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Cozy Mystery: Shoes and Baby: Shoes Shop Fashion Cozy Mystery (Cozy Mystery, Shoes, Detective, Woman Sleuth, Baby, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Clara Morgan had it all, or so she thought. Her own home, a car, and her own business were all Clara had ever dreamed of. Then one day she finds a baby on her shop step and her entire world changes. Who is the child’s mother and why did she choose Clara? As Clara takes the baby in and works with the police she starts to uncover clues to the baby’s origins but with every new clue the threat of danger increases.

Clara finally discovers who baby Selena’s mother is but the girl refuses to cooperate with her. Clara knows the girl is hiding something and Clara is determined to get it out of her. The first clue is a bracelet found on Selena when Clara takes her in. But how did a girl from one of the poorest parts of the city get such an expensive bracelet and what is the danger that makes the girl so afraid for her and Selena’s life? As Clara delves deeper into the girl’s story she uncovers the hard realities of the girl’s life and has to make some choices of her own, including what to do with baby Selena who she’s grown to cherish. Clara knew that caring for the foundling would prove joyous but hard, but she had no idea just how hard that decision would be.

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Cozy Mystery: Dye No More: Hair Salon Cozy Mystery (Cozy Mystery, Cove, Murder, Mystery, Death, Craft, Women Sleuth, Detective, Suspense, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Things seem sweet for Carly; she’s head stylist at her own beauty salon, she has great friends, a great career – and a great new hair color. Only problem is, no one else seems to appreciate her bright purple hair style quite as much as she does. That’s the problem with small towns. Individuals stick out. At least Carly has her shop, Curl Up & Dye, and her best friend, Hans.

Until, that is; disaster strikes. One of Carly’s customers is dead. A carnival is in town, and one of the workers, a girl named Ruby, came into Curl Up & Dye for a new bright pink hair color. And ended up curled up and dead. Did Carly’s hair dye cause an allergic reaction that killed the girl? Was Hans’ carelessness to blame? Or do the answers lie at the carnival? Carly, determined to clear her and her best friend’s name, sets off to find out.

Day One: A Novella

by Jennifer Arnett

John and Jane Strong’s sailing adventure is cut short when their boat capsizes somewhere off the Cook Islands. They arrive on a deserted island with nothing more than a raft and a medical kit.

Paradise quickly turns into a prison as the pair struggles against sun, sea, and starvation. A once strong marriage suffers as their differences become an ocean-wide chasm. John focuses all of his attention on being saved while Jane adds a feminine touch to the dirty art of survival.

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