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The Master’s Heart: A Short Story

by Annie A. Deborah

A short story inspired by God’s love towards humanity

Cyber Sonnet Card: Winter Solstice Winter’s Breath

by Brian Randolph Wilson

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Card Text:

Winter’s Breath

Your soul can breathe the silence from the night,

Embrace and sculpt the very stuff of awe:

To hope that shines with just your inner light –

And captures vistas: beautiful and raw.

There is a glow that comes with just the stars,

To crystallize those moments we reflect:

On faces met, our friends, and who we are –

So in the morning, we do not forget.

And lest we turn this vision to a dream:

Let face and fingers feel again the cold.

Remember: air is innocent and clean –

And forged with silence, just might heal your soul.

In perfect moments, sacred and profound:

The very air we breathe is holy ground.

Illusions of Love: Poetry Collection (Illusions Trilogy Poetry Collection Book 3)

by Dimitra Georgiou

Illusions are what we have within us!

â??The Illusion is a state of misleading impressions of reality.’

Is Love is an illusion of feelings of love?

I wonder sometimes if love is an illusion. I believe that love is true in my world.

I believe that life is an illusion in itself.

I may be going crazy in my madness but love is a feeling to be understood.

We live in a state of mind that is in the reality our heart.

This journey in my illusion state took me through darkness and light, through screams and silence, to somewhere and nowhere, in this chaos, I found my soul, my spirit and love.

The Illusion Poetry Collection is a part of my life where I was searching for beliefs, love, sanity and internal happiness expressing myself as a way of escaping the reality of life.

I was trying to understand why I exist and how to make My Life a better place with everyone around me to be with my level of love and giving.

My Love became an obsession to find what real desires are.

My illusion is me!

My reality is My Crazy Chaos!

Welcome to Illusion of Love, the third Book in this Poetic Collection.

Why I wrote this poetic collection?

This collection was created to as a visual art in words to understand what illusion is about.

There is emotional craziness. Each of the poems is an expression from the heart.

Understanding your true feelings is how we may express yourselves!

The “Illusions of Love is the Third Poetry Book Collection in the Trilogy of Illusions.

Thank you

Baba Bulleh Shah : The Pearl of Punjab (Muslim Thought Book 1)

by Parvez Anjum

The lyrical poetry of the renowned sufi poet is loved and listened across the Punjabi knowing and speaking regions of the world be it Pakistan, India or else beyond the Eastern and Western Punjab of India and Pakistan.Its message transcends beyond the boundaries and borders of countries.

Poetry Index 3: Twin Flame Souls and the Love Scenarios (Behind the Scenes of Freedom)

by Natural Flowism

Poetry Index 3


Behind the Scenes of Freedom Series

Poems are written as; Scripts divided into Love Scenarios

The Art on the cover is called; Goddesses

Based at

From the collection; The Path of Individualism.

Twin Fame Souls and the Love Scenarios explore; separation, the journey of self-love, and its opposite.

Poetry Index 5: [FORWARD] (Behind the Scenes of Freedom)

by Natural Flowism


Poetry Index began with a feeling of inspiration, that feeling was to select some personal poems, and put them into a book. That â??book’ has now turned into a series of five books!

In this fifth series therapeutic excavation is enabled by the creation of dialogues, devised into a drama, as a means of dealing with trauma, and at times haunting, unwanted, repetitive memories.

Songs of the Philosophers’ Stone

by Jim Heter

The dictionary defines the philosophers’ stone as a sort of catalytic agent the alchemists sought that would be capable of transforming base metals into gold. The alchemists and mystics knew the idea of the philosophers’ stone to be an allegorical reference to a spiritual rather than a physical transformation. It was this spiritual transformation they were really looking for. What they wanted was a method, a procedure, by which they might transform their own spiritual metal into the gold of mystical enlightenment.

The poems in this little book comprise my “mystical enlightenment.”

Poems of The Heart, A River of Love

by Freddie Watts

Poems of the heart is a collection of twenty three poems written from my heart. They may move you they may not, it depends on you and your heart

After the Rubaiyat

by Jim Heter

An adaptation of the form and metaphor of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as rendered by Edward Fitzgerald.

Cyber Sonnet Card: Atheist L

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Promotion “L” will be free 12/21 through 12/25

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Card Text:


Let’s celebrate a day of no “Noel”:

It’s not a double negative, at all.

It’s how to live a life, and live it well.

It’s how our human input – isn’t small.

When there’s no judge or jury in the sky,

Your kindness matters – and you have a voice.

You have to look inside, for reasons why:

There is no goodness – till you make a choice.

So dare to contemplate a life of L,

With love and laughter, living in your head:

You’ll worry less for heaven and for hell,

But strive for human decency, instead.

Behold midwinter, and its longest night:

You need a candle, more than you need “light”.

