that will tell you why it is right..

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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Amazon FBA: Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA (Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA Books, amazon fba business)

by Samuel Bishop

If you have ever wondered what Amazon FBA is or maybe you have never heard of it? Whether you are new to business or an old hand “Amazon FBA – Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA” has been designed to assist each and every seller to get the most from their time whilst maximising their business profits.

This book covers the following subjects in depth:

  • What is Amazon FBA?
  • FBA Revenue Calculator
  • Vendio
  • ScanPower
  • Solid Commerce
  • FBA Toolkit
  • AMan Pro
  • Other Amazon selling tools
  • Benefits of fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, amongst the tools that are available there is something to suit, assist and ensure that you can free up a good portion of your time which will enable you to focus on growing your business and maximizing your profits.

No more spending your valuable time on tedious tasks that these tools are all capable of automating for you. Now that you are aware of them it is time to find the right one/s for you and your business model. You will be amazed at how easy the tools are to install and use as the tools are invaluable for all business owners whatever the direction they wish to take.

Good luck and embrace these easy ways to better your business.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Amazon FBA: Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Life hacks: 160 Ways to Save Money, Improve Time Management, Solve Problems, and Increase Productivity (Guides for Lifehackers,life hacks,Productivity Secrets,life hacking, best life hacks)

by James Wilson

Life hacks: 126 Ways to Save Money, Improve Time Management, Solve Problems, and Increase Productivity


Download your copy
and read it
with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Membership.

Don’t have kindle? No worries! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet Or Smartphone!

This Life Hacks Book contains the key lifehacks that will save you Time,Money and Increase Your Productivity!

After Reading this book you will learn simple solutions to a variety of everyday problems!


Here Is A Preview Of What Included In This Life Hack Book…


  • What a lifehack is?
  • Technology Hacks
  • School & Work Hacks
  • Food & Drink Hacks
  • Money-Saving Hacks
  • Time-Saving Hacks
  • Survival Hacks
  • Random Hacks
  • Much more!



Download your copy today and you will not regret it!


You’ll be Very Happy that You Did!


Thank You!



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Etsy: School The Complete Etsy Business Startup Guide (Etsy, Etsy for Beginners, Etsy Business, Etsy Startup Guide, Etsy Selling)

by Sarah Moore

Etsy School the Complete Etsy Business Startup Guide

******Four Books in One******

Etsy Build Your Own Online Store, Exact Step by Step Guide

Etsy How to Make Money on Etsy

Etsy Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Successful Selling on Etsy

Etsy SEO, How to out Rank the Rest

Etsy has successfully brought craft fairs to the people of the online world and they have shaken the image of handmade items from â??that will do’ items to hot ticket best-selling and hugely desirable products. Just because this platform exists though, doesn’t mean that getting to the top of it is as easy as having a great product and putting it into a search engine. With this book you will be told how to set yourself up on Etsy for success and how to create a growing income from your boutique items.

·Exact Steps how to build your own ETSY Store.

· Everything you need to do before you open your ESTY Store.

· Mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

· How to select the perfect ESTY store name.

· How to list your products properly so they sell the fastest.

· Discover how to find out what is trending in the handmade and vintage world and how you can be a part of that.

· Find out the best way to optimize your Etsy page so that it will come up at the top of a search engine and people will click on your product over another.

· Read the secrets to getting to the front page and how best to use forums and teams to create a lasting brand that will keep customers coming back again and again.

· Promote yourself for free with several social media platforms that are especially catered to Etsy users.

When it comes to selling well on Etsy there is a lot of competition. There are many other people with exciting and creative products that may even be able to match your own. However, competition only is only a problem if it can compete with you.

In Selling on Etsy you will be given tips, tricks and hacks that will teach you the secrets of getting to the top of the Etsy search engine, to promoting your site for free to potentially thousands of customers, and to using your advertising space to its fullest potential. Learn which keywords will work best and which will go overlooked from users hungry for the latest trending item.

