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Avant-Garde: Awakening

by C.K. Stang

Dear Future Orphan and owner of this bed,

What is it that compels usâ?¦that motivates the meaning of our existence? These questions have lingered in the dark forgotten parts of our minds for as long as we have understood one unflinching notion. It’s the statement that we all make at the very moment of our birth. Our first cry is one not only of defiance but also one that stakes our claimâ?¦that we are alive and that we exist.

For me, the question of my existence has never been something I struggled with. Rather it was the source of my existence, the proverbial who and where I came from that left me awake at night since I was found on the steps of the church’s orphanage. And now I’m running out of time. For so many youths; coming of age is something to look forward to but here on Titan’s largest colony, New Horizon, turning eighteen and aging out is terrifying. But not nearly as terrifying as the unknown solar system that faces me beyond the protective dome of New Horizon. I have few choices ahead of me, and some of those choices will be made for me against my will.

I guess what I’m trying to say is have hope. Even when the monsters of New Horizon try to snuff out all the light, find a way to hope. It was the only thing that kept me going in the bleakest of times and while things may seem daunting and overwhelming now just know that one of your own has at least made it beyond this dilapidated cesspool we call home. I hope you find this message when you need it most. It’s a bit of a tradition to leave a letter in your bunk when you age out for future orphans. While we will probably never meet in person at least you will know that there is someone out there who at least shares the same fate as you.

Here’s to hope for the future.

-John (The Runaway Titan)

Former Resident of the First Church of the Stars’ Orphanage

New Horizon, Titan

Avant-Garde: Awakening is the first installment of that three part series that follows the path of an orphan named John as he searched for the answers about his past. Along the way a greater mystery unfolds that has the potential to change everything we know. What happens when the people who have the answers you seek also have ulterior motives that can change the face of humanity and the solar system forever? This hard-hitting, action-packed, violent, space epic is sure to satisfy your suspenseful cravings and delivers a decisive plot that will compel you to continue reading till the very bitter end. C.K.Stang provides a unique and thrilling outlook on a possible future for humanity where we have accomplished so much, expanded so far and yet learned so little.

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Pole Shift: A World Upside Down

by Alexander J Haskins

The first in series of novellas detailing the Parks’ family’s bid for survival after their world is both literally and figuratively flipped upside down. Dan, a family man and floor manager at a local manufacturing plant in Jamestown, New York, has recently discovered his wife was cheating on him. It isn’t until his wife has been living in a hotel for a week that he discovers he had an illegitimate daughter from before their marriage. All just in time for the annual father and son camping trip. That’s when things really heat up for them and everyone else on our little, pale, blue dot.

Platinum Mind

by Philip Hamm

James Stone is captured inside the artificial constellation of Evigone. He claims to have come from a planet called Earth and their worlds are copies of his. They suspect he has been created by a more familiar enemy, re-born to start another hundred years of war.

The Broken Cage (Solstice 31 Saga Book 2)

by Martin Wilsey

The deep space survey ship Ventura entered orbit and was immediately destroyed. Commander James Worthington and his crew were flying escort when the savage attack hit.

With his ship heavily damaged and half of his crew dead Worthington finds refuge on the dark side of this planet’s moon.

Plagued with threats from all around he finds his old friend Barcus and tries to bring the remaining survivors together as a team before time runs out.

This is the second installment of the Solstice 31 Saga.

Stuck On Earth: Little Stories of Misplaced Space

by J. Montoya

A collection of science fiction stories from J. Montoya.

Frontier Zone; Darkwar Prelude.

by Stuart Lynn Sexton

This is a compilation of my first four Frontier Zone books. Taken as a whole, these four books form a story arc leading up to the conflict known as the Darkwar .

Bite-sized Stories: Book 1 & 2

by Elysae Shar

A boxed set containing both John & Other Stories and Winged Tales for a total of sixteen fantasy and science fiction short stories

Winged Tales

Chased by a slobbering beast, a pair of young dragons defies the odds to escape. They use wings, technically too immature to carry them, to find safety out of the beast’s reach, but they aren’t the only thing to take off in this collection of short stories.

Among others, a woman, who forgot to stay dead, has to flee from her former team while suppressing the primitive urges, brought on by her new state of being, and a man realizes that fairies ask very steep prizes for their favors.

John & Other Stories


Blind and bitter, Annis no longer feels any desire for human companionship. The creature in her attic is a different story,though. Despite never having seen him, Annis calls John her friend.

Just Us

Forced into an alliance by circumstances, Black and Red face the bitter cold of a world, where they may well be the only dragons left a live.


When Captain Rull runs out of cinnamon during a mission, he has to find a way to replenish his stock, in a society alien and repulsive to him, before his colleague finds reason to use that knife on him.

The Cup

Breakfast is the torturous delight a cup faces every morning.


Locked away for his crimes, a man starts to manipulate and destroy the world around him using only his mind and dried fruits.

Small Oddities

Unreasonable fears are just that. Unreasonable. Even if the one afraid is an owl.

The Lonely Spy (1+1)

Yolanda is a fugitive from US Justice for breaching national security. She wonders if she will ever get a chance to redeem herself in a foreign country. She contemplates turning herself in and at what cost? Follow Yolanda’s epic journey set in the modern world in this gripping prequel novella to an upcoming novel ‘War Of The Alternate Worlds’

Hitler’s First Lady

by Malcolm Blair-Robinson

Lise Bauer is born in Africa in 1906, brought to England by her parents from where she is expelled with them in 1914, because her father is an East Prussian. They settle in America and become Americans, but return to Europe in the 1920’s. Here Lise is involved in the rise of the Nazi party, marries one of Hitler’s closest associates and later has a relationship with Hitler himself, before divorcing her husband and marrying an English friend of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess. She settles again in England with the consent of the security services and she and her husband establish a cell to act as a secret communication channel between Hitler and Churchill at the critical period of WWII.

The novel offers a new view of Hitler’s sexual relationships, a plot to overthrow Churchill and the flight to Scotland by Rudolf Hess. Using historical characters often portrayed in a new light, this fictional account challenges the accepted view of recorded history. It leaves readers wondering why they were they never told about the double lives and events shrouded in secrecy.

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