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Brushed Away (Benny James Mystery Book 3)

by Jason Deas

When a bloody painting is found hanging on a café wall, Benny James is summoned by the local police department. As a retired FBI detective now working as a private investigator, he remains a major player when it comes to peculiar murder scenes and cracking clues.

Tracking down the killer with Officer Vernon Kearns, the partners find bizarre art pieces that lead them to discarded bodies. As the list of suspects grows, a couple of artists living in a broken down plantation house piques their interest. One of the artists has the odd habit of taking on the personalities of others. The other has a secret she is desperately trying to hide.

Vernon’s detective skills mature as he and Benny rendezvous with another eccentric cast of characters, new and old. For the small town in Georgia this may be the most important case of Benny’s life as the town teeters on fear’s edge.

Cozy Mystery: Murder Book Club: Cozy Mystery Short Story (Book Club, Detective, Woman Sleuth, Murder, Cozy Mystery)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Susan’s book club reads mystery books all the time, but this time they aren’t just reading about it, they are living it when Laura dies the same way the main character in the book did. Carbon Monoxide poisoning might be common, but Susan does not like the coincidence and refuses to believe it is accidental the way the police think it is.

Butting heads with Detective Mason, Susan is determined to find out the truth and together with her beloved dog Toby she sets out to find it. Will Susan be able to find out what truly happened, and whether it was murder or an accident, or will the fact that she can’t remember the night herself get in the way of the truth? Will Toby be able to help her, despite the fact that he can’t talk?

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Cozy Mystery: Bake Off (Cozy Mystery, Woman Sleuth, Detective, Murder, Culinary, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Suzanna has always dreamed of more. For years, she’s wanted to move to the big city and open a tearoom with her family cookie recipes and proper Southern sweet tea. And finally, it’s all in reachâ??in two weeks, she’ll be heading to Savannah to meet with a potential business partner.

There’s just one small problem: she’s been framed for murder.

No matter how Suzanna pleads her case, the fact is that she and Joel Smith were arch-rivals pretty much from kindergarten onward. Joel pulled her hair, copied her homework, and later, at a school competition, took the cookies she’d baked and passed them off as his own. Charming and handsome, Joel was everyone’s favorite. And now, he’s missing and an anonymous tip has said that Suzanna was seen pushing him into the river. If Suzanna can’t prove it wasn’t her, she’ll be locked up and her dreams will be gone forever. But there are no leads other than herâ?¦

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Cozy Mystery: Dead at Party: Cozy Mystery Short Story (Woman Sleuth, Detective, Murder, Party, Mystery)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Mrs. Baker invited the whole of Tinsel town to her birthday party. She’s turning forty and she wanted everybody to come celebrate with her. Her close friends Mrs. Winnie, Poly and Mon attended. Even Susan and Peter came together with their partners. Stephanie was also there to witness the event. A lot of visitors came. The crowd was annihilating the place, and Mrs. Baker couldn’t feel more flattered to know that many remembered her on her birthday. She was even more ecstatic after seeing the gifts. Many gave extravagant gifts to her but her favorite among her gifts were yellow corn flowers she got from Crane. She then asked herself, “Why would Crane give her these when it’s not even the season of corn flowers?”

While Mrs. Winnie was busy feeding her Joey, Inspector Mikee and Jack arrived to join the party. The party was going well, the crowd was dancing to the music, some were singing and chatting with one another, and others were eating food. They seemed very happy.

“Wow, this day is very blessed. I’m very thankful with everything,” Mrs. Baker uttered.

The only thing missing was her daughter, Jenny. Yes, Jenny is Mrs. Baker’s only daughter. Jenny left Tinsel town to pursue her career in a different city. Until now, Mrs. Baker has mourned for her comeback. “Is she going to come back tonight just to see me on my birthday?” This is the question Mrs. Baker has grappled with.

“But what are you gonna do?” She asked herself for a little while.

Mrs. Baker’s husband died a year ago and since then, she has felt alone and isolated. A lot of regretful things came into her headâ?¦she should not be thinking about this stuff. She knew she needed air. She needed some time to clear her head.