Discover the basic principles of marketing an item on Etsy. Find how to put your unique brand into everything you do, so that customers will learn to love you and will keep coming back for your latest inventions. Take this brand further and turn it into a web wide identity that will promote your products and even you as a creator.

The majority of Etsy customers are online walk-ins that find a shop or product while browsing pages through a search engine. As legitimate web pages on their own that you can manipulate, your Etsy page is open to being optimized for search engines. You’ve got your fantastic product and your shop ready to, but now you want the customers. With this book you will learn in several simple steps how to corner your chosen area of the vintage and homemade market and rise to the top of the Etsy search engine.

-Learn which elements of your product description impact how your page is ranked.

-Discover how to find the best keywords that ensure you get to your customer first, and that your customer can find you.

-Take your online marketing further by raising your ranking in Google and growing your media presence with social media and personal websites.

-Find the hidden features of Etsy that can provide you the most powerful boost in search engine rankings.

***Bonus Free Chapter: Amazon FBA, How to Sell on Amazon***

Remember you don’t need a Kindle you can just download the app on your phone, computer, or tablet!

Click the buy now button located on the top right of the page

Trading For A Living: Simple Strategies to Make Money from Home

by Matthew R. Kratter

Ready to Quit Your Job?

It’s every trader’s dream to quit his job and make a living trading from home.

No boss, no commute, flexible hours, and lots of money.

But how do you actually do it?

This book will provide you with a simple road map that anyone can follow.

Are you a complete newbie?

Or a trader who has blown up his account and is ready to start again?

Or just someone who is curious how to make money from home, using just a laptop computer?

If so, this book is for you.

Amazon best-selling author, Matthew Kratter, presents simple yet powerful trading strategies and other money-making ideas that anyone can use.

You will learn:

  • An aggressive trading strategy that can create huge returns, even if you are trading a small account
  • A more conservative trading strategy that will allow you to sleep soundly at night
  • How to trade the strategies using either stocks or options
  • Get started today:

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    PART-TIME PAYDAY 2016 – 2 in 1 Home Based Income Bundle: ETSY SELLING & TEESPRING PROFITS

    by Red M

    Start making extra cash online as fast as possible

    Inside you’ll learn:

    T-shirt Selling Business

    – The exact niche that will never become obsolete…ever.

    – How to find designs in these niches.

    – How to create a good product listing … so you could sell more shirts

    – How to market your t-shirts for free

    – 10 best practices for t-shirt startup owners


    -The Blueprint to make a full time income on Etsy…from ZERO to HERO!

    -Etsy Basics – The most important things that you need to learn before you start your new Etsy business

    -Products That Sells – How to find niche and markets that are proven money makers

    -How To Find The Product… even if you don’t have any idea where to look for

    -Product Listing – How to create a product listing that turns into cash!

    -Getting More Traffic – how to use the power of SEO to double your sales

    Download – Read – Implement

    RICHES IN THE NICHES (2 in 1 bundle) 2016: Killer Niche Research and Affiliate Marketing Keyword Discovery Methods

    by Red M

    Read this before buying anythin

    This bundle contains 2 books.

    The first one is “A Complete Beginners Guide to Information Marketing” – 2015 Edition

    The second book is How to Find Untapped Niches for Affiliate Marketing

    If you want to focus on affiliate marketing, I suggest that you start with the second book. If you want to create your own information products then read the first one.

    I hope that you get a lot of information from this book.


    by Danny Ashton

    Start your own side hustle business!

    (get this for only $3.99 instead of $2.99 each)


    – How to choose a niche without competition but with many buyers

    – How to use the power of Google for maximum traffic

    – How to choose a keyword to rank on Google

    – How to use Private Blog Network to make your sites almighty powerful!

    – How to create a website from start to finish… in 60 minutes or less


    – How to get started with Kindle publishing in just 30 minutes a day

    – How to choose a topic

    – How to outline your book fast!

