Free humour Kindle books for 19 Dec 15

Small Town Ho: The Hilarious Story of Moving from the Big City to North Idaho

by Duke Diercks

New author Duke Diercks bursts onto the scene with the hilarious memoir of one family’s move from the big city to the panhandle of North Idaho. No Jobs. No friends. Just buckets of ignorance.

Follow along in horror and hilarity as the family acclimates to the new small town way of life and the author bounces from jobs working in a school cafeteria to selling women’s clothing in a call center to opening a barbecue restaurant.

Written in a smart, self-deprecating conversational style, Small Town Ho is all at once poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, full of the struggle of an ordinary family consisting of three boys, one big black lab, one assassin of a cat, and two very tired parents.


30 simple drinking games that are just as fun and exciting as the most advanced and complex drinking games out there.

Minecraft Handbook: Outstanding Traps to Trick Players and Mobs (minecraft, minecraft cheats, minecraft guide)

by Daniel Richardson

You are about to discover the tips and tricks to play the Minecraft and to win the game easily. This book contains only the proven tips and tricks to play this game easily as well as properly. By reading this book any person can play this game and can make all the tools easily.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The most important tools in this game and also the procedure of making them
  • The step by step playing of the game and any problem solving solution on each step
  • The most important thing “how to make a shelter for survival”
  • The procedure of making simple and easiest trap in the Minecraft game
  • The benefits of the Minecraft game which will make an inspiration to you to play this game

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Welcome to Sweden: Bruce and the Family Visit America

by George Shetuni

Welcome to Sweden was George’s favorite new show of the summer. When NBC promptly cancelled it one season later, George was super bummed. After watching the final episodes online, George had an idea that he should make his own Welcome to Sweden. And because he has too much free time on his hands, he actually went through with it. In his new episode, Bruce and his wife Emma, and all your favorite quirky Nordic characters like Gustav and Bengt, engage in the interesting cultural conversation that the short lived show, Welcome to Sweden was famous for. The usual cast of real life characters like Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza also make appearances. And it all culminates with a backstage visit to the second best band of all time, ABBA.

No Limit Hold ‘Em: Tips for New Cash Players

by Mark Weaver

No Limit Hold ‘Em – Tips for New Cash Players is a series of tips for poker players who usually play home games or small tournaments. These basic tips will help first time players at casino poker games who want to try their hand at cash games rather than tournament. The tips include information and examples on the three P’s of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker….Patience, Position, and Percentages. This is a great short guide to help players learn how to win a little and lose less.

Twain Came In With Halley’s Comet

by Nancy Caristia

Twain came in with Halley’s comet, swept through life blazing trails of fiery wit, then, as he wished, went out with Halley’s comet.

The purpose of this book is to highlight the major events of Mark Twain’s life, and, to illustrate what an extraordinary adventurous life it was. They are Samuel Clemens’ adventures and tales, but famed as those of Clemens’ pseudonym Mark Twain. Much of the book is narrated through Twain’s own words. Some of the contents have been abbreviated to keep the text short and to the point.

There are 24 plates of illustrations with abbreviated text embedded in the graphic. Each graphic is cross-linked with an expanded version of the text at the back of the book.

Word Search (Handmade Quiz Puzzle Game) : Chinese Script: 30 Chinese Script : 30 Game

Word Search (Special) : 30 Chinese Script 30 Games by M.J. Winters. This is handmade word search design, no system generator, which you can enjoy and learn about the name of 30 Chinese Script that is really similar. You need to differentiate them to find the answer. This is not interactive one but you can see the answer easily. Very easy! just find the script in table. Obviously, You can play with you kids. It is a lot of fun for everyone in your family.

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