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Top 33 Amazing Cake Recipes for Busy People: Bonus 215 Cooking and Cake Recipes Book

by Valeriu Cotet


Cake is a much-loved recipe, enjoyed worldwide by millions today in all its variations from a simple sponge to very complicated chocolate cakes.The richness of cake makes it the perfect dessert, to be eaten as a celebratory treat at birthdays and holidays.

The origins of cakes can be traced back to over 2000 years ago and some of the earliest cakes were made combining flour, eggs, honey, nuts and milk.

If you often times feel uninspired and lacking creative recipe ideas, then this is for you… If you are a home mom, then this is for you… If you enjoy baking, then… this is for you.

It is going to be your companion in the kitchen, helping you by providing 33 cake recipes. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a pro, you will be able to bake the best cake of your life. I promise.

Don’t hesitate, click the buy button and grab yourself a copy.



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Bread and Cake Snacks Box Set: Quick and Easy, Delicious Bread and Cake Recipes for Snack and Dessert (Quick and Easy Baking & Cake Recipes)

by Sherry Morgan

Bread and Cake Snacks Box Set (6 in 1)

Book One: Low Carb Quick Breads: 50 Recipes of Muffins, Biscuits, & Other Delicious Pastries

Inside you will learn recipes for:

– 10 bread recipes

– 1o biscuit recipes

– 10 muffin recipes

– 10 cookie recipes

– 10 other pastries

Once you have learned the recipes in this book, you will get to enjoy your pastries while keeping your weight and health under control!

Book Two: Homemade Pizza Recipes: Over 50 Recipes of Crusty, Cheesy Goodness

You’ll learn the secret to:

– Creating the perfect dough

– Preparing the sauce

– Choosing the right cheeses and toppings

– 50 different pizza ideas to get your creative juices flowing

It is our hope that by the time you finish this small book, you’ll be well on your way to starting your own pizza masterpiece.

Book Three: Crackers, Dips, and Other Snacks: Make Your Own Homemade Snacks and Other Savory Bites

But let us see in more details how this book is going to help you:

– You will receive clear step-by-step indications on how to prepare each recipe

– You will have access to a multitude of snack recipes (with a special category for every taste

– You will find recipes that use regular ingredients (no exotic ingredients that, in most cases, are impossible to find)

– For a better understanding, the recipes will be divided according to the final taste (sweet/ salty/ savory/ veggie/ frozen/, etc.)

– You will find snacks with less than 200 calories for your diet cravings.

What more could you want?

Book Four: The Donut Cookbook: 40 Delicious, Mouth-Watering Donut Recipes That Your Family and Friends Will Love

In this book, you’ll find:

– Over ten recipes of traditional donuts found in the United States.

– Over five recipes from countries across the globe.

– Eight recipes that may not sound like donuts, but they are!

– Six savory donut recipes.

– Six fritter recipes.

– And much more!

Book Five: The Ultimate Crepe Cookbook: 50 Easy to Follow Savory, Gluten-Free Recipes for Everyone

Inside You Will Learn:

– What Gluten-Free Substitutes you can use instead of Wheat Flours or Wheat By-Products

– Easy Gluten-Free Recipes that are Time Friendly

– Several Different Savory Ethnic Crepe Recipes

– How to Make Vegetarian and Vegan Crepes

– Additional Everyday Savory Gluten-Free Crepe Recipes

– Tips, Tricks, and Substitutes for Gluten-Free Crepe Recipes

Book Six: Dump Cakes and Desserts: 33 Easy and Tasty Dump Cake Recipes and Other Desserts

Inside You Will Learn:

– The secret of dump cakes

– Quick and easy cookie recipes

– Recipes for great-tasting nutritious breads that you can eat anytime

– How to make tasty cupcakes

– And Much More

Best Low-Carb Recipes Box Set: Over 200 Dump Dinner, Pressure Cooker, Ketogenic Recipes Plus Your Favorite Cheesecakes and Donuts Made Low Carb (Low Carb Recipes & Weight Loss)

by Julia White

Best Low-Carb Recipes Box Set (6 in 1)

Book One: Low-Carb Cooking for Two: 50 Easy and Healthy Recipes for Busy People

Some of the things you will find in this guidebook include:

– What the low-carb diet is

– Low-carb breakfasts on the go

– Lunches

– Dinner for the couple

– Desserts to die for

Book Two: Cheesecake Recipes: Best Low-Carb Quick and Easy Cheesecake Recipes to Lose Weight with Pleasure

Inside you will learn:

– How you can make low carb versions of cheesecake that are delicious!.