    – How to choose a price

    – Where to promote your book

    – Where to look for a book cover

    – The uploading process that will get increase your sales even before your book becomes live… it’s all about AMAZONS SEO

    Download your copy today!

    Passive Income Strategies: Create passive income for the future

    by John Harris

    Passive Income Strategies

    Passive income is a great way to start earning more money without losing even more personal time in the process. All you have to do is put in an initial investment of time and effort, and you’ll reap the benefits long into the future. It’s not effort-free – nothing is. But passive income is a great way to create something that will generate money for you long after it was posted.

    Passive Income Strategies is all about helping you find a good balance between your work and personal life without sacrificing your income along the way. After reading this book, you’ll understand what passive income is and how it differs from active income, how you can start generating passive income, and even how these efforts can help you in long run. Whether you’re saving for retirement or simply a trip, passive income is the gift that keeps on giving, and there is no expiration date on your efforts. Read Passive Income Strategies and learn how to kick your income into high gear!

    Retire Early: Planning for Your Early Retirement

    by Walter Dobbs

    The dream of retiring from work at a young age does not have to be just a dream. It is possible to leave your day to day job earlier than you expected and start living the life you have always wished for. With a little preparation and a solid plan in place, almost anyone can make the move to copious amounts of free time.

    If you have ever wanted to open your own business, travel the world, or just have more time for family or crafts, you will find the foundations for those things here. It does take hard work and patience, but it is possible to leave the daily grind and finally spend your time doing what you love.

    Amazon Affiliate Sniper 2016: How To Make Money On Amazon By Selling Hot Amazon Products That Sells Like Pancakes

    by Red Mikhail

    Start making money as an amazon affiliate today!

    Amazon Affiliate Marketing Simplified and Made Step By Step…By Step

    Finally!, A system that actually works and a system that can be follow step by step…No B.S. , Do this, do that kind of guide. Plus no fluff so you don’t waste your time.

    Inside you’ll learn:

    How to get started as an Amazon associate, free

    secret keyword research method that only few are using – follow this and you’re already ahead of the competition

    how to rank on the page 1 of Google…for real! – No theory just actionable content

    How to write reviews that gets read and that converts into cash

    Sample websites for you to follow

    and many more


    tags:affiliate marketing affiliate amazon associate,What is affiliate marketing and how it works How to create a website

    (niche website or authority website) How to sign up with Amazon,

    How to sign up with WordPress How to pick a niche topic How much money you can make,

    How much money you need to invest What products to promote What is an Amazon aStore

    how to find niches,unknown methods for kw research top 1%find keyword for seo traffic,

    how to find profitable money making keywords make money online affiliate marketing

    Untapped Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing 2016: How to find profitable seo and affiliate marketing keywords the easy way – For make money online and home based business

    by Red Mikhail

    Read this before you buy anything

    Inside you’ll learn the easiest and the most UNKNOWN keyword research methods used by the top 1% affiliate marketers in the world

    You can get this guide-book free if you are an amazon prime KU/KOLL member

    Card Up My Sleeve: Adventures of a Credit Card Smith

    by Jaime Doughsmith

    Author Jaime Doughsmith belongs to a society of card smiths, dedicated to the art of mining incentives and rewards from credit cards. When Jaime first applied for a frequent-flyer credit card long ago, he had no idea he’d eventually stumble into the deep financial underbelly of signup bonuses, perks, and cashback. He found himself in a sprawling and labyrinthine world filled with travel hackers, who fly the world for little or no money, and cashback specialists, who spend over $50,000 per month buying gift cards with cashback credit cards. Card Up My Sleeve is an account of Jaime’s journey from personal finance novice to full-fledged card smith, earning close to $20,000 cashback per year in his spare time. Jaime and his wife Delilah have visited over 30 European cities on the big banks’ various reward programs.

