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Access Restricted

by David Rogers

The year is 2199. In this futuristic time there are civil wars evolving all over the world and even here in North America the United States is no longer united, several states have withdraw led literally from the constitution and due to a major earthquake the entire state of California is now under water. The whole state of Florida is now a highly secured prison. The city of Boston, Massachusetts is now the Federal Capital of the U.S federal government, which has rewritten their own rules, and now they have files from the billionaire’s to the low-life street scum. Now, you as a person are no longer judged by who you are you are judged by what you have in order to get to where ever you want to go you must have permission directly from the federal government. The federal government has declared a lock down on the whole North America. â?¨The inner city streets are cluttered with different social classes of people the day people and the night people who come out of the sewers looking for anything that can be eaten, even you over feuding with each other and the federal police. The rural suburbs are now ghost towns and abandoned wastelands destroyed by cyclones, tornadoes and floods. â?¨In this future world, technology has increased, we now can use lasers not only in a surgery procedure. But also in everyday small weapon to large weapon usage, we have manufactured laser pistols, laser rifles, laser tanks and a new breakthrough in technology that we have in this world is a global language translator or “glt” this speakerphone instrument allows you to speak input into it so that a non-English speaking person or persons and what it does is that it translates and outputs the native language for the person to understand this glt picks up the spoken non-English language through it’s and speaker plays the live message essential you to understand. There are hover cycles and hover cars. That travel in the air for private and public transportation. â?¨However in this worldwide and domestic chaos, there is a group of rebels who fight against other clans in defense and they also go on the offense to start feuds against these other clans. This group is not known to the federal government as the other ones are. These cloaked individuals set out to start a mission are on a mission to liberate the entire U.S and the world from this worldwide lockdown and they will sacrifice themselves by any means necessary.

Schlock! Webzine Vol 9, Issue 4

by Mark Slade

In this seasonal edition, we have Mark Slade’s tale of Christmas among the dispossessed, followed by a Christmas exorcism in Cumbria from Gary Murphy. Steve Laker’s offering his own idiosyncratic take on virgin birth, while Kevin Rees is going for a traditional Christmas horror tale to thicken the blood. Gregory KH Bryant takes us away from all this cold and out into The Gorphal Desert, but then we’re back to the enchantment of Christmas with EF Benson’s Between the Lights. And MR James, Christmas ghost storyteller extraordinaire, regales us with A Warning to the Curious.

Meanwhile, 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea, Professor Aronnax meets Captain Nemo, while Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table ride to the rescue of King Arthur and the Connecticut Yankee.

Schlock! returns in the New Year! Ho hoho!

Also available from, the Christmas edition of Schlock Bi-Monthly.

The Douglas Files: The Duplicate

by Kevin Rafalko

Dr. George Hughes had a simple ideal. To create a work force to replace man, allowing man to enjoy life. In this pursuit, he creates clones that have one major flaw. Douglas Falco, finds his life has not been what he may have hoped. Fearing the future and hating the past, he is forced to deal with the past before moving forward. Can he play hero and deal with his own issues? Does he even want too? (unedited verison)

Flights of Angels: A Christmas Science Fiction Tale

by Paula May

It was Christmas Eve. The Outer Planets Mission was a disaster – they would never make it home alive. So they did the only thing they could think of. They had a party. They weren’t expecting it to be a surprise party…

Trace of Survival, Volume 6

by R. deLyndesay

These are three stories that interweave with the main story. One will tell the story of how Carter, Angie, and Tia came to the village. Another will tell of Isaiah’s wife’s journey across the country. The last will tell of Reggie’s struggles after the ambush by the terrorists in west Tennessee. I hope you will enjoy them.

These are include with the compiled Trace of Survival volumes which is now available.

Young Warriors (Wine of the Gods Book 10)

by Pam Uphoff

It’s traditional for young lords in the Kingdom of Ash to spend two years in the army. Xen Wolfson is a young wizard, and Garit Negue a young prince. And the world is filled with adventures and danger . . . and learning experiences.

Their world has been in sporadic contact with two different cross-dimensional worlds–generally as a target for conquest. When the Empire of the One returns, the young warriors are standing foursquare in their path.

The Human and the Hunted (Rise of the Great Assembly Book 1)

by Rebecca Burg

~Rise of the Great Assembly~



Earth. 11,000 BCE.

A galaxy wide war between sentient machines rages, directly threatening biological life in numerous solar systems.

Oblivious to the deadly peril above, Far Runner and his tribe face their own struggles on earth. An unstable climate forces the group to migrate south, and into the sights of a ruthless human foe. A merciless attack tears Runner away from his family and friends.

Meanwhile, an alien cyborg soldier finds herself stranded on earth, one of the worlds her fighter wing had been battling over. Her views and identity are challenged when she finds herself face to face with a determined human named Far Runner.

As if there weren’t enough problems, Moorr, a radioactive four-legged freighter pilot and drug smuggler, is displaced by a relic of the war; an artificial, wormhole-like bypass leading to a pristine star system. His transit destroys the bypass, but Moorr is unaware of his inability to return home. Enamored by the area’s wealth of resources, Moorr greedily starts filling his cargo holds, failing to realize how deadly his presence is to local life.

There’s only one way for Moorr, the cyborg, and Far Runner to survive and solve their various problems. The three disparate alien beings must recognize each other, step beyond their comfort zones, and learn to cooperate.

Earth’s fate depends on it.


“The story sucked me right in. The aliens are interesting, very different.” -Capt. Bill

“Enjoyable characters, from humans and aliens to sentient machines, who aren’t perfect and have their unique quirks. The sentient starfighter, suffering from a type of post traumatic stress disorder, struggles with a temper. Another favorite is a hermaphrodite four-legged heavy gravity alien who pilots a cargo ship that has flawed artificial gravity and is overrun by some kind of plant growth and an ecosystem of small animals. I enjoyed reading the alien points of view. The humans were just as interesting, their struggles kept me turning the pages”


by Saurabh Sawhney

What is the holy grail of scientific research? Is it the thrill of discovery, the lure of the Nobel prize, or just the pure enjoyment of the scientific process? And what if you discover something that you weren’t really looking for?

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