– Easy-to-follow recipes for plain, chocolate, fruit flavored and other specialty cheesecake.

Book Three: Low Carb Donuts: 30 Traditional and Fun Flavored Donut Recipes Made Low Carb Plus Glazing, Frosting and Filling Ideas to Decorate Your Donuts

Inside you will learn:

– Benefits of eating low carb

– Changes you will make when going low carb

– Everything you need to start making low carb donuts

– Traditional donut recipes turned low carb

– Fun donut flavors turned low carb

– How to decorate your donuts while staying low carb

– And Much More

Book Four: Low Carb Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy and Healthy Low Carb Recipes to Dump in and Have Dinner Ready in No Time

You will learn things like:

– Information about a low carb diet

– What a pressure cooker is and how to use it

– Breakfast recipes to get your morning started off on the right foot

– Lunch recipes that will keep you on track at work

– Dinner recipes to bring the whole family together

– Dessert recipes that can help out with any sweet tooth and make it easier to maintain the diet plan.

Book Five: Ketogenic to Go: 40 Low Carb Quick and Easy Brown Bag Lunch Recipes for Busy People on Ketogenic Diet

Inside You Will Learn How to Cook things like:

– Deviled Egg

– Taco Lettuce Cups

– Caramelized Omelet Rolls

– Guacamole Stuffed Pepper

– Cheesy Pcikle Bagel Delight

– Chicken Enchiladas

– Extra Special Cucumber Sandwich

– And Much More

Book Six: Ketogenic Desserts Cookbook: Low Carb Fat Bombs and Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Inside you will learnâ??

– How you can make delicious fat bomb desserts and treats.

– Easy-to-follow recipes for chocolate, fruit-flavored, sweet and savory treats.

You can do it! Make these tasty, and quick recipes and enjoy a dessert with your low carb diet! Eat these decadent treats while burning fat!

Learn the tips and strategies for making a variety of fat bombs!

Download now! Start using these easy, quick recipes to create delicious fat burning meals today!

Bone Broth Reset: 7 Day Program To Increase Energy, Tighten Skin And Lose Up To 5 Pounds A Week!

by David Harris


Are you carrying a few extra pounds that you just can’t seem to shake?

Are you feeling

lethargic, with poor skin that’s prone to breakouts and dryness? Do you want to drop inches off

your waistline effortlessly while enjoying delicious meals? If you answered yes to any of these

questions, then bone broth can surely help you.

Bone broth represents one of the most groundbreaking culinary discoveries that our ancestors

made long in the past. It was found to be so healthful and restorative that you can see it being

used throughout history up to the modern day for all sorts of health reasons. It is in fact the

predecessor to such things as chicken broth which you’ve surely eaten when under the weather

to perk yourself back up.

Embarking on a 7 day bone broth diet plan will allow you to set off on a journey to accomplish all

you’ve ever dreamed of health-wise, including:

� Getting healthy, glowing and blemish-free skin

� Losing up to 5 pounds per week

� Dropping inches off your waist and other troublesome zones

� Eating healthy but delicious foods combined with fasting days

� Sculpting a lean, mean physique to be proud of

� Discovering a whole new you

This revolutionary approach to weight loss and skin health combines the very best of ancient

know-how with the latest in scientific advances in the fields of healthcare, diet and nutrition. With

this book at your side, you’ll begin to understand the steps you can take towards a whole new

you. All you need is a helping hand to start you off and you can take it from there to achieve

everything you’ve desired and more.

AVOCADO? Let Me Explain: Everything you need to know, health benefits, remedies, recipes and more (? Let Me Explain Book 1)

by Pearl Robinson

Though the avocado has been around for thousands of years, it has shot to fame only in the past few decades. The avocado is a super-food. It contains all elements that are required to support and sustain life; it is a meal by itself. Not only that but it also offers a huge array of benefits for health and beauty.

It is intriguing because it is hailed as one vegetable food with the highest fat content. Yet, in the same breath it is recommended for weight loss management. It is intriguing because it can be eaten in any form; raw, ripe, cooked, baked, pureed, blended – and it tastes amazing every time.

