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The Magic of Esmerelda

by Khristin Wierman

Meet Esmerelda!! She is a little girl who seems to conjure magic wherever she goes. Esmerelda’s magic is special, yet it is something we are all capable of creating – it’s simply kindness, compassion and the desire to help others. Through Esmerelda’s example, children learn how our everyday actions can have a profound impact on our friendships and the world around us.

“Monday” is the first of the seven-part Esmerelda picture book series. On Monday, Esmerelda is able to practice kindness and compassion at school. She teaches her friends a little bit about sharing and makes a new friend along the way.

Most appropriate for:

*Ages 3 – 5

*Preparing for friendship and school life

*Bedtime stories with a lesson

*Learning kindness and compassion

*Learning to share

Books for Kids: Akira Awesome Adventure: Illustration Book (kids books Ages 3-8): Bedtime Stories For Kids, Children’s Books, beginner reader books

by Jeffy Jone

Books for Kids: Akira Awesome Adventure

When Akira and her brother Ebo go sailing down the Nile, they’re bound to encounter some cool things. But when Ebo is normally on his phone, will he be able to actually enjoy the trip?

Parents, this book is designed to show your child that there are a lot of neat things, and that you can only experience them by going outside to play. It’s designed to encourage kids to go out and play and explore, and to learn to appreciate all that nature has to offer when they do it.

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Children will enjoy not only looking at the beautiful colored cartoon photos but children can practice their reading skills with this book. Beginning and early readers can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment. This story is great for a quick bedtime story and to be read aloud with friends and family.Your child will love this story full of imagination for children.

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Animals Taught Me That: Life lessons learned from animals

by kim bloomer

Animals Taught Me That is an encouraging memoir and detailed account of how the author learned and continues to learn all the most important lessons life has for us through the love and friendship of God’s animal kingdom.

Teeny Weeny Yogini: Journey Through the Senses

by selena kipnis

Teeny Weeny Yogini goes on a meditational journey through the senses.

The Icelandic Yule Lads

by Ken Barr

The Yule Lads have been around for many years, their story unchanged. They are a major part of the holiday season in Iceland. What I have done here is to reinterpret them, through the eyes of an outsider, and to modernize them, just a little. With my original text polished by Editor Jose M. Tirado, the Yule Lads are brought to life with all new, all original illustrations by Danya Esposito. Soon to be a holiday classic…

How to draw: little stories characters: little stories special edition

How to draw: little stories characters

very easy to learn how to draw, a step by step method.

Hear Them Tell You, ‘No’.

by Rylie James

As you grow, you’ll hear people say that some things are impossible. They’ll say that some dreams can never come true.

They’re wrong.

Nothing is impossible and anything can happen. Adults that think differently have simply forgotten their magic.

Never forget yours.

the delusion of the mind

by Anatoli Gradinarov

Our actions and the way we perceive the world are narrowly limited from the information in our head. This information includes everything from who we are, what world we live in, to how to react in certain situations. We know right and wrong based on limited personal information, given to us by our personal surrounding world and the people in it. We are territorial animals and perceive things refracted through our territory, which includes our information. That, which separates us from other territorial animals is our analytical mind, which gives us the opportunity to analyze things as good and bad for us.


by King Macachor

Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition to find the Spice islands comes alive in this historical novel. You’ll love Jonas Martin, a twenty one year old stow-away, who portrays the principal character. He suffers monotony, disease and hunger until he finds his, Ilang-ilang, a beautiful princess in Sugbo. She was his fortune.

Santa Loves Children Who Eat Fruits And Obey Their Parents

by Betty Smith

Beautiful Christmas Story: “Santa Loves Children Who Eat Fruits And Obey Their Parents”

Slater (Hengist-People of the Horse Book 4)

by Jacky Gray

Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. Although his father is responsible for Aveburgh henge, Slater is more interested in learning about the ceremonies held amongst the stones.

Torn from a solstice celebration into a real-life nightmare, Slater’s talent for reading ley lines upsets dark forces.

Ancient magic pulls him back in time to reveal his connection to primeval secrets. There, he is teased by formidable priestesses who teach him the power of earth energies. Slater’s ability to solve problems under pressure is his strongest weapon against terrifying shamen who want only one thing from him – his death.

Only Slater knows the prehistoric temples are not built correctly, but what will happen if he interferes in the past?

Stegosaurus Ate Christmas (Cheeky Dinosaurs Book 1)

by Nayomi Fan

â??Stegosaurus ate Christmas’ is a funny story of a cheeky dinosaur. It is filled with fun, loving colourful dinosaur friends. All the mini dinosaur fans will enjoy this little incident happened during a snowy Christmas time in dino world. It is an ideal bedtime story book for sleepy dinosaurs. This story is aimed at the age 3 to 4. In this holiday season, why not read a happy dino story to your mini dinosaur.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Mission Impossible

by Kassandra S. Katz

A Fantasy Fairy Tale / Teen & Young Adult Adventure

Little Red Riding Hood is in a bad mood, because

a) her name is a disgrace,

b) she toils from dawn to dusk on her father’s farm,

c) her mother is in prison.

To change anything about these dire circumstances seems impossible. Then she meets a True Wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood gets swept up in the struggle against the evil Queen.

The Beginning:

“Get up, Little Red Riding Hood, and feed the chickens!”

I stay in bed. I have no desire to get up, to feed the chickens, to work on Father’s farm any longer, and I am also sick of being called Little Red Riding Hood.

I would rather be a warrior, the best and most feared swordswoman in the whole country. Little Red Riding Hood – avenger of widows and orphans! The glorious fist of justice!