Mrs. Baker went upstairs to get some medicine as her head was beginning to pound already. One minute passed before a gun from afar exploded with the striking sound “Baang!”

Everybody stopped what they were doing. All eyes quivered upstairs where Mrs. Baker was. Inspector Mikee entered the room only to see Mrs. Baker’s body on the ground.

Is she dead?! Who killed her?

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Cozy Mystery: Crafty Murder (Cozy Mystery, Cove, Woman Sleuth, Murder Mysteries, Detective, Sweet, Cake, Culinary, Craft, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

After her parents died in her teens, Emmeline was adrift, but determined to make something of herself. That was what her parents would have wanted, right? She aced college and went to business school, then moved to her brother’s new town, hoping to settle down. But plans have a way of not working out, and after a few years, Emmeline quit her stable, sensible job to open a tea shop.

Successful and happy for the first time in years, Emmeline thought she had just about everything a girl could want. Who cared if she was pining after her downstairs neighbor, Nick? Who cared if the shop was just barely turning a profit? She got to do a job she loved all day every day. And with the town craft fair coming up, she set her sights on winning the big craft competition.

Onlyâ?¦ Emmeline’s life is about to turn upside down. Because a murderer is lurking in her tiny town, and when they strike at the craft competition, they make sure that the blame falls squarely on Emmeline.

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Murder & The Monkey Band: High Desert Cozy Mystery Series

by Dianne Harman

Seven Time Amazon All Star author with her latest in a brand new cozy mystery series – A High Desert Cozy Mystery Series.

Marty Morgan is a recently divorced antique and art appraiser who moves from the Midwest to live with her sister in High Desert, California, just outside of Palm Springs. Since their early childhood days, her sister has always possessed unexplained psychic abilities that often enable her to predict future events.

An antique appraisal in the home of a recently murdered woman puts Marty at the center of a search for the killer. Who did it? The woman’s son? The well-known collector of antique Meissen china? A professional art and antique thief? The owner of Mai Tai Mama’s Restaurant?

And just what part did the collection of Meissen Monkey Band figurines play in the murder? Detective Jeff Combs is just as determined to develop a relationship with Marty and her dog Duke as he is to solve the crime. Will the psychic abilities of Marty’s sister help her find the killer?

Hit ‘N Run (Under Suspicion Book 1)

by Lori Power

Lorna Tymchuk fights to overcome a past filled with neglect and abuse.

Determined to build a better life, Lorna has climbed the ladder to a successful public relations career one slippery rung at a time. But while on her way to an important meeting, a former lover crashes back into her lifeâ??literallyâ??and she becomes embroiled in a police investigation that threatens everything she’s achieved.

Mitch Morgan doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Mitch has spent five years trying to forget Lorna, only to run into her on his way to an undercover sting operation. Old feelings quickly resurface and passion reignites, but as his investigation unfolds, evidence suggests the woman he’s falling for might have ties to the very criminals he’s after.

When Mitch tugs any thread of his investigation, it seems to lead back to Lorna. Caught between his desire for the strong, curious beauty and the growing suspicions of his superiors, he must choose between trusting his instincts and following regulations.

Lorna finds herself entangled in a web of betrayal.

When she learns the nature of the investigationâ??and her role as a suspected spyâ??Lorna goes to dangerous lengths to clear her name and prove to everyone, including herself, she’s worthy of the handsome, tenacious Mitch. With danger around every corner, Lorna is on the run for her life, but refuses to run from the past any longer.

She can find the evidence she needs, but at what cost?

Mitch now knows her secrets and must find her first and convince her sheâ??and their loveâ??are worth fighting for, before it’s too late.