There are many things that you would like to know about this wonderful fruit, such as the health benefits it provides, the nutrients it contains, the beauty aids you can make with it and so on. Of course, you have it all on the Net, but having it in one coherent book save time and makes reading the information more interesting.

Sugar Detox: Sugar Detox for Beginners: How to Bust Sugar Cravings, Stop Sugar Addiction, Lose Weight, and Increase Energy in 21 Days with the Sugar Detox Diet – Sugar Free Recipes Included

by Jason Kayne

Reset Your Body with the Sugar Detox Diet

People nowadays consume way too much sugar, which is a big problem. The consequences are obesity, diabetes and other illnesses. By cutting out sugar of your diet, your body can reset. Your sugar cravings stop, you lose weight, and your energy increases.

In Sugar Detox for Beginners you will learn everything you need to know to successfully detox your body, bust sugar cravings, and stop sugar addiction. You’ll be amazed at the number of delicious sugar free recipes you can enjoy.

If you complete the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet you will:

  • Lose weight
  • Have more consistent energy – all day long!
  • Have less stress and anxiety
  • Have a healthier, younger-looking skin
  • Prevent many serious diseases
  • Stop cravings so you can maintain a low-sugar diet after your sugar detox is complete!
  • In Sugar Detox for Beginners you will learn why sugar is so addictive. You’ll find out how your body processes various sugars and how eating too much sugar negatively affects you. With little dedication, time and effort you’ll be able to reset your health and drop pounds quickly. You’ll be amazed by the results!

    Cutting sugar out of your life for 21 days can be hard, but Sugar Detox for Beginners will be there for you with essential advice and support. It explains how to get through rough times. Don’t give up – your body will thank you!

    Download for a limited time for only 2.99$

    Black Kitty’s Culinary Cat Nippies Cook Book

    by M.D. Johnson

    Make no mistake, Black Kitty’s Culinary Cat Nippies Cook Book, is not just for cats. It’s for all lovers of seafood, in a small delicate appetizer form, to include, fish, crab, shrimp and the like. And be not afraid, black cats aren’t bad luck, contrary to superstitious beliefs. I actually learned quite a lot in the kitchen with my master Witch Broom Hilda, she is quite wicked in that kitchen, thus you should check out her cook book: Broom Hilda the Witches’ Wicked Kitchen Cauldron Cook Book, she is a culinary genius with a crock pot.

    Scarey Crow’s Straw Berry Scares Cook Book: Annihilate Your Fruit & Eat It Too, Brought to you by the Man made of Straw Himself…

    by M.D. Johnson

    Scarey Crow at your service to present to you: Scarey Crow’s Straw Berry Scares Cook Book, for all the berry lovers in all their diverse varieties. I must say it’s hard work protecting the berry patch from all those thieving crows, but I get the job done. So naturally for the fruit I protect, I thought it only befitting that I lend you all my favorite berry recipes in a cook book as such. Enjoy!

    Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book

    by M.D. Johnson

    Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book, For Wonderful Wing Varieties that just Keep On Coming, are for those of you, who just can’t get enough Wings. Of course we could only lend recipes for chicken wings, because we need ours. Chickens on the other hand, very rarely, if at all, take flight. I’m not saying they are a useless bird, they do taste good after all, but, I will say, we could better put their wings to use in the kitchen, if they aren’t trying to fly, more so than our wings. A bat without wings, is like a rat without a tail.

    You can create a buffet table with chicken wings galore and we will supply you with an abundance of wing sauce varieties and even seasonings and marinades for the wings to accompany it, and don’t forget the celery sticks and blue cheese and ranch, because we have some spicy ones as well.

    Ziegfried the Zombie’s Good Eats Guide: Your One Stop Shop for No Brainer Recipes

    by M.D. Johnson

    First and foremost I have to say, you have a great and profound brain on your shoulders, for making the most intelligent choice of choosing Ziegfried the Zombie’s Good Eats Guide: Your One Stop Shop for “No Brainer” Recipes. This cook book was named so, for it’s brilliant 2 ingredient recipes, which will not utilize a lot of brain power to make, thankfully. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

    It seems no matter how many brains I consume, I just never have enough brain power longevity to comprehend or maintain even a reasonable thought. That’s why I love this cook book. I promise you will not have to exert a lot of much needed brain power.

