Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Dec 15

Salt and Sugar: some poems about our emotions and the human condition

by Raj Napal

A collection of 35 poems that dwells into the diverse states of our mind as I ponder over our emotions, whether it be greed, jealousy, hatred, rejection, despair, depression, joy, pretence, vanity, feeling of love or rejection, and other thoughts. Through the poems, I hope to extract meaning from the different manifestations of our emotions. It is like salt and sugar—bitter or sweet!

Because of You

by Machell Rene

“Because of You” is a vivid poetry collection that touches on subjects of family, love, and self. The author writes with an accessible, beautifully simple style that conveys her innermost feelings and desires. From raw emotions about growing up fatherless to the joy of self-discovery, the poems offer universal themes that will resonate with every reader.

Grandma’s Toadstool Pie !: a funny poem based on true events

by Vince Iuliano

When we were very small children, our father took my sister and I to visit an elderly family friend. This sweet older woman invited us into her kitchen for lemonade and butter cookies.

For years after, my sister and I played a little game. We described to each other the imaginary รข??dish’ she had served us – making each re-telling more horrible than the last.

The Thing on your Back: A Collection of Poems

by Gawine Grant

A Heart felt collections of Poems.


by Royston Skipp

Why did I start writing? Well I am not sure, but this book of poetry almost wrote itself. After my first wife died and I had been made redundant certainly I had more time on my hands. I awakend one morning and wrote the title poem Tomorrow in a few minuets. I have no idea where it came from as I was never very good with poetry at school. Then came all the others, plus other books which will follow on this site. Please read and enjoy

SPINning: Because Momentum Matters

by S.E. McKenzie

‘SPINning’ is S.E. McKenzie’s 34th epic poem. ‘SPINning” is a work of fiction which explores the spinning of a true circle.

Verses World: Original Verses for Greetings Cards

by Paula Perro

Funny, sweet and original verses for cards – Christmas, Birthday, Thank You, Valentines and many more.

My Life, My Light: A Poet’s Path

by Ramon Lebron

In this book , Ramon Lebron a.k.a. Big Rezo gives you a part fact and part fiction but inspirational story of struggle, happiness, pain, and trials having to do with his growth in spirituality and life in general.He describes this story in a rhythmic form of poetry called Spoken Hip Hop, which is a mixture of Spoken word, poetry, and Rap.

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