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Amazon Echo: A Beginners Guide to Amazon Echo and Amazon Prime Membership (Alexa Kit, Amazon Prime, users guide, web services, digital media, Amazon Echo, … Prime and Kindle Lending Library Book 6)

by Anthony Weber

Amazon Echo

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A Beginners Guide to Amazon Echo and Getting All Benefits from Amazon Prime Membership (Alexa Skills Kit, smart devices, Amazon Prime, lending library)

Amazon Echo

A Beginners Guide to Learn Amazon Echo Fast (Amazon Prime, users guide, Alexa skills kit, web services, digital meadia)

The Amazon Echo is a voice-powered personal assistant that was built on the Alexa platform. It allows you to access information such as weather, news, music, audio books, and many more. It can also perform certain actions such as management, automated home interactions, online transactions, and social networking.

Sadly, the Amazon Echo does not include a comprehensive manual to teach you how to maximize its full potential. Hence, the Newbie Guide for Amazon Echo was designed to aid you in getting to know the product and all its features.

Please be aware that all information in this book is currently available on the World Wide Web. The author compiled all these into one book to free you from the hassle of Googling every published information.

This book will introduce you to the following:

  • The Origins of Amazon Echo
  • Basic functions of Amazon Echo
  • Setting up and Using Amazon Echo
  • Advanced Amazon Echo Functionalities
  • Automated Home through Amazon Echo

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

Kindle Unlimited: Get Your Money’s Worth from Amazon Prime (Free books, Free Movie, Prime Music, Free audio, Beginners Guide, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime membership)

Have you ever considered signing up to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited? Are you already a member of one of these schemes but want to learn how to make the most of your membership? If so then look no further than this book, which offers readers first-hand advice on the benefits and pitfalls of Amazon Prime, as well as a comprehensive guide to how to make the most of your membership.

In today’s age it can be a daunting prospect when faced with various different offers, subscriptions and devices to know which will provide the best value for money as well as deliver the most high quality service.

As our lives becoming increasingly technological, and we move towards using electronic devices, we face even more choice. These choices can have a significant impact on our finances, and choosing the best option will avoid the risk of signing up to expensive or hard to break contracts.

This book includes:

  • Introduction
  • The History of Amazon
  • An Overview of Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Prime Music
  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Conclusion

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French: Learn French – Best Guide To Start Talking French Right Now (Street French Book 1)

by Daniel Sanchez

Discover How To Learn French Really Fast

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You’re about to discover one excellent method to start learning French in a really fast way. Since I am a fast learner, I am a native Spanish speaker who learned French during a couple years of classes and applying many great techniques to learn that language really fast and now I will teach you how to start talking French the same way in order to start practicing your French in regular conversations with other French speakers especially if you are totally new with it. In order to ensure quality, this book has been edited by a native French speaker to make sure everything in French is correct and you can take advantage of everything inside the book.

I am going to give you a little trip for many passages where you can get a whole idea of the language and how you can start a good French conversation whether you are in a country where French is the official language or you are next to a French native speaker so you can start practicing your French right away.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Basic Words and Expressions
  • Introducing Yourself and Greetings
  • French Verbs
  • French Phrases
  • Vocabulary

Take action right now to know everything to start talking French right now and have great conversations with native French speakers. Download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Speaking Activities That Don’t Suck: Foolproof Ways to Force Your EFL Students to Produce Enormous Amounts of English (ETX Classroom Guides That Don’t Suck Book 2)

by English Teacher X

One of the most painful aspects of any TEFL job (except of course for the low salaries, terrible prospects, and awful hours) is getting the students to speak.

Far too many teachers exhaust themselves trying to entertain and motivate and gently coax English out of surly, exhausted, or shy students – but yet again English Teacher X, with more than 15 years experience at some of the worst language schools in the world, is here to help.

Here is a book full of clear, succinct, and superbly effective ways to give your students virtually NO CHOICE but to produce HUGE AMOUNTS of English in a variety of classroom situations, all presented with English Teacher X’s usual cynical irreverence,mordant wit, and casual vulgarity and profanity.

From large classes to individuals, from beginners to advanced levels, English Teacher X provides, in this book, a comprehensive set of activities, strategies and tricks to help you deal with even the most uncommunicative and recalcitrant of students.

Among the issues dealt with in this book are:

– how to increase the amount of speaking in grammar / listening / reading activities, and how to maximize speaking in your classes in general

– how to prepare for individual students who don’t want to use a book

– more than 50 short grammar- and topic-based speaking activities that can be done with little or no preparation from the teacher

– how to approach “conversation classes” and how to create lists of questions that will ENSURE that neither you nor the students run out of things to say

and much more!

WARNING! This book contains rude language, crude humor, and a generally bad attitude. Don’t read it if that kind of thing offends you.