    Most of the recipes presented in this book go great with brains, whether raw, fried, baked, broiled, poached, grilled or boiled. We start you out with lovely 2 ingredient adult beverages sure to wet the palate and wash the brains down nicely. Then we present several side dishes to compliment my most favored delectable main course choice: brains, with a couple of main course dishes and last but not least, dessert. (However, you can skip dessert, since brains render a certain sweetness unlike any other, especially the young, tender, juicy ones).

    There is no food like “brain” food. All hail the medulla oblongata!

    Chef Dracula’s Bloody Red Vampire Cook Book

    by M.D. Johnson

    Admittedly, I am the connoisseur of blood, I’ve tasted it all, from O positive to Type A of every animal and homo-sapien array, but over the years, as infinite as they have been, sometimes you have a thirst, or taste rather, for something more, something different, something refreshingly new and diverse. I’ll admit I was a skeptic at first, I mean who isn’t after having a liquid diet of blood for centuries over? But once I saw foods the very color of my number one desire, how could I resist such sustenance?

    The very beauty of the color red, invites masterful cravings in me that could never subsist without being fully quenched, but to eat a cake or even a waffle the color of blood, -well that is nothing short of a miracle. At first I thought it treacherous trickery, that something red did not have the taste of blood, however, I’m open minded, I’ve had to adapt with the times, and I have to admit not only do the recipes in this book have the color red in common, but they are definitely delicious, but don’t take my word for it, by all means, put on your apron and grab your oven mitt and knife, and head for the kitchen. I hope you enjoy my bloody red vampire recipes, they are bloody good! (And they will definitely sweeten and brighten your blood, which I’m all forâ?¦go ahead, eat up! I know later on when you are resting, I will).

    Old World Cookery, Salads & Side Dishes from 100 Years Ago (Black Cat Bibliothèque Book 7)

    by Catrina LaNoir

    If you’re seeking something to serve with the main course of your meal, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 50 different antique recipes for salads and side dishes. All are vintage Victorian, yet simple to prepare and appetizing. Some, in fact, are so easy and delicious, you may decide you don’t need a main course at all.

    The Headless Horseman’s Hauntingly Delicious Delicacies: For A Bite That Will Blow Your Head Off

    by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell

    The Headless Horseman’s Hauntingly Delicious Delicacies, is a cook book that will blow your head off with it’s unusual collaborations of ingredients or its recipes as a whole. We present to you recipes that are oddly delicious and easy to prepare. No worries, we won’t require you to hunt down crickets or buy unusual hard to find ingredients such as cats (such as in Chinese cooking), we make sure the ingredients are delicious and edible. But speaking of cats, you should definitely check out Black Kitty’s Culinary Cat Nippies Cook Book, produced by the Chef Witch, Broom Hilda’s cat. It features great seafood appetizers.

    This cook book, however, features weird combinations that surprisingly taste great together, such as cheese raviolis and honey. But before you assume it’s for pregnant women with weird cravings, we suggest you give it a try, and what better time to launch and try it out than at your Halloween party, where weird and unusual is more than welcome? Your guests will definitely think you’ve lost your head, thus the title: Headless Horseman.

    By the way, if you see a head laying around, let me know. I’m not sure Jack O. Lantern is going to let me borrow him for much longer, he has to endorse his new book: Jack O. Lantern’s Pumpkin Platter Cook Book, (for the pumpkin lover in you), and doesn’t have the time to venture off with me on my every endeavor.

    Jack O. Lantern’s Pumpkin Platter Cook Book: For the Pumpkin Lover in You

    by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell

    Jack O. here, at your service, putting the pump back into pumpkin or should I say the kin back into pump? Either way, my Pumpkin Platter Cook Book will put Pumpkins back on the map for sure.

    There is no other vegetable more celebrated than us after all. We get a whole season to ourselves and grace your tables at Halloween and Thanksgiving. We add spice to your otherwise sullen and boring, flavorless lives. Our scent is irresistible and alluring. We’ve graced many a coffee at Starbucks, and our seeds come in an abundance of flavors at your local gas station and grocer. I won’t even start on the Jack O’ Lantern contests and pumpkin patch fairs and festivals that go on across every county in numerous cities, all about us. So admit it, you owe it to your pumpkin lovin’ self to add my Pumpkin Platter Cook Book to your shelf, whether wooden or digital. I’ll cover everything from Pizza to Pasta to Meatloaf here, with yours truly, the greatest vegetable to ever grace the planet: the pumpkin!