    Card Up My Sleeve provides credit card users with a glimpse into the lives of the cardholders’ top 1 percent. As Doughsmith points out, we live in a society where powerful banks seduce the masses with credit card offers and exact exorbitant interest rates from those who can least afford them. Yet victimhood is only a state of mind, as evidenced by Doughsmith’s humorous and revealing accounts of cardholders who saw that the credit system is a mug’s game, but decided to game the system.

    Website Traffic: Free Website Traffic Siphons For Targeted Visitors

    by Shane Farrell

    Website Traffic: Free Website Traffic Siphons For Targeted Visitors

    For a limited time only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Enjoy and read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You need traffic. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what your website it about. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell products, build an authority blog or build a massive email list.

    You need high quality, targeted traffic to do so.

    With this method you can follow along as I teach you step by step how to get results. You can build 50 siphons to 50 websites or 5 siphons to 1 website, it’s completely up to you.

    No matter the niche you are in, you can drive thousands of visitors in any niche, where ever you want. This is a single method that works better than 10 combined. You don’t need anything fancy, just this simple but extremely powerful method to building long term and evergreen flows of traffic to your websites.

    Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside…

  • No matter what niche you are in now or will be in the future, this method will turn on the traffic flow that you need.
    • Use this training to set up traffic siphons everywhere and drive thousands of pageviews to your websites, opt-in pages, affiliate offers and own product sales pages.
    • This training is packed with only the information you need to follow along step by step using this method that will drive QUALITY traffic to all your web properties no matter what niche you NEED traffic in.
    • I break down each step and explain to you exactly what to look for and how to find it.
    • Included also are templates so you can outsource the entire traffic siphon method.
    • Much, much more!

    Focus is critical to long term success. Pick a method and stick with it. Instead of jumping around and doing a little SEO, a little PPC, a little blog commenting and realizing you only have A LITTLE TRAFFIC. Why not focus on one proven method that will bring you thousands of visitors a month?

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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    Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a Writer: Looking for a job that matches YOUR passions? Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a

    by Janie Morrison

    Looking for a job that matches YOUr passions? Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a Writer Find out the secrets of scoring YOUr dream job!


    Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a WRITER isn’t an Career advice book — it’s a mentorship in 50+ pages.

    The competitive nature of the WRITER job market and the growing number of applications per job has made it extremely difficult for people to land up a job easily. The growing unemployment has also forced people who are usually over-qualified for a job to apply for the same just to avoid a gap period and remain a part of the rat race.

    This makes most of us wonder how in the world will it be possible for us to avoid the competition and get YOUr applications through to the job that YOU deserve.

    There are just two ways YOU can avoid YOUr chances at getting a job. YOU can either apply for jobs that have considerably lesser job applications to compete with or better YOU chances at getting through by improving YOU candidature. This book is all about the latter and not the former….

    This is the ultimate guide for people like YOU who are serious about taking control of their destiny and Landing their WRITER dream job. Our guide is crisp, keeping YOU engaged with the progressive 12-step process without YOU becoming discouraged.

    Here’s what YOU will learn with our Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a WRITER guide:

    Learn to establish a dream job Mind set

    Learn how to Break Through Barriers

    Learn to think big and Imagine the new possibilities of YOUr dream job

    Learn how to formulate YOU Strategy

    Land YOU Dream Job

    Our Guide gives YOU the confidence Sooo YOU will never be nervous when applying and Interviewing for YOUr WRITER dream job!!!!

    This guide has a 12-step process that provides a clear, structured approach to landing YOU dream job.

    What We Cover in our “Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a WRITER Guide “:

    Chapter 1: Apply for Jobs That Were Never Listed

    Chapter 2: Skills Always Win!

