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Views From A Dark Room (1)

by Lynn Renee

She was born on the greener side of the fence. The side where diamond chandeliers hang from vaulted ceilings and personal drivers wait at your beck and call. Christian, wealthy and a staple in the community- everyone knew Colin James and her family. Her dad is a senior Elder in the church, her mom, a debutante and socialite that wined and dined with Hollywood stars, senators, dignitaries, prestigious lawyers and judges. Above all the glitz and fine living, she finds time to exalt God and place Him paramount in her life. She’s loyal to her church although certain devious acts have her questioning if that is where she really belongs. Nevertheless, Colin has everything she wanted, everything she could ask for. But one thing, so powerful so evocative, dare spoil her seemingly perfect life:visions that haunt her every waking moment.

Then walks in Avery; the tall, intimidating and handsome only child of a modest family. He works for every piece of possession he has.There are no rolling green hills or white picket fences where he comes from. He walks with authority and dares anyone to tell him different. A near genius, he is captain of his debate team and top of his class.Getting straight A’s is as innate as his love for science. Avery is the model student and child; his only flaw: he doesn’t believe in God.

These two people with seemingly different natures converge after unfortunate events to find out they are not as different as they thought. They explore that truth is beyond what the eyes can see or what they thought they believed.

Views From A Dark Room is the first book in the series that questions faith, loyalty, belief and the truth.

Fate Defied: The Silent Tempest, Book 3

by E. J. Godwin

Fate Defied, the third book in The Silent Tempest trilogy, follows the heartrending aftermath of Caleb’s quest to find a cure for his son, Warren.

Loyal to Caleb and to her heart, Telai promises to save Warren no matter the cost. But the ancient sorceress Heradnora has returned with a vow of her own: the annihilation of Telai’s race, using Ada’s greatest foe the Hodyn as willing pawns in her insatiable desire for revenge.

While soldiers sharpen swords and tighten bowstrings, Telai must leave Caleb in his bleakest hour to seek an ancient talisman, Ada’s only hope of salvation. Yet the clairvoyance that first drew her to this father and child now whispers a warning.

A woman in love knows where her heart belongs. A great scholar knows where her duty lies.

And they are the bitterest of enemies.

Hope Betrayed: The Silent Tempest, Book 2

by E. J. Godwin

Hope Betrayed, the second book in The Silent Tempest trilogy, follows Caleb’s desperate mission to save his only child, Warren.

With winter fast approaching and Ada’s centuries-old enemy closing in, Caleb has no choice but to return and face the consequences of his betrayal of Ada’s sacred oath. Yet his son is no longer the boy he once knew. Warren’s resentment over his mother’s death on Earth burns deeper each day, until an act of desperate longing begins the tragic fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

Telai seeks Caleb in the wilderness, answering her heart’s call in defiance of her position as Grand Loremaster. Yet a visit from a mysterious stranger triggers a dark vision, and a warning: this child from the stars may be more than he seems.

No one knows the ancient stories more than Telai. And no one knows better what they teach us: Evil never dies … it only sleeps.

Chasing Paradise

by Joel York

“Hop-Along,” an idealistic 24-year-old divorcé living in southern California, finds himself wallowing in misery and self-doubt after a crumbling marriage leaves him broke, jobless and drowning in booze and drugs. He escapes to St. John-a remote Caribbean jewel in the U.S. Virgin Islands-in search of love, forgiveness and life harmony. Along with earning a dubious nickname, his endeavors land him new friends, new confidence, a new ladylove and a glimpse at what “paradise” has to offer. But when Daniel, his best friend and mentor, is brutally murdered, his understandings of life and living are changed forever.

CHASING PARADISE is a fictional novel inspired by real people, places and events that the author experienced while living abroad. A soul-searching tale spiced with island adventure, Hop-Along’s story exposes the shadows of choice-an unflinching glimpse of a man’s search for himself in the surreal darkness of paradise.


by Don Taylor

Four mercenaries are sent into an uncharted tropical location on a “comic opera/beyond belief” black-ops operation to locate the daughter of a revolutionary leader who has a price of 8 million dollars on his head, dead or alive. What follows is a first-hand blow by blow account of their exploits. Are they up to the job? Can they achieve their objective or are the elements and bizarre events conspiring against them? Read on …

Sweeping with God

by Kevin Semeniuk

A journey back to Love.

After his family had suffered their greatest tragedy and all hope was lost, Tyler Hill was soon to find out just how close love really is.

“I was deeply moved by the touching insights and the depth of feeling throughout this enchanting story. I feel spiritually lighter and alive – a must read! Warm and engaging! Excellent!”

– Carol, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“Sweeping with God is a truly touching story about a tender and fragile love. The relationships that the author created are forgiving and thoughtful; it was a story that I was compelled to keep reading. It gave me goosebumps.”

– Amie, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“It gave my heart a feeling of hope and joy, my mind confirmation in the faith I hold so dear, and my soul inspiration.”

– Lachelle, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“A timeless inspiring read. This book opens the mind and heart to the possibilities of life and love. The kindness and compassion in the writing makes this book a Must Read!”

– Barbara, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and beg you not to stop writing; you have a lot of talent and it kept me on the edge of my seat for weeks! Good winter reading!!”

– Shanon, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“I truly can’t begin to describe the feelings I had after reading ‘Sweeping with God’. It was an amazing journey from the first page to the last; my heart was so immersed in the story that I felt everything ‘Tyler’ felt. The author’s words made me feel like the book was written specifically for me; it touched my heart and soul. And most of all, ‘Tyler Hill’ reminded me that the most powerful tool we have here on earth is….LOVE.”

– Kaled, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“This book is an amazing read! Get a copy and open your schedule as it’s tough to put down! Few books have ever tugged on my emotions in the way this story did. I felt a relationship develop with the characters immediately and held on closely until the very last word! I’m impressed with the versatility of the author as I now have 3 of his books!”

– Mark, on ‘Sweeping with God’

“‘Sweeping with God’ lit my heart up with compassion and reminded me that humanity survives through love.”

– Jana, on ‘Sweeping with God’

Girl, Please Stop: Stories From One Girlfriend To Another

by Bestie Jane

Tammy has a very supportive friend, who has her back no matter what. Tammy has found the love of her life, but can’t open her eyes to see what’s right in front of her. When push comes to shove what will Tammy choose? Will she keep her friend in the dark or will she lean on her the support she needs. We all have that friend who we wish would just open up her eyes and learn to tell people to get real. We don’t want to go around telling people, “I told you so”, but sometimes situations cause us to do so.

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