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Dragonhammer: Volume II

by Conner McCall

The Second Installment of the Dragonhammer Saga.

The War is Eternal. The Steel. The Fire. The Pain.

The Battlefield holds little else. Destruction. Malice. Death.

Outwardly we watch the battle rage, but rarely do we see the unending conflict within ourselves.

What fire are we kindling? What destruction are we sowing? What pain are we causing?

Even the greatest of all men fight this war. None are free. All are captive.

Dragonhammer is no exception.

No matter how hard we fight or how fast we run, even the greatest among us will be brought to his knees.

The Silent Ones (The Lamia Book 2)

by S.J. Bach

The Lamia are an ancient race of beings on the verge of extinction. Their existence was further tested by the prophesized Blood Queen, which placed the Lamia race and the human race in great peril. Facing certain defeat, they were saved by the birth of the guardian and protector of the Lamia Race; The Lamia Praesul. All appears to be well until they discover The Lamia Praesul may have been too late in the destruction of the Blood Queen. Unknowingly, an element of the prophecy has come to pass. They now must face an old and powerful adversary which walked the earth when man was young. The adversary is intent on targeting the human population, and the Lamia have no knowledge on how to defeat them. With the return of their old adversaries, the Lamia become aware they are being watched by another race, which has rarely been seen and thought to only be legend. It soon becomes apparent that this legendary race has all the knowledge they need, but are adamant about remaining silent.

The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening

by Jacob Nordby

(excerpt from page 300) …BURN THIS BOOK

Why would author, Jacob Nordby, ask you to read his new novel, then burn it?

This is no ordinary book.

Fact and fiction weave together in this autobiographical tale of spiritual awakening.

The main character is a burned-out businessman who takes an unplanned retreat to his cabin in the mountains of Idaho.

On the first evening of his getaway, a mysterious stranger appears beside his campfire and delivers a summons: “Drop everything and attend a rendezvous of destiny…the fate of the world may depend upon it.”

He is confronted with a terrifying choice: believe this stranger and take a journey into the unknown, or ignore the whole thing and perhaps miss his call of destiny?

Join the main character on an adventure of the spirit. With him, you will meet a cast of divine helpers, shaman monks and ragged teachers who will captivate your imagination. Rich with insights, quotations and teachings of sources ranging from ancient to modern, this book is a breath of fresh air for the soul.

Like the hero in this tale of awakening, you may never see life the same way again.

Author’s note: This book tells a story using symbolic language and fictional situations. It is my own tale of spiritual awakening, though. In it, I share some of my most personal and exciting discoveries. I hope you enjoy it…and I hope you burn it when you’re done. Find out why in Chapter 15.

The Trials of King Sparrow

by Bill Meeks


“There is love, betrayal and magic, all told from King Sparrow’s viewpoint.”

“The Trials of King Sparrow is a great read.”

“A clever story filled with interesting characters.”


While leading his queen and faithful subjects to their winter home, King Sparrow is betrayed then abandoned in the woods. He battles foul beasts, psychotic eagles, and the oncoming winter on his quest to find his true love.

With twists on every page The Trials of King Sparrow celebrates his strength, compassion, and perseverance as he seeks his revenge. It’s a magical adventure set against the brutal backdrop of the natural world.

Twiceborn (The Proving Book 1)

by Marina Finlayson

Still grieving her beloved son, Kate O’Connor’s just going through the motions. She doesn’t care that strangers often shadow her on the unorthodox courier jobs she does for a friend. She doesn’t even care what’s in the packages until the day she returns from a special rush job with no memory of the event. But it must have been pretty wild, because now there’s a werewolf in her kitchen trying to kill herâ??and he’s just the first in line.

Dragged into a supernatural war of succession between the daughters of the dragon queen, Kate discovers a Sydney she never knew existed, peopled by all kinds of strange half-human creatures. To have any hope of surviving she must uncover the explosive secret hidden in her memoryâ??but first she has to live through the night.