Drat! That stupid name ruins it all.

Zora. That would be a good name, promising swords and adventures.

“Don’t dawdle any longer, Little Red Riding Hood!” Father shouts.

“Coming!” I jump out of bed, get dressed and hurry down the stairs into the kitchen. Father sits at the table, glowering at me.    “Morning,” I murmur and rush out of the door before he starts showering me with insults. Reaching the henhouse, I start my daily work: collecting eggs, raking up the droppings and spreading chicken feed. Actually, I like the chickens, the way they cackle and stumble over one another getting to the grains, as if they hadn’t had anything to eat in ages. It just annoys me that they belong to Father.

“Where are you?” Father calls. “It’s time to milk the cows and drive them out to pasture!”

I walk over to the house, where Father stands in front of the door, waiting for me. I hand him the basket with the eggs. “That’s all?” he asks, frowning.

“I’ve looked everywhere! Really!” I defend myself.

Murmuring something about lazy hens, he hobbles back inside. Like every other morning, I wait for him instead of leaving this place once and for all.

I have tried that.

When he comes back, I follow him to the cowshed, grab the milking stool and the bucket, and begin to work. Everything made of milk is delicious: cream, butter, cheese. Thinking about it makes me hungry, but we have to milk all the cows and stow all the milk churns on the horse cart before I will be allowed to make breakfast.

It has been like this every single day since Mother left. She used to make breakfast and bake bread and pancakes for me. She used to take me in her arms before sending me off to school.

“You’re daydreaming again!” Father shouts. “Hurry up! The milk will turn sour in the udder if you carry on like this!”

“Yes, Father!” I reply and continue to milk.

Finally, Father leaves, heading for the butter churn. I watch him go, wishing he would never return. I wish for this every day, hitherto with no effect; he hasn’t been struck by lightning, neither has he stumbled across cutthroats. No wild animals have shied the horse, overturning the cart and breaking his neck. None of this has happened yet, but I don’t give up hope. I turn around and go back to the house. If the bread isn’t baked and the house cleaned when he returns, he will beat me again.

Milking, mucking out, cleaning, cooking, baking, scrubbing, picking, weeding, harvesting. Work on the farm never ends.

The work isn’t half as bad as eating dinner with Father.

It would be easier to bear if he were mute. I imagine him opening his mouth and not being able to utter a single sound, trying again and again until his face turns as red as fire, until all the mean words lace up his neck and choke him. With this happy thought in my mind, I cut myself a piece of cheese.

“You’re a bad girl, but the hard work will teach you to be obedient. Who knows? If you try hard, I might even find a husband for you one day,” Father says.

“Yes, Father,” I reply and take a big bite.

“You’ll be grateful to me, mark my words.”

“Sure, Father,” I murmur, chewing on.

Book for kids : Triceratops Don’t Eat Vegetables: (Children’s Picture Book, Good Dinosaurs stories for Kids, Eat Fruits and Vegetables, Health and Exercise ) (The Little Dinosaurs 2)

by Amma Lee

*** FREE For Kindle UNLIMITED ***

Triceratops Don’t Eat Vegetables is a story about Tops, a dinosaur who eats snacks instead of vegetables. He grows so big that he can’t go outside of his house to play with his friends. Tops starts to exercise and eat healthy food and soon he can play again with his friends.

Triceratops Don’t Eat Vegetables is a story that will help children understand the importance of eating healthy food.

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and is enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is a fun and beautifully illustrated book with a happy ending that all readers will enjoy. This is a charming children’s story that is sure to become a favorite.

Tess and Her Talking Kittens: Tess Wants a New Bike

by L.H. Hill

That’s right … For a limited time, you can download a Free Audiobook of “Tess and Her Talking Kittens: We Can Cheer You Up, Tess!” (Book 1 in the series) with your purchase of this ebook. “Tess and Her Talking Kittens: Tess Wants a New Bike” is Book 2 in this series.

In this second book of the series, Tess, Otis, Bat Girl, Toyger, and Gizmo are back for another adventure. This time, Tess wants a new bicycle, but she isn’t sure if her parents will agree. When she presents the idea to them, they tell her she must earn part of the money by doing some chores. So, Tess decides to ask her talking kittens to help her. They all pitch in to get the chores done, and they have some fun while they work. This is a great book for kids 4-10 who love cats. Adult cat lovers will love it too!


by Anatoli Gradinarov

One of my favorite spiritual stories is the one about the fly, which keeps bumping into the glass, while trying to fly out of the window. The more effort it invests, the closer it gets to its fatal end. Only a meter away there is an open window, which can lead it to salvation, but the fly, trapped in its own nature, can’t even notice it.

From human perspective flies are lower beings, and people rarely acknowledge that they face similar challenges in their own lives: bumping in the proverbial glass, trying to achieve success, but only gaining sadness, anger, loneliness, and all kinds of misfortune.

What in our nature leads us to unhappiness?

25 Meals To Eat Your Way to Clear, Healthy Skin & Clear Acne: Help your acne using foods.

by Neil Spencer

The expression “you are what you eat” may be more accurate than you think. There are many factors that contribute to the clear, glowing, blemish-free skin everyone strives for (including genetics). Some foodsâ??depending on their vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant contentâ??can actually help promote healthy skin. I have searched for meals that contain two or more foods with properties known to protect or repair skin. (But keep in mind; though studies suggest certain foods can protect our skin or repair damage, they’re not a substitute for preventative measures like sunscreen.) From quinoa for breakfast to lots of dark chocolate for dessert, here are 25 ways to eat your way to better skin and help your acne.

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