Free travel Kindle books for 19 Dec 15

Romania: Complete tourist’s guide: Part 2

by Daniel B. Smith

This book (Part 2) addresses tourists and people who want to know more information about Romania. The guide is organized into 27 main chapters, each presenting corresponding county. This book teaches you general knowledge about traveling and will get you familiar with Romanian cuisine. Inside every chapter, you will find the main tourist sights but there are many to be discovered by yourself.

You will find information about the main tourist attractions, pictures, accommodations, routes and plenty of useful tips in your journey.

I wish you a successful holiday!


by Tolu Kareem

I had been hearing lots about the city of Warri in Nigeria. It’s a generally held belief in Nigeria that Warri people are very sharp, street smart and tough. Then I recently had the opportunity to go there all the way from Lagos.

The entire stay was fun, turns out they are normal people and they add lots of pepper to their stew. I really enjoyed myself. I shared both the air trip and road trip in this mini book. Have fun as you read.

Get Addicted to Ice cream in Japan: Recommended Japanese ice creams sold by convenience stores and supermarkets

by Hiroshi Satake

This guidebook introduces 20 recommended Japanese ice creams which are sold by convenience stores and supermarkets, everywhere in Japan. However, this guidebook doesn’t cover ice creams which are offered by restaurants or cafes.

Japanese manufacturers of ice cream produce so many kinds of ice creams that we can’t count them all. Probably, some international tourists don’t know Japanese ice cream culture and they’re unique in texture. That’s why this guidebook would like to tell you some of Japanese good ice creams. The ice creams usually cost between 60 and 300 yen, and they are not big in size.

Why not try as many as possible during your travels?

CHEAP TRAVEL ON A COUCH: Your couchsurfing trip advisor

by Theresa Khalil

Theresa Khalil has been a Couchsurfer since 2010. In this book she will guide you on cheap couch traveling. Save hotel / hostel money, get a free guide and make new friends worldwide, discover new activities and events and meet likeminded people. In this book you will discover the concept of Couchsurfing.

You will be guided on a step by step journey to make the most out of the website facilities, which will help you in travelling the world with less money and enrich your life during your trips and even in your homeland.


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