There Is No Hiding Place


World War 2, 1940. For 76 consecutive nights Adolph Hitler unleashed the fury of his Luftwaffe on Britain’s largest city in a nonstop hail of bombs that had helpless civilians wilting under their blast. Step Green was three weeks old and his sister Tess two years when the Green family of eleven siblings sought refuge from the bombing and in desperation were evacuated from London’s East End and dispatched to sympathetic countries of the British Empire to evade the Fuehrer’s wrath. 77 child evacuees drowned when a German U-boat sank the ocean liner City of Benares on which they travelled. Having been assessed as being too young to travel, Step and Tess were sent to East Anglia to live with an aunt where they were reasonably safe from the war, but never safe from death which lurked in the hedgerows of Poplar Farm. Tess was brutally killed and at twelve years of age Step’s loyalty and love for his sister committed him to a lifetime of retribution during which he travelled the world to satisfy his childhood vow to avenge her death. The killer was punished by the courts, but â??never enough’, said Step who pursued that killer, released under a new identity along his trail of freedom to Auckland New Zealand. It was there Step learned to love and to forgive and begin a new life with a brother he thought had perished in a dramatic action on the high seas. With murder and arson in the headlines of Auckland newspapers it was judged Step Green had administered his own version of justice. Throughout the trial he refused to plead his innocence and was committed to Mt Eden Prison for life. Guilty, or not guilty? You be the judge.

Portside Peril (Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Series Book 2)

by Hope Callaghan

Portside Peril Is Book 2 In The Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Series 
BONUS: Recipe Included! 

Millie Sanders has settled into her new position as assistant cruise director of the Siren of the Seas and is loving every minute of the adventure and excitement. 

A fresh wave of passengers have just boarded, and as the deck party gets into full swing, a frantic cry of man overboard is shouted over the loudspeakers. 

Millie rushes towards the crowd that has gathered on the portside upper deck and watches in horror as the ship’s crew desperately tries to save a young man who has just gone over. 

Onboard investigators believe it’s a clear cut case of vacation suicide, but Millie isn’t convinced. Her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers the fiancé of the poor deceased man received a threatening note. 

The mystery deepens and the list of suspects grows when Millie discovers some of the friends who boarded with the young couple may have had reason to push him over, and that is just the beginning! 

THE UNDERGROUND: Book 1 In the Angel’s Trumpet Vampire Series

by Olive Rose

Meet the young and alluring Angelina, and her loyal partner Hal. A “brother and sister” team who take unwitting, unwanted, and homeless children into a false haven called the Underground.

Victimized and blackmailed into taking the children to this secret sex cave in the Mojave Desert, Angelina is at her wits end on how to put an end to her job. The Underground has been in operation for over twenty years, with the original owner dead and gone. High profile law- makers, and wealthy businessmen have known about, and used the Underground for their depraved sexual fantasies undetected.

The elite and powerful want the business to continue, and Angelia and Hal are in no position to resist. Resigned to their fate, Angelina and Hal take in the children, but secretly give Angel’s Trumpet laced drinks to the children to end their suffering.

Things take a bizarre turn when they happen upon a lost, and mysterious, little girl named Princess, wandering in the desert. Unbeknownst to them, she is a child vampire.

Angelina and Hal intend to make her a part of their shady business, but from the beginning eerie things start to happen that will ultimately shake the core of the Underground and change Angelina, Hal, and the business forever.

What is Angel’s Trumpet?

Is it a trumpet played by an Angel? Is it the music of what rings brilliantly in heaven as part of a symphony of sound? Is it an honorary trumpet given to a talented and gifted musician? It could be, but in The Underground it’s purpose is far more sinister.

Welcome, dear readers, to The Underground: Book 1 of The Angel’s Trumpet Vampire Series. You will be taken on a twisted journey of war and peace featuring child vampires, ghosts, and unimaginable supernatural forces. Read Onto discover more about Angel’s Trumpet and the connection to the Underground.

The Angel’s trumpet is a flowering “nightshade” plant. It is one of seven species of flowering plants of the genus Brugmansia in the family Solanaceae. Their large, fragrant flowers give them their common name of “angel’s trumpets”. These flowers originally received their name, because of their large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped petals ranging from 4-14 inches across attached to silky stalks that can grow up to 20 inches. Angel’s trumpets come in varying shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, green, or red. The flowers are not only beautiful; they also have a strong, pleasing fragrance as well.

