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How Liberals are destroying the white race.

by Rick Davis

Liberalism is Marxism. It is at heart anti-Christ. It is against anything wholesome, from strong God fearing people and morals, to love of country. It is a party of anal control freaks that seek to destroy America and especially the white race.

New US Constitution: For the next stage of the US

by S.A. Kader

We have miscellaneous leaders from all walks of our life. There are leaders who contribute greater developmental factors in health, education, defense, and economics through heading our family, company, society, city, state, and country. Any institution, whether a family (a small institution) or a country (a big institution), must have a strong leader in order to lead and develop the institution with open-minded, proactive, organized, creative, and flexible leadership.

However, in the history of the world, we the people of the world never had any international leader for the development of the entire world (a very big institution). Having an international leader is the most important aspect in the next developmental stage of human race as the world needs to flourish in every sector concurrently because people from several developing and underdeveloped countries are not enjoying modernized developments in all sorts of sectors simultaneously. Moreover, the countries without good governance misuse development and relief funds from the UNDP because they do not have well-planned corruption-free administration and infrastructure.

Therefore, a president from an extremely powerful country deserves to be a better international leader so that he can uproot illiteracy, poverty, corruption, separatism, terrorism, and fundamentalism of the world completely. It is obvious that the US President can be an ultimate global leader as the significant role of the US in contributing policies, expertise as well as funds to developing countries for a long time is the greatest service in the world.

In the history of the world, no country ever contributed global services (academic, financial, technological, and political services) like that of the US, because professionals in the US have well-experienced professional backgrounds in health, agriculture, education, finance, social protection, and labor standards, and they are professionally capable to focus on problem-solving elements in several areas such as agriculture, education, public health, infrastructure, and urban planning.

From individuals to governments of several developing countries, the US dedicates its services through miscellaneous institutions directly and indirectly to everyone without any barrier regardless of color, race, country, age, religion, language, and profession. Hence, the US shall be highly competent to contribute some more services to the entire world, if the US President becomes a global leader authoritatively. As the existing US constitution does not consist of direct constitutional features in contributing services to the entire world, I have conceptualized several constitutional aspects in this new constitution in order to indicate how the US can play a better world leader.

Moreover, as the existing US constitution was written more than two hundred years ago, this new constitution has been written in order to fulfill the modern needs and rights of the US citizens. Hope this new US constitution can entirely change the world in politics, defense, education, science & technology, and economics.

Narrative Madness

by Ronald B. Richardson

Our stories have driven us mad. Like Don Quixote, we wander lost through clouds of story. Narrative language influences how we perceive the world and, therefore, how we live our lives. Examining various definitions of narrative and tracing a conjectural history of storytelling, this book shows how various aspects of narrative affect our thought and behavior. Everything we can refer to is fiction, yet fiction has material existence and is therefore real. Rather than separating us from the world as a “filter,” narrative is the primary way we understand and construct the world, community, and self.

Dr. Michael Krasny, talk show host for KQED wrote, “Although I hesitate to use the word, it is, on the whole, a brilliant work.” Dr. Geoffrey Green, Executive Editor of Critique said, “Thoroughly innovative […] insightful, provocative, and, in the best sense of the word, scholarly.”

“The writing is lively and at times quite amusing-a blessed relief from dreary academic prose,” wrote Dr. Robert Alter, author of Partial Magic: The Novel as Self-Conscious Genre, “The fundamental argument that Don Quixote is no madder than the rest of us but rather an exemplar of our condition as language-using, storytelling creatures is quite persuasive.”

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