Twiceborn is the first book in the urban fantasy trilogy The Proving.

The Gates (The Lamia Series Book 4)

by S.J. Bach

The Lamia are struggling with all the ramifications of Tal Brak’s actions. Their beliefs of their own race have been radically altered, and they now wonder if there is even a purpose for their existence. Tal Brak has left them in a very vulnerable state. They are tormented by doubts and all hopes of closing the gates have been destroyed.

The Silent Ones further shock the Lamia when they approach them for help. They realize the Silent Ones through their history have been much closer to them than they ever knew. They reveal to them an astounding revelation about someone very dear to them.

In the midst of all the chaos and turmoil, the Lamia fail to detect a very large threat coming for them. They realize too late that they and the human race are in very grave danger. The truth is finally revealed through a devastating betrayal by one of their own, but it may also give them the answers they need to destroy the threat.

Twin: Book One of the Path to Chaos

by Howard Gurney

Jack and Tul are twins separated at birth by dark monks seeking child sacrifices to break down the Weave that separates hell from the world. Tul is taken to the great Monastery of Saint Bernard, set in the mighty snow-covered mountains of northern Ganya to be raised a novice monk, an orphan with no knowledge of his background. Jack grows up in the wilderness of southern Ganya with his two sisters and father.

Tul stumbles across a prophesy in the monastery library which reveals that a set of twins will be the saviors of Ganya, reversing the chaos that is being unleashed by the blood sacrifice. When the monks also discover the prophesy, they unleash their draugr creatures to find the twins and kill them. Little do they know that one of the twins is under their very noses.

Each twin flees, pursued by the draugr and evil monks. If only they can find each other they might make sense of the increasing chaos that now surrounds them. But, in a world where the separation of good and evil is rapidly fragmenting, Tul and Jack soon find out that no one is really who they seem to be – including themselves!

Twin is a rich and gripping story of action and adventure, isolation and the strength of family, and the choice between good and evil. Maybe it’s not a fantasy after all â?¦

Judgments (Shifters Book 2)

by Audie Thacker

Decades have passed since The Kinslaying, but the elven people of Dorondora have not forgotten that day. And now, they have the ability to take their revenge on the shapeshifting creatures that caused them such pain.

Aevra Magaelor was once known as The Hummingbird, a young woman of endless energy and vivid life. Now, she wants only to find and destroy the two people most responsible for the pains she and her family have suffered.

Kholar Oreidin has spent years in the vain search for peace. In hopelessness at his own plight and seeing the hatred his people have for him, he goes to the place where his life began to fall apart, the place he allowed his rage to overcome his judgment.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

by H.P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft (1890-1937) was an influential author best known for his science fiction, horror and fantasy stories, and among those stories his best known ones are those that combine elements of all three. Through that mixture, Lovecraft became the most celebrated author of a genre known as “weird fiction”, especially with his works on the the monster Cthulhu, which has continued to be the subject of other writers’ works. Today, an entire mythos centers around Cthulhu, bringing together all of the different stories from all of the different writers. 


by David Roach

When Audan, a loyal and tenacious young Viking, sets off on an epic journey across the ancient Norse world, he soon discovers the myths and legends of his Viking ancestors are more than just that. Crusading with his brothers in arms, Audan must face rival clans, terrifying monsters, and an onslaught of the undead. But to his dismay, Audan quickly discovers bad luck may not be by chance. Once revered Gods, now scheming and meddling in the lives of mortals, whose thirst for power and lust leave the Viking world in turmoil. Just how far will Audan go to save his land and people?

Serpents and Kings (Those That Rise from Legend Book 3)

by M. M. Mancey

The battle of the immortals rises to fever pitch. A young outcast, turned sorcerer finds himself in the middle of it all and up against the powerful Necromancers of Tilnarth and their Serpent Riders. To come out alive from this challenge against the enemy, he must change his very core. A feat that would either kill him or make him stronger.

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