    You know it, I know it, so go ahead and show it, and without further ado, put my pumpkin recipes to use!!!

    Mr. Hoot’s Mystery Food Cook Book: For dishes that lend the question: What (the hell) is this?

    by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell

    Mr. Hoots Mystery Foods Cook Book, For dishes that lend the question: “What (the hell) is this?” is not for the faint of heart, but for those who truly enjoy a good genuine mystery. If you are a culinary connoisseur, who can with one spoonful decipher all the ingredients in a dish, this may actually become a mind boggling puzzle for you. But as owl’s are considered wise, why not take a chance, to boggle your mind and your taste buds with these mystery recipes? You just might just get a Hoot out of it. Otherwise, perhaps you will get a Hoot out of the name or concept of the dish. Some names and recipes are poetic while others are simply harder to mentally digest, but hopefully your appetite will be brave enough to give it a try, after all, doesn’t everyone love a good mystery?

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 1st Edition, Vol. 2

    by Michael Glynn

    The “Mike’s Mighty Meals” series is based on healthy “Mindful Meals” that individuals can prepare for them selves, friends, family and just about any occasion in about 30 minutes or less. Since Mike is big in to eating right while not giving up what you like, he simply added his own twist to the recipes that he has been working with for years now.

    This book was designed with the hope to help folks on the move who typically don’t have hours to complete a great meal. Mike’s goal is to be able to help you find some new dishes that you and your family will enjoy.

    The Mike’s Mighty Meals series has a total of four books:

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 1st Edition Volume 2

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 2nd Edition Volume 2

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 3rd Edition Volume 2

    And coming soon:

    Mike’s Mighty Meals Holiday Edition Volume 2

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 2nd Edition Volume 2

    by Michael Glynn

    The “Mike’s Mighty Meals” series is based on healthy “Mindful Meals” that individuals can prepare for them selves, friends, family and just about any occasion in about 30 minutes or less. Since Mike is big in to eating right while not giving up what you like, he simply added his own twist to the recipes that he has been working with for years now.

    This book was designed with the hope to help folks on the move who typically don’t have hours to complete a great meal. Mike’s goal is to be able to help you find some new dishes that you and your family will enjoy.

    The Mike’s Mighty Meals series has a total of four books so far:

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 1st Edition Volume 2

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 2nd Edition Volume 2

    Mike’s Mighty Meals 3rd Edition Volume 2

    And coming soon:

    Mike’s Mighty Meals Holiday Edition Volume 2

    Gabe the Ghost’s Spookingly Ghoulish Goodies Cook Book

    by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell

    Do you find yourself haunted by desserts? Wrought with regret for not partaking in such sweet decadence, that once past the lips, you fear will hit your hips? Well don’t be. Take it from me, a body-less entity, your body needs sugar or glucose to survive. Why do you think you have these cravings? It’s time you give in, and indulge. I have just the medicine you need, with my cook book of Spookingly Ghoulish Goodies.

    For the health nuts, or those on a diet, I have a couple recipes for you as well. I will furnish you with a few basic recipes and ramp you up with ideas to make these basic recipes Halloween themed desserts. No worries, nothing too complex. This book serves to inspire, and as an added bonus I will offer you the Ultimate Halloween Trail Mix Buffet List, for your Halloween Party guests, as a take home goodie bag treat, with some special inputs from my friends of course.

    Losing Weight the Low-Carb Way: Cookbook with 100 protein-rich recipes, Dinner Recipes, Stir fried Dishes, Vegetarian Dishes, Low Carb Smoothies

    by Peter James

    Find out how to achieve your ideal weight and figure with low carb nutrition, without giving up delicious food

    Do you want to make a lasting change to your figure and form?

    Without starving yourself?

    Avoid the yoyo effect?

    It’s possible with this low carb guide and cookbook

    You’ll find 100 of the best low carb recipes in this guide book. Dinner Recipes, stir fry dishes, vegetarian meals and delicious smoothies.

    What to expect in this book

    Recipes with a maximum of 5 g carbohydrates per dish

    Recipes with maximum 300 calories

    Recipes with high protein content for longer satiety

    Quick Recipes for Any Occasion

    You get a cookbook with 100 delicious recipes for your low carbohydrate life. The cookbook is wonderful for all of us who want something healthy, tasty yet uncomplicated to prepare in the evening after a long day’s work, something low in carbs and low in calories.

