Free parenting and families Kindle books for 22 Dec 15

The Traditional Christmas Gift

by J Jay Ross

Kenneth has a problem. Actually more than one, but things are spinning out of control in his life and he feels like he has no place in the world. A chance encounter makes Kenneth rethink his life, but his encounter comes at a price and he can’t seem to be convinced he must pay that cost – yet. As the holiday approaches he feels even more down than usual, and soon realizes that he may have to choose a path that will change his world forever.

Daddy Goes On a Trip

by William G Bentrim

“Daddy Goes On A Trip” addresses pre-school children and their concerns about parents who travel or are militarily deployed. Children today are often exposed to things that their parents never had to face. Military deployment was practically unknown for a generation. Two income families have become the norm. Kids are often confused and even frightened as to why Daddy or Mommy has to travel. Taking the time to clearly explain can make a world of difference for the child’s emotional and mental stability. Addressing fear and helping children realize they are not the only ones experiencing the disruption of travel and deployment is the goals of the book.

Once again a book was motivated by things I saw around me. A 3 year old climbing into the suitcase her traveling father was packing and telling him she was ready to go, literally brought tears to my eyes. She just couldn’t understand why Daddy wasn’t home all of the time. You have to be made of stone if you don’t well up watching military parents being welcomed home from deployment by their children. Many of those kids have difficulty understanding where or why their parents are gone. I don’t expect this book to be any kind of panacea; I only hope that it provides some of these children some understanding of the world around them.

What About Me?: Well Children With Sick Siblings

by William G Bentrim

A sick or injured child can disrupt the best of families. Parents are frequently so focused on the sick child that well siblings may feel abandoned. In spite of the love they feel for their sibling, a well child may be annoyed with all the attention their sick sibling receives. The well child may feel guilty about their anger or annoyance. Conflicting emotions can overwhelm the healthiest child. This book hopes to demonstrate to the healthy child that their feelings are normal, acceptable and guilt is not necessary. The book also hopes to alleviate any of the well child’s feelings of alienation and loneliness by reassuring them of their parents love.

The Wicked Good Stepmother

by William G Bentrim

Children have many mysteries that they courageously face on a daily basis. One of my goals in writing is to demystify or explain to children the basis for some of the confusing situations in their lives.

Life today seems to have destabilized many of the traditional family matrixes. Divorce, separation and death are not uncommon tribulations that children may face. This book addresses and attempts to alleviate some of the fears that children may have to the introduction of a “new” mother by their father’s remarriage.

Releasing Relationships: A Workbook for Moving On

by Kate Love

Releasing Relationships: A Workbook for Moving On is a thorough, structured, and gentle workbook for letting go of toxic relationships in your life. It works through a process of exercises, reflections, and affirmations.It is a step by step workbook designed to support your fully processing through and past toxic relationships.

Releasing Relationships is a journey of examining and reflecting on the toxic relationship you are ready to let go of.

Have you already separated or split up and you find yourself still struggling in the past when all you want is to be enjoying your present? Even though you’ve already broken it off, somehow you find yourself unable to let go and move on? Do the what-if’s and should-have’s take up space where day-dreams are meant to reside?

Too many of us find ourselves stuck in the past after a break up when what we want is to be free and experiencing joy and bliss in the right here and now. This workbook is for anyone ready to move on, let go and embrace release!

Miscellaneous Writings From The Edge Of The World But Not The End Of Life

by W. M. Dean

Literature a la west Texas style. Only those who enjoy reading will read this.

Baked Nuts: The perfect recipe to make a little boy bun

by Dr. C. K. Blue

Book Summary:

Baked Nuts is a simple, 5 step recipe to put a beautiful bun in the oven, and if you want to choose the gender, follow steps 6 through 9 to add the nuts.

This easy to follow recipe by Dr. Blue is an all natural, no special diet, no calendar tracking, story about life and how to make life. In Baked Nuts, Dr. Blue explains how to create life without anything more than a man and a woman. By understanding where it all begins – the trap – a man can learn how to turn a woman into a broiling oven, ready to cook a bun. Continue the story with the anatomical explanation of the most amazing creature on Earth – the woman – to learn how she holds the key to making that little bun bake.

This book was written by a dad, in a language that men will understand, while women will find hilarious but true. It is simple and the practice is fun. No need to focus on eating specific foods or “p” calendars, this recipe is fun, and it works well. There will never be 100% guarantee, but the Dr. Blue recipe explains the easiest method to choose a gender.