    Chapter 3: Donít Rely On YOUr Resume

    Chapter 4: Donít Focus On Money

    Chapter 5: Donít Quit YOUr Day Job

    Chapter 6: Demonstrate Genuine Gratitude in YOUr Current Job

    Chapter 7: Get Off Social Media And Back In The Game

    Chapter 8: Reach Out To YOUr Connections

    Chapter 9: Get Ready To Apply

    Chapter 10: Stay Up To Date On All The Tricks

    Chapter 11: Behave As If YOU Are Still Being Interviewed

    Chapter 12: Build Relationships Based On Performance, Not Conversation

    Chapter 13: Spot The High Performers And Mimic Them

    Chapter 14: Think Three Moves Ahead

    Chapter 15: Find A Mentor

    Each chapter provides YOU with A fresh perspective, powerful solutions, in-valuable resources to help YOU identify and land YOUR WRITER dream job!!!

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    THE FIVE MINUTE AMAZON SEO BOOST 2016: How to create the five minute seo trick that turns into super amazon seo rankings

    by Red Michaels

    This is the shortest book about Amazon SEO… but don’t be fooled by its length, there is some gold inside – Ashley N.

    Re: How to create the 5 minute Amazon SEO booster

    Inside you’ll learn:

    – What is a S. X and how it can easily boost your Amazon rankings

    – How to finish it in less than 5 minutes

    – An actual example of the whole process

    Download this book today and start boosting your Amazon SEO super powers

    FOREIGN AFFILIATE MARKETING 2016: How to find profitable and untapped foreign keywords that are 10x easier to rank In Google

    by Red Mikhail

    Read this before buying anything

    If you are tired of trying to rank keyword after keywords then failing afterwards, this is for you

    Instead on focusing on super competitive english keywords, why not take the path less chosen? , the easier and much profitable way for beginners to make money online as an affiliate


    by Danny Ashton

    get this for only $4.99 instead of $2.99 each!

    Inside you’ll learn 3 ways to make money at the comfort of your house.




    Download your copy today! Don’t get left out and be your own boss today!


    by Tayo Mike

    Make Money From Youtube .

    Here are series of tricks that anyone can easily

    follow to earn $100 daily online. They are tested

    strategies that you can start right-away. We explore

    several workable options on youtube cash spinning


    Grab a copy today at a give away price of $0.99.

    The price will be changed back to $4.99 which is

    the regular price.

    Here you will learn 12 ways to take advantage of youtube

    to make money online.

    Download now

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    Around the Podcast Campfire: Conversations With 25 Of The Most Interesting Podcasters In The Known Podverse

    by Harry Duran

    25 of the most interesting and popular podcasters celebrate their passion for the craft of podcasting and storytelling. The group includes podcast veterans as well as up-and-coming podcast stars. They each provide a unique perspective that is sure to educate and entertain.

    My conversations include the following podcast luminaries: Chase Reeves of The Fizzle Show, Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty of WPCurve, Jeff Brown of Read To Lead, Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting, Greg Hickman of Mobile Marketing Machine, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts and Libsyn’s The Feed, James Schramko of Super Fast Business and multiple shows, Chris Cerrone of The Cerrone Show with Laci Urcioli, Chris Chidgey of App Business Marketing, Erik Paquet of Abroaders World, Daniel J. Lewis of Audacity to Podcast and, Jesse Lawler of Smart Drug Smarts, Tysen Webb of Go For It Show, Srinivas Rao of Unmistakable Creative, Chris Murphy, Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting, Vernon Foster II, of Event Supremacy, Brandy Shea of Quality Thrives, Jordan Agolli of Teenage Entrepreneur, Steve Stewart of Money Plan SOS, Kim Trumbo of Generosity Philosophy, John Corcoran of The Smart Business Revolution, Nicole Welch for Real Men, Real Talk and Ray Ortega of Podcasters Studio and Podcasters Roundtable.


    by Red M

    Start a business idea today!

    Inside you’ll discover:


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    Moving FAST!: How to Downsize, Pack Up, & Move in 8 Days

    by Sandy Switzer

    Find out how simple it can be to pick up and move your entire household in just about a week! The author of Moving FAST had 8 days’ notice to move from a home with lots of very full storage to a very low storage apartment. This book gets to the point with zero fluff to help you fast!

