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The Conciliators (The Conciliators, Book 3 of The Collectibles Series)

by James J. Kaufman

It all started with a blind promise – now Preston Wilson faces a dilemma that will ultimately destroy him or define him.

In The Collectibles, Book one of The Collectibles Trilogy, Kaufman delivers the gripping and unforgettable story of Joe Hart and Preston Wilson, two strong men from different worlds – one touched by tragedy, the other by greed – brought together by a promise that changes six lives forever.

In The Concealers, Book Two of the trilogy, Kaufman’s readers meet Katherine Kelly, a budding journalist driven to find the truth.  As she investigates bank fraud in Long Island, she discovers the identity of her father, only to learn that he is being drawn into her investigation.  Too soon, she learns the agony and price of the truth she seeks.

In The Conciliators, the conclusion of The Collectibles Trilogy, Preston Wilson’s life is once again imploding – this time as headline news, bylined by Katherine Kelly.  Under fire thanks to the financial shenanigans of a longtime friend, the CEO finds himself in trouble with the FBI, the Russian mafia, and his creditors.  If he doesn’t come up with a plan – and quickly – he could lose everything and find himself, his wife, and his shareholders in prison.  Inspired by Joe Hart’s life lessons, Preston sets a new course, vowing to fight for what matters most:  his family, his friends, and the Collectibles.

Cancer Rising

by Lucas Sarcona

A young man born and raised in Brooklyn, New York leaves home following the Vietnam War, travelling across 1960’s America in search of his brother and a new life in California.

The Young Miner: Tom Nelson in California

by Jr. Horatio Alger

If you’ve ever used the phrase “rags to riches,” you owe that to Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1899), who popularized the idea through his fictional writings that also served as a theme for the way America viewed itself as a country. Alger’s works about poor boys rising to better living conditions through hard work, determination, courage, honesty, and morals was popular with both adults and younger readers.

Alger’s writings happened to correspond with America’s Gilded Age, a time of increasing prosperity in a nation rebuilding from the Civil War. His lifelong theme of rags to riches continued to gain popularity but has gradually lessened since the 1920s. Still, readers today often come across Ragged Dick and stories like it in school.

Why Can’t I Tell You?

by Jimmy Simmons Damien Tucker Stanley Justin

Fresh, lyrical and unique. A short collection of 23 poems about love and heartbreak written by three young men.

This work uncovers how men experience intimate relationships and the emotions they often find difficult to express are explored by the authors.

Topics in the work include: falling in love, unrequited love, marriage and heartbreak!

A entertaining and romantic work of contemporary YA American poetry.

Highlights from inside:

“Because when we are together

In words

In thought

I can weather the coming winter” Amour by Damien Tucker

“I’m holding chemistry in the palm of my hand” Shown by Jimmy Simmons

How I Grew Up (The Carousel Trilogy, Book One)

by Susan Moore Jordan

How I Grew Up is Book One in “The Carousel Trilogy,” stories of three friends whose lives were changed by one event when they were high school students.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone.” The words from that song in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel held an especially poignant meaning for Melanie Stewart, who went on stage in the leading role of Julie Jordan mere weeks after her parents were victims of a senseless murder, perpetrated by her own sister’s troubled husband. She was just eighteen, a high school senior who dreamed of Hollywood stardom and her first real kiss. With the support of her two older sisters, who had problems of their own to deal with in the lingering aftermath of the horror, and her good friends, Mel auditioned for her high school’s spring musical the week after her parent’s funeral. Rehearsals for the production began almost immediately. In the weeks leading up to the performance, Melanie learning she was stronger than she knew and being involved in the show helped her begin to heal. The story takes place in small-town America in the nineteen fifties.

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