However, beyond its natural beauty Angel’s Trumpet is a deadly flower. It is rich in scopolamine and several other toxic chemical agents. Ingested in large amounts the Angel’s trumpet flower causes several reactions in the body. Namely, hallucinations, amnesia, rapid heartbeat, paralysis, and ultimately death.

In the Underground, Angel’s Trumpet is the dried flower, ground into a powder, and given in a drink to the unfortunate children trapped in this false Underground haven. It is given as a gift of death and thereby peace from the abuse the children have endured by depraved men and women. Who is ultimately behind the children being trapped in this Underground lair?Read On!

Authors’ Note: This fiction novel does contain sexual content that may be offensive to some readers, the material is suited for readers 18+ only.

About the Author: My name is Olive Rose. I am a self-published author on Amazon and a writer on Medium. I have a passion for writing, reading, and listening to people tell me their personal stories. Those personal stories have been the best books I’ve never written, until now. In my spare time, I try to save lives by working as a registered nurse in a busy intensive care unit. I love to dance, travel, see live comedy and theatre shows, and sing off key to karaoke.

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Cozy Mystery: Sew Much Trouble: Fashion Boutique Shop Cozy Mystery (Cozy, Mystery, Woman Sleuth, Detective, Suspense, Humor, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Christine Bentley, business owner, mother, and best friend to Bianca and Clara, has what she needs in life and couldn’t ask for more. So she should have been the heir to a fortune, a title, and an estateâ?¦ she’s happy with her profitable dress shop. Then Trevor Williams comes into her life and what should have been little more than a chance meeting turns into a life-changing moment for Christine.

With questions about mysterious steam coming from Trevor’s shop, run-ins that end with Trevor acting like he doesn’t know her, and a failed marriage that made her wary of men, Christine isn’t sure her original instinct about Trevor was right. When an oddly Victorian-dressed couple attack Trevor late one night, Christine’s questions skyrocket but her curiosity has been piqued and she has to know what the bearded man with the man-bun is really up to in his café at night. Is it drugs as Bianca and Clara suspect or is it something even worse?

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Cozy Mystery: Scoop Away: Mystery Short Story (Cozy, Murder, Death, Humor, Comedy, Women Sleuth, Sweet, Culinary, Detective, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

Amber Dearing is living her dream – she’s finally the owner of her own brand new ice cream shop and she’s got the chance to make it a huge success. Everything is riding on the Cow & Moon launch going as planned. With all of Amber’s life savings poured into the business she has no plan B. When, on the day of the official launch, a women drops dead in the middle of store, Amber is not only in danger of losing her business – she is a prime suspect.

Taking matters into her own hands, Amber decides to investigate the case herself. She needs to clear her own name, and she needs to save the business she has worked so hard to start. When she meets Ryan, the cute barista/manager of a competitor’s store, Amber really has to put her instincts to the test. Could Ryan be the one to blame, or is Amber not seeing what is right in front of her nose?

REGENCY MYSTERY ROMANCE: FIRE OF MY PAST: (historical romance; historical suspense; historical mystery) (Fire In My Heart Book 2)

by C. L. Bush

Now that Laurie and Franny are engaged, the need to find out the reason for the fire at Waltham six years ago is more important than ever. So is the need to catch the culprit.

When a new witness comes forward, Laurie returns home to see if he can finally figure out the mystery that has plagued him for so long. One that has also put himself – and his wife to be, Franny – in danger.

With his stepmother and half -brother descending on his townhome prior to his returning home, Franny is left to deal with the rumors they are circulating about Laurie’s past and their reasons for marrying so quickly.

Can the real culprit for the deadly fire be found before Laurie puts himself more at risk? Can Franny sort through the rumors about her new love and hold fast long enough for Laurie to return with answers?

All this and more explored in Fire of My Past: Part Two of the Fire In My Heart Series

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