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Prison 101: A Tutorial for the Uninitiated

by Paul L. Martin

During Mr. Martin’s twenty-four years of incarceration, he found hope and encouragement from close friends within and without the prison system and from the writings of Rev. Charles Stanley, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Gerald Schlabach, John Eldredge, and Dr. Howard Zehr, the grandfather of the restorative justice movement, among others. He wrote this book to inform others about the reality of life behind prison walls and how one can not only survive, but thrive in such a negative, hopeless environment.

In this book, Mr. Martin shows that, no matter the circumstances of one’s life, one can choose hope over despair and can find the positive aspects of very negative situations. Even the incarcerated can choose to lead a fruitful, productive life. With God, all things are possible.

Sacred Nonsense: 21 Cherished Enlightenment Myths Debunked

by Kyle Hoobin

Enlightened Masters. Super Heroes. Rock Stars. Saints.

A superiority complex can sometimes be difficult to pinpointâ?¦ if you have a flair for the dramatic.

More often than not, the idea of spiritual enlightenment tends to attract those who are susceptible to charisma and magnetic personalities. Those who are actually ripe for enlightenment however, usually encounter it outside of conventional spiritual circles. The tide seems to be shifting now. It appears that the number of sane people on the planet is growing.

The time has come to level the playing field and put enlightened teachers and teachings back where they belong: right beside you, not above you. Receiving honest enlightened guidance shouldn’t have to be so difficult. If you’ve had suspicions about many of the enlightened teachers you’ve come across, then your intuition is serving you well. Keep listening to that â?? it’s helping you maintain your intelligence and it’s also what will ultimately guide you to freedom.

Something deep inside of you knows that truth need not be professed through tradition and complex spiritual jargon. On some level you know that truth is as close as your right hand and as simple as looking at it.

Let one hypothesis guide you from here on in: Freedom (enlightenment) is possible for you and all the truth that you need to hear can be found inside. You just have to trust it.

This is an epic journey home, to YOUR home. It’s time to stop looking at what direction other people are taking â?? you can’t go with them and they can’t come with you. This is a journey for one, and you my friend are IT.

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Granddad’s Tales: Ten tales of how bad emotions and human weakness can ruin lives

by Raj Napal

A grandfather tells stories to a child that will teach the boy that bad emotions and human weakness that can ruin lives. These stories are from mostly India but also from Africa and Europe. Children will love these wonderful tales and the surprising twist at the end of each story that reveals the great morals.

The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success

by Enck Kanaj

Does your mind seem to race constantly? Do you battle anxiety?

The more deeply we investigate the structure of the universe, the more we discover the extent to which it consists of emptiness. The emptiness is not nothingness; rather, it is pure potentiality, it is infinite, unlimited, and limitless. In a similar way, an empty mind is the source of infinite limitless potential, which can give birth to endless ideas and pathways toward wealth and success.

Whoever can access the wisdom and power of an empty mind will achieve limitless abundance.

The Power of an Empty Mind:The Secret to Wealth and Success is a reflection of the very nature of the deepest level of the universe. Download today and find your peace of mind!

Take advantage of the Universe by considering the other related book Quantum Mystery by Enck Kanaj.

INSTAGRAM: Insider Tips and Secrets on How to Gain Followers and Likes that Work Fast (Instagram Guide- Social Media- Internet Marketing- Instagram for Business- How to Gain Instagram Followers)

by Neo Monefa


Your Definitive Instagram Guide

All You Ever Wanted to Know about The Amazing Instagram App

Have you ever wondered what Instagram is? Why do people use Instagram? How Instagram can benefit you and how you can use this powerful app effectively?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn how to use Instagram this book is for you!

With “Instagram: Insider Tips and Secrets on How to Gain Followers and Likes that Work fast”, you will learn everything you need to know to make the most of the amazing Instagram app.

This book is action packed full of great ideas to help you get the most out of Instagram for your personal or professional use.

What You’ll Learn from “Instagram: Insider Tips and Secrets on How to Gain Followers and Likes that Work Fast”

– What is Instagram?

– How to use Instagram?

– How to get followers on Instagram!

– What is a hashtag anyway?

And much more!

7 Reasons to Buy This Book

-What Instagram is and why you should use it

-Why Instagram might be better than other social media platforms

-Using the basic features such as creating an account, using the newsfeed and editing your profile

-Editing and uploading a photo

-Finding other people to follow

-Using Instagram Video: filming, editing and uploading it to Instagram, good video apps

-Using Instagram direct: sending a personal picture to a selected user

And Much, Much More!

Instagram has over 150 million active users and this number is growing steadily.

‘Instagram: Insider Tips and Secrets on How to Gain Followers and Likes that Work Fast’ is your ultimate guide for the most effective Instagram experience.

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