Free fantasy Kindle books for 20 Dec 15

Fate of an Empire (Talurian Empire Trilogy Book 1)

by Jonathan Pasquariello

“You will know darkness. You will see it… feel it… You will breathe it in; the evil that is to come. It is my duty to show you, and it is your fate to learn from it.”

Rurik Kaster is a veteran soldier and a blood-tested, war-hardened champion for his empire. He is a brother and a friend and, once again, going to war for his Emperor, but not any kind he has endured before. His strength and spirit will be tested. His allies will become suspect. His reality will turn upside down.

Fate of an Empire is the first installment in the Talurian Empire Trilogy. The launching series, centering on the warring empire of Talur, a dominant people group on a secluded continent of Ethindriil, driven into a bloodlust war between powers far beyond their comprehension. Follow a courageous soldier, tyrannical general, orphaned druid, warrior prince, ancient mage, and many more characters as they try to make sense of their escalating conflict.

The King in Yellow

by Robert Chambers

The King in Yellow is a collection of short stories involving the occult and supernatural. 4 of the 10 stories are about a mysterious play called “The King in Yellow” that makes people lose their minds. Chambers’ work is considered a supernatural classic that influenced the later works of renowned horrorcore writer H.P. Lovecraft.

TAL BRAK (The Lamia Book 3)

by S.J. Bach

Tal Brak is an enemy that has the power to destroy the new found hope of the Lamia Race. He leads their enemies but appears to have more of a vendetta against the royal bloods. He vows to destroy them all to successfully terminate the Lamia Race. He manages to take someone close to their heart, and the Lamia Praesul strikes back but is unsuccessful in destroying him. She has been told that power alone will not defeat Tal Brak, so she must search for another way to stop him. Her worst fear is that the Silent Ones will side with Tal Brak. She does not know that Tal Brak has ancient secrets and knowledge that could harm them all. Olivia must once again try to protect her kind and humankind from an unknown and tremendous power. They had just been offered hope, but now they are in more danger than ever before.

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