    Low Cals and Low Carbs – Perfect for Dinner

    The diverse and easy to prepare recipes all contain nutritional information for your convenience; and none of the recipes have more than 5 g carbs per serving. The meals contain high levels of protein, meaning you’re filled up longer and are therefore ideal for delightful evening meals.

    Knowledgeable and Informative for low carb newbies:

    – what is low carb?

    – how does low carb work?

    – why should you avoid carbs in the evenings?

    – what foods are allowed in the low carb diet?

    – why is low carb so effective?

    – why kind of low carb diets are out there?

    Low Carb Stews: 20 Great-Tasting Low Carb Stew Recipes: (low carbohydrate, high protein, low carbohydrate foods, low carb, low carb cookbook) (How to Lose … Ketogenic Diet to Overcome Belly Fat)

    by Micheal Thomas

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

    Low Carb Stews (FREE Bonus Included)

    20 Great-Tasting Low Carb Stew Recipes

    There is a considerable measure of potential advantages to carb diets which have been decreased. Some of them have been strongly concentrated on, while others have been usually reported among individuals who have lessened the carb in their eating routines. Not everybody will increase every one of these advantages, obviously. Individuals who are sensitive to carbs including insulin safe, metabolic disorder and so forth are prone to get the most advantage.

    In this book “Low Carb Stews: 10 Great-Tasting Low Carb Stew Recipes”, you will get to know about the following things:

    • Significance of low carb diet
    • Potential working of low carb diet
    • Make intake of low carb recipes easy
    • Finger licking stew recipes

    This book is really beneficial for you. Download it now and enjoy the recipes of your favorite stew along with some facts as well.

    Download your E book “Low Carb Stews: 20 Great-Tasting Low Carb Stew Recipes” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

    Christmas – Vegan Cookies, Sweets & Co.: 10 Quick & Homemade Vegan Baking Recipes

    by Andrea Zimmerl

    This book is for the sweet tooth.

    The recipes are vegan, egg-free and milk-free. Some recipes are also gluten-free.

    Author, vegan lifestyle coach and food lover Andrea Zimmerl loves Christmas and Christmas Cookies.

    Additionally she believes that vegan baking is the most amazing way to say ‘I love you’. It will happiness and delicious sweets to the ones you love. Why? Because the most amazing benefit of vegan baking is that children, young and grown up, can lick the dough without getting health troubles!

    Andrea’s #1 Baking Tip:

    Vegan baking: You don’t have to know it all, be a cooking genius, or have special skills to get started. Doing one step after the other you will realize vegan baking is as easy as breathing. Have fun creating tasty sweets.

    Whether you are an experienced baker looking for new inspiration or a newbie trying to figure out how to create tasty vegan cookies and sweets, this book is for you.

    Fat Burning Foods and Recipes: Foods and Recipes That Help to Burn Fat Fast Even While You Are Resting or Sleeping (Fat Burning, Burn Fat Fast, Weight Loss, Lose weight Fast, Belly Fat)

    by Robert Cook

    Fat Burning Foods and Recipes

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

    at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover how to Burn Fat Fast with the Foods and Recipes provided in this book! The Fat Burning Foods and Recipes contains Foods, Recipes, Snacks, Diets and Tips that help to Blast the Fat even while you are resting or sleeping!. The Book is very descriptive in Explaining about the Fat cells in our body first after-which dives down into the Fat-burning foods followed by Recipes then Tips. You can be sure to blast Fat and Feel Fabulous once you follow the information in the Fat Burning Book. It takes great effort to change entirely what you eat everyday but these Fat Burning Foods can be easily added into your daily lifestyle and you will be surprised at how easily you lose Fat Fast!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Digging Through the Fat Facts
    • Eating Your Way to a Slim and Healthy Body
    • Fat-Burning Recipes
    • Boost Your Metabolism
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


    Tags: Fat Burning Foods, Burn Fat Fast, Burn Fat while you Sleep, Burn fat Easy, Fat Burning Recipes, Lose weight Fast, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

    50 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee (The Coffee Scholar Book 1)

    by Dr. David Powers

    Coffee is the closest thing we have to an affordable, non-prescription, readily available wonder drug. There’s so much research out there that the fact you need more coffee in your life is pretty undisputed.
    Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Weight Gain…just about everything is in here. Consider this book a primer for understanding the many ways that coffee can make you more awesome and just maybe make you live forever.

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