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The Devil’s Hand

by Amy Cross

“I felt it last night! I was all alone, and suddenly a hand touched my shoulder!”

The year is 1943. Beacon’s Ash is a private, remote school in the North of England, and all its pupils are fallen girls. Pregnant and unmarried, they have been sent away by their families. For Ivy Jones, a young girl who arrived at the school several months earlier, Beacon’s Ash is a nightmare, and her fears are strengthened when one of her classmates is killed in mysterious circumstances.

Has the ghost of Abigail Cartwright returned to the school? Who or what is responsible for the hand that touches the girls’ shoulders in the dead of night? And is the school’s headmaster Jeremiah Kane just a madman who seeks to cause misery, or is he in fact on the trail of the Devil himself? Soon ghosts are stalking the dark corridors, and Ivy realizes she has to face the evil that lurks in the school’s shadows.

The Devil’s Hand is a horror novel about a girl who seeks the truth about her friend’s death, and about a madman who believes the Devil stalks the school’s corridors in the run-up to Christmas.

The Truly Unfortunate Captivity of Justin Crane

by Riley Michael Fulton

The unsuspecting Justin Crane awakens to find himself as a guest in a mysterious chateau. His host is an enigmatic noble, who seldom reveals himself. Crane quickly discovers his situation to be unraveling, as he suspects to be the focus of a dastardly experiment.

A horrifying first-hand account of one man’s journey into madness and the grotesque, as presented in the form of his personal diary.


by Noah Goldfarb

In the dead of night, the headlights of an old, blue Corolla eat up the pavement of Maine’s mountain roads, carrying in it a man and the love of his life. The lovers sweat out the Maine heat as one, anxiously awaiting their peaceful weekend together. Life is perfect, as it often is for youths in love. Perfect, that is, until the quiet night is interrupted by the shriek from the radio.

Hide and Seek

by Caryn Larrinaga

Agatha isn’t looking forward to Christmas. While other eight-year-olds are hoping for a pile of presents, she just wants her evil stepsisters to leave her alone. Summer and Rain have a cruel idea of what passes for fun, and it always involves tormenting Agatha.

When the three of them get stuck inside their house on Christmas Eve, the twins force Agatha to play a twisted version of Hide and Seek. But they aren’t the only things hiding in the house, and someone is about to get more than they bargained for beneath the tree.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Tradition

by Bradley Poage

Every Christmas the Lawrence family celebrates Christmas with a traditional dinner. It’s the type of tradition that begins on a cold night, many years back, and it has been a tradition that has lived on every year since its creation. And this year its Tiffany’s turn, and it’s no different…

Freak Show

by Chandre Toye


The neon lights and the captivating sounds of the dark carnival beckoned him. Cale Winters became the boy without a face but no one will ever know this. To them, he is just another freak traveling the world. In his head he screams for mercy, a silent plea that will never be heard. Why did he have to follow the funny man with the cigar?


The Dream Catcher’s Daughter

by Steven Fox

They come from his head…

They all want him dead.

A year after his girlfriend commits suicide, Jason faces total erasure of his memories–his people’s punishment for eighteen-year-old’s who can’t perform magic. But on the cusp of his birthday, a giantess, murderous twins, and a blood-sucking hound rise from the shadows of his mind and take physical form: his nightmares have become corporeal beings out for blood.

His only chance of survival lies in the hands of a mysterious flute-girl, who warns that where nightmares crawl, the darkness shall soon follow. And as an age-old threat claws its way back from the bowls of history and myth, Jason wonders if he can fight back the darkness in his own mind, let alone that of an ancient evil.

THE DREAM CATCHER’S DAUGHTER is a thrilling dark fantasy with a pension for strange. Forget a rabbit hole; you’re in for one hell of a train ride.

I Am Trayvon: Race war, social justice, and the end of the American Dream.

Race War, Social Justice, and the End of the American Dream…..

The Phoenix: London 1888 (A Prequel)

by S. K. Gregory

In Victorian London, a killer stalks the streets. He isn’t the only one. Mary attempts to flee the city after uncovering a horrifying secret.

A short story.

The prequel to the upcoming novel – The Phoenix

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