Really Yucky Stuff (That’s Gross Volume 2): Weird Facts for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

Children are often entertained by things that are disgusting and absurd. They will regularly seek this kind of material, so it is nice to have books that expose them to this stuff in a harmless fashion. The humorous value is endless, and kids inadvertently learn some science while reading. Ultimately, these publications use shocking images to elicit laughter and education.

Math’s Not Scary: A Guide to Math for the Non-Math Person

by Phil Snow

What would you do if you could finally understand math? Would you go into a different field? Get another job? Get a better job? Feel better about yourself? Pass on the knowledge to your kids? Have a big weight lifted off of your shoulders? The time is now! This 110 page math guide will take you step by step through the concepts that are usually taught in math, algebra, and geometry classes but explained in an easy, non-threatening way. Take that first step by reading a free sample!

Find the Thief: Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning

by Udoka Nkonyeasua

This book is based on, educating and enhancing the intelligent abilities in children to develop right attitude, skills and intelligence and approach to life. It will help parents to learn how to bring up children to give total happiness in life and how to achieve all the love of living together in houses and homes. Thereby enhancing good family relationships and as such enhancing living a very fulfilled and happy life. Achieving the overall goal of having a better society at large. “When I step out on stage in front of thousands of people, I don’t feel that I’m being brave. It can take much more courage to express true feelings to one person. […] In spite of the risks, the courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery. It offers what we all want, the promise of love. “â?? Michael Jackson, Dancing the Dream.

Post an honest review.

Anorexia Support Guide for Worried Mothers: What Every Mother Needs to Know To Help Her Daughter Eat Again & Get Well

by Arielle Hecht

You’re about to get an insiders story about what it really takes to heal anorexia. By getting inside the anorexic mind you learn to make sense of things that look completely irrational. You get to the heart of the matter – and most important of all – you can truly lend a hand that helps your daughter out of her suffering and into a life and future of health and freedom.

Arielle did not train as a psychologist or eating disorder specialist. She doesn’t have a series of framed certificates gathering dust above her desk. What she has is something infinitely more impressive and valuable than certifications and theories.

She is real living proof as one of the few people who actually fully recovered from Anorexia without traditional treatment (which often doesn’t work). She didn’t go to a clinic, she didn’t get put on medication and she didn’t go to an expensive eating disorder recovery facility. She healed from the inside out, through deep contemplation, surrender and a willingness and desire to understand herself and the illness.

She understands anorexia so well, from the inside out, that her advice and guidance can bring light to the problems in ways that those from the outside looking in can only speculate about, like art critics guessing the motives and intentions of the great painters.

Your daughter is an amazing being. She is anorexic for reasons that may not make any sense to you nowâ?¦ but as you read this book you’ll understand her, feel relieved and know how to help her.

This book is not just about her. It’s also about you and your relationship to her. It’s an opportunity for you to bond with her more, love her more and also learn to love yourself more too.

As you bring more love and acceptance into the family unit, everyone experiences healing and greater levels of happiness.

I hope you enjoy this book. I hope it brings you insights, peace and an ability to be that healing presence for your precious child who so needs your love right now.

Wishing you well on this journey.

Much love,

Michael Mackintosh, Author and Spiritual Teacher

Kauai, Hawaii 2014

This book is for mothers ready and willing to understand the inner and outer workings of anorexia, so you may help your daughter to heal. Recovery doesn’t require thousands of dollars, hours of therapy and hospital visits. Recovery requires consciousness and inner transformation in the family unit as a whole, creating a safe and loving container for your daughter to regain her sense of self, worth and love.


This book is for open minded parents whose daughter is anorexic or suffering from an eating disorder

This book is for you if you want to help facilitate your daughter’s healing

This book is for you if you want to understand your daughter


This book is not for parents who only want help from doctors and certified officials

This book is not for parents who want to put their daughter’s recovery in the hands of a clinic and send her off to a retreat center for thousands of dollars, hoping she’ll get better

This book is not for you if you are unwilling to look deeply at yourself, your daughter and your family unit.

May this book serve you and your daughter. May this book be a Light for you.

I Love to Keep My Room Clean (Russian English children book, bilingual children’s books) Russian kids books: esl children’s books,dual language russian (Russian English Bilingual Collection)

by Shelley Admont

Bilingual Childrens Books: I Love to Keep My Room Clean (Dual Language Russian English, ESL kids)

Perfect for kids studying Russian or English as their second language.

Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their toys. Once they finish, they finally have room for more fun and understand how important it is to keep their room clean.

Polly goes Vegetable shopping: Learn vegetable names

by Sujaya Mathews

Join Polly as she goes vegetable shopping. Help children learn names of Vegetable’s with this colourful picture and cartoon based learning tool. Polly helps children identify and learn the names of most common vegetable and some uncommon ones.

See more of Sujaya’s Polly series of books including Italian versions at:

The Big Book of Phrasal Verbs

by Joseph McTaggart

A very large list of phrasal verbs and their meanings

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