It all boils down to understanding a few simple concepts based on anatomy, physiology, and gravity.

This easily digestible read can be finished in a couple hours with you ready and eager to begin. Be careful because those little buns can be hot coming out of the oven, but they are nothing short of amazing.

Author Bio:

Dr. C.K. Blue is the pen name of a well-known Doctor in Florida. He has examined the inside and outside of countless cadavers, studying and teaching human anatomy and physiology for almost two decades. If he is not working on his latest research project, you can find Dr. Blue spending time with his amazing family, being an avid sports fan, and enjoying the outdoors in the great Florida weather.

Dr. Blue has two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, both a product of his recipe.

Loneliness: 30 Ways to Cope with Loneliness (Lonely, Alone, Aloneness, Being Lonely, Feeling Lonely, Being Alone, Feeling Alone, Feelings of Loneliness, Coping with Loneliness, Deal with Loneliness)

by Rita Chester

These 30 ways to cope with loneliness will help you feel less lonely.

Do you ever feel lonely? Everybody does at some point. It’s completely normal, but it becomes a problem when we dwell on it, when it becomes an agonizing psychological pain. Dealing with loneliness can be tough, so in order to help you, I have put this list of tips together. These ideas can assist you when you are trying to get through a lonely time in your life and eventually overcome it or diminish it significantly. I have applied a lot of these ideas in my own time, so I am hoping they will help you too.

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We Are The People!: A Joyful Photographic Celebration of Our LBGT Community

This book is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Wayne Shepard. His brutal murder in 1998 shocked and saddened our LBGT community. I wanted to do something. Raising my kids on one paycheck, I wasn’t able to do much except pray for his family.

I am a mother of four sons, three heterosexuals and one who is gay. I fear for them all. Because of people like Mrs. Shepard and other LGBT efforts, my fears are lessened. This book is my way of doing the “something” I wish I could have done almost 17 years ago. All proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

The Shepard family’s loss will stay with me forever. I feel a deep empathy for his family. The pain they have endured is unimaginable.

This book is a photographic tribute to his memory. Matthew’s memory was with me with each shot. I watched all the joys and struggles represented in these events, and I thought about all his mother has done for the LGBT Community. I admire the way she turned unimaginable pain into something positive. This is my one small contribution to The Shepard Foundation.

How To Prevent Baby Accidents Around The House: 234 Life saving Tips (Better Safe Than Sorry)

by Melanie Mitchell

There Will Never Be a Chance To Turn The Clock Backwards.

This book contains 234 LIFE SAVING TIPS you MUST know and be aware of!

Get Answers:

  • What’s the first thing to do when you can’t find a child at home? Those valuable seconds can save his/her life!
  • Which toy has killed more babies than any other toy? It may be near your baby right now!
  • Which appliance in the living room has killed hundreds of toddlers? And how you can prevent it totally!
  • What is the 3-4 main reasons which increase the risk of crib death syndrome?

Knowing what other children were fatally injured from is the first step of preventing it from happening to you.

You must get THIS book to reduce the chance for domestic accidents like burns, falls, drowning, crib death (SIDS – Sudden Infants Death Syndrome) and poisoning.

This book was written for parents who want to get life saving tips right NOW with no fluff and sugar on top.

In this book there are 234 FAST, SMART and EFFECTIVE TIPS on proofing the house, kitchen, bathroom, yard and pool.

How to create a safer domestic environment for your baby toddler.

Relationships (2 in 1 Bundle): How to Deal with Controlling People and Dysfunctional Families

by Johnathan H. Bentley

How to Deal With Controlling People and Recover from The Aftermath of Living with A Dysfunctional Family

This 2 in 1 bundle will teach you how to deal with core issues that have been caused or multiplied by manipulative people in your life.

You will learn how to stop being so vulnerable to being controlled emotionally and mentally. You will also learn how to recover from any past issues that might still be affecting you to this day.

I Am Not Listening: (but tell me anyway)

by Author Shonique

In a world of non stop information we all want to scream… I AM NOT LISTENING (but tell me anyway) at some point in our day. With information over load we often shut down, fearing yet the newest onslaught to our fragile inner selves.

Sometimes we just need a friend beside us, someone that gently reminds us of our own personal power. This book is geared toward the adolescent years yet is equally applicable to persons of all ages navigating this busy world of today.

30 days of love letters, beginning our days with a loving conversation soul to soul.

I Am Not Listening (but tell me anyway) attempts to love you, visit with you and be by your side while discussing important topics we rarely seem to find the time to really talk about.

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