Cyber Sonnet Card: Christmas Star Bright

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Promotion: “Star Bright” will be free 12/21 through 12/25.

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Card Text:

Star Bright

There’s something kind of wondrous in a star:

That rises far above the winter night;

That shines the light of heaven where we are,

And in the darkness, gives the gift of sight.

It’s not dispassion, nor is it a flame,

But rather – it is beauty, joy and love.

For in its glow, the world is not the same:

It shines with goodness, brought from God above.

And though you walked the world in battered robe,

It seems to me: that you were still that star:

You spoke of kindness, human grace, and hope –

Divinity in space is what we are.

I’ve seen your wonder – and I know your flame:

The star that’s brightest, has another name.

Bardicblogger’s Writing Collection: Short Stories and Poems (The Bardicblogger Collection Book 2)

by Teri Montague

A collection of poetry and short stories – including 100 Words, `She Who Dwells’ Various Poems and `The Mirror Path’.

`Dystopian, political and emotional’


by Yuliya Andreevna Skripchenko

Poetry and Short Stories that communicate across time and culture.

Cyber Sonnet Card: Christmas Santa’s Little Helper

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Promotion: “Santa’s Little Helper” free 12/21 through 12/25.

Introducing Cyber Sonnets – The easy way to send a sonnet.

Card Text:

Santa’s Little Helper

Sometimes, I really miss that big old elf:

Whose heart delights in children, as they play;

Who knows that he loves others – more than self,

And only works, one very special day.

He sees the world as stockings, coal and toys,

And milk and cookies, on a plate of glass;

He sees mankind as only girls and boys,

And thinks the best of strangers, as they pass.

For when you honor Christmas, just one day –

And make the world your business, for a year:

The thoughts of love and kindness – go away,

So keep Kris Kringle close, and keep him dear.

I think of Christmas, and I miss that elf:

Perhaps, I look for something - in myself.

Cyber Sonnet Card: Inspirational Empathy

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Promotion: “Empathy” free 12/21 through 12/25.

Introducing Cyber Sonnets – The easy way to send a sonnet.

Card Text:


There is a gift for caring girls and boys:

Who understand when others might feel pain.

A gift that every mom and dad enjoys.

A gift: it takes an adult to explain.

Sometimes, we know a stranger might be sad –

And understand, ’cause we are often blue.

We see when they are lonely, down or mad,

For sometimes: this is how we’re feeling, too.

And on those days, we need a sense of home –

We feel the pain of others – and we care:

For when we do, we know we’re not alone,

You see – it’s being human, that we share.

The act of love, defines us when we help:

The minds of others, where we find our self.

Cyber Sonnet Card:Inspirational How 2B a Star

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Promotion: “How 2B a Star” free 12/21 through 12/25

Introducing Cyber Sonnets – The easy way to send a sonnet.

Card Text:

How 2B a Star

Lift up a candle toward the nighttime sky:

The fire’s halo might eclipse the stars.

But blow it out, and when light’s echo dies –

The stars are there, like good things always are.

Your soul can be a candle or a flame –

Or like those wondrous fireballs of light:

A stellar furnace, called by other name –

Your perfect beacon, shining through the night.

So live your life, as if you were a star:

Send joy and goodness out into the night.

Make every day: the best of what you are –

Send forth the love, your heart gives off as light.

Behold the fire, show the world your flame:

When good and light and hope become your name.

Different Hearts!: Poetry of a Day!

by BY Natural Flowism

Different Hearts!

Poetry of a Day!

Pages of a Day!

Author Natural Flowism

Explores the influence behind abuse and the legacy that can leave.

Not new from the author who is not afraid to tackle the gritty subjects of child abuse, and the effects of stalking.

We all receive so much inspiration every day, and all too often we just let it all go by.

The dates was the days not to let these pages go by.

A loving and understandable portrayal that anyone who has experienced abuse can relate too.

An easy read for anyone trying to understand,

Dreams, Power, Hope.

by Lauren Carpenter

Never give up on your dreams, believe the power you have within, and always have hope.

Shades of Past

by Lauren Carpenter

I choose love to light the darkness…

Poetry to inspire, strengthen, and love.

Defining Atlas

by Stone Michaels

Colorful collection of poems passing through the heart and soul of our life journey’s darkest and brightest moments, showing that strength, heartache, love, courage, and most importantly sincerity, play an intimate experience to our destiny.

Luny’s misc poems Vol I (Luny’s poems Book 1)

by Luny

This is the first book in a series of 3. These books are filled with misc poems I have written over the years.

Take It Away

by Lauren Carpenter

Poetry of the heart, and mind.

Life. Love. Happiness.

What do you choose?

Fearless Butterflies

by Lauren L Carpenter

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl

Sometimes you lose yourself…and despair is the only world you find. But there’s always hope and a way to find your happiness and your self again.

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