    Moving can be a complicated and confusing endeavor. This simple guide can help you break down the process into something much simpler to help you navigate packing boxes, labeling boxes, organizing the move, and even what to tell your helpers. This book is designed to be read very quickly, and so it has been kept very short so you can get on with the moving. In addition to tips on moving, this book will show you some really simple concepts with downsizing big time. If you have to downsize while moving, it can make it even more complex, so simplifying downsizing as well is very important. It’s all too easy to collect and store way more things than you need, so this book can help you break down what can feel like a huge and overwhelming task into simple, easy to follow steps. Take charge with this quick to read, easy to follow guide on how to pack up and move fast!

    Etsy: Etsy Business For Beginners – The Best Kept Etsy Selling Secrets, Tips And Strategies To Starting A Thriving Etsy Business From Scratch And Making … (Etsy Selling, Etsy Business, Esty Seo)

    by Christopher Harris


    Etsy Business For Beginners – The Best Kept Etsy Selling Secrets, Tips And Strategies To Starting A Thriving Etsy Business From Scratch And Making A Living From Home!

    When it comes to selling your crafts many people have been limited to going to fairs, flea markets and even trying to sell them on sites like EBay. The problem with this is that these areas are both limited to the type and number of people that go there as well as the availability and comfort of buyers.

    This is why Etsy is such a powerful site for people looking to sell their personal creations to the masses. Developed over 10 years ago is a merchant site where people can create unique handmade items and sell them online to people really looking for that personal touch.

    Etsy is free to join and shop on as well as gives sellers 95% of the profit from the sales of their items unlike sites like Amazon and Ebay.

    In this book I am going to walk you through exactly what Etsy is, how to setup and account, what products people are selling on the site and how you can start your own Etsy business the right way and make higher profits and more sales than the completion.

    After reading this book you will have a step by step blueprint that you can follow in order to have major success selling your goods on Etsy while others are scratching tier heads wondering what in the world is going wrong.

    So don’t delay, grab this book today and learn what it takes to master Etsy.

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    Marketing – Avoid the Rip Offs!: Professional Marketing on a Small Business Budget (Kissmallbusiness Solutions Book 1)

    by Fiona Tarr

    A simple to understand and easy to read run down of the basics of marketing for your small business.

    With over 25 years of small business experience I have made just about every marketing mistake and tested nearly every option out there. Some just don’t suit small businesses on limited budgets and others can be utilised free of charge. This book will get you started on cost effective marketing and help you avoid the many spammers out there trying to get a cut of your hard earned profits.

    Microeconomics simplified without charts

    by Douglas Marchbanks

    Many people are put off the study of microeconomics by charts and diagrams. This e-book is written by a very experienced university lecturer and is designed to enable anyone to grasp simplified microeconomics without the use of charts.

    Buy And Sell Gold

    by Daniel Stewart

    Did you ever wonder how those Gold Buying Businesses are making money?

    This book reveals the REAL company that buys your gold. Here’s a hint, they are not a “GOLD BUYING” business at all, but rather a “GOLD SUPPLYING” business.

    This book reveals the REAL buying source for gold and silver. Gold buying companies buy your gold for 18% to 40% below its actual value. They immediately turn around and sell it for 98% of its market value. And the source they sell to is ALWAYS BUYING.

    This book reveals the true buying source where you can ALWAYS sell gold for 92% to 98% of its TRUE market value. We also discuss what types of gold and silver you can buy and sell for ABOVE market price.

    The author buys and sells gold on a regular basis using the methods in this book. Don’t believe it? The picture on the cover of the book is of actual gold he has found using the methods described in this book.

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    This book is meant for beginners and pros alike. It runs you through the entire gold buying and selling process. Everything is broken down in easy to read and easy to follow instructions. The Buy And Sell Gold method is so easy anyone can do it. By following the methods in this book, you can literally have your first check within one week or less!

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