Free philosophy Kindle books for 22 Dec 15

Scribal (Self Title Book 1)

by Bruce Troisi

Scribal is a philosophy composition intended to entertain and inspire rather then educate and teach. Lyrics, Diagrams, Sayings, Pictures, and more all can be found within the pages of Scribal. The perfect coffee table book or conversational piece, Scribal makes a great eye opener and attempts to captivate the imagination of the reader.

Secrets to Success: The Spiritual Way of Learning Life and its Secrets

by Dinesh M Babu

It’s important to learn one’s true self, the nature of one’s being, to make success real and easy. Success is even more easier, when one doesn’t upset the nature of things, as they are. Nature helps you along the path to success, if you conform to nature’s dictates. Learn how you can do that through this book!

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