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Beginner’s Guide To Epsom Salt: Key Epsom Salt Recipes And Benefits For You

by Meg Baker

Epsom salt is one of the most powerful solutions to consider. This epsom salt guide is going to help you out in understanding the benefits of epsom salt.

Whether it is beauty, health, or home related, epsom salt is a great solution to consider. This epsom salt book is going to pinpoint why this is a high-grade solution to all of your needs.

The benefits are endless.

Read through all of the key epsom salt benefits and epsom salt uses in this wonderful read.

You will even get a look into some of the most important epsom salt facts to note down. There are DIY epsom salt recipes for you to make the most of as well.

The benefits of epsom salts are going to blow you away in a hurry.

The magic power of epsom salt cannot be denied. You will learn about DIY beauty products that are going to help you out in the long-term.

The history of epsom salts is riveting and you will get to learn about the uses of epsom salts in this wonderful read.

Meg Baker is going to take you through the ins and outs of this wonderful option and all that it provides.

Learn how to use epsom salt to heal the right way. You will begin to understand why people love it.

These are the epsom salt tips that are going to make you fall in love with the option.

This is the essential salt for weight loss and healing. Put it to use and watch it work wonders.

Amazon Echo User Guide: A Complete Amazon Echo User Manual

by Bishop Jennings

Want to know how to use your Amazon Echo properly? Want to make sure you are not overlooking anything?

It is important to begin with a proper Amazon Echo guide to help you out in the short and long-term.

Those who don’t use this are going to lose out in the long-term. Getting started with Amazon Echo is not easy, but this will help you out.

This is a guide to Amazon Echo that you will never have seen before. This is an Alexa skills kit that is going to help you big time.

Whether it is the Amazon Fire Phone or the Fire Stick, you always want to go with a proper solution. The same goes for the Amazon Echo.

This is a beginner’s guide to Amazon Echo that is downright quick to reach and simple enough to understand. Amazon Echo for beginners has to start somewhere and this easy read will help out.

Amazon Echo functions are not always simple, but this will assist. You are going to get a gist of what it takes to understanding how to use Amazon Echo at home.

You will learn everything about Amazon Echo apps and how they should be used. This is all about easy Echo setup that is going to help you out. Your Echo convenience is what matters. Using Alexa comes down to understanding how things work.

Get it all on your virtual cloud reader to understand what is on offer. The Echo app is as simple as it gets.

Ace General Chemistry I and II (The EASY Guide to Ace General Chemistry I and II): General Chemistry Study Guide, General Chemistry Review

by Dr. Holden Hemsworth

A Concise and Easy Study Guide to Ace General Chemistry I and II

Learn the important concepts of General Chemistry in this concise but comprehensive study guide. This study guide is a supplemental resource to help students learn/review the important concepts covered over the two semesters of a typical college undergraduate General Chemistry course. The guide is broken down into 18 easy to read chapters and covers:

  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Components of Matter
  • Stoichiometry of Formulas and Equation
  • Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure
  • Electron Configuration and Periodic Properties
  • Chemical Bonding and Bonding Theories
  • Gases and Gas Laws
  • Thermochemistry and Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Nuclear Chemistry

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UFOs & Aliens: UFO Secrets – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & New World Order (Extraterrestrial, Alien Abduction, Conspiracy Theories, … History, Alien Technology, Alien Races)

by Alex Monaldo

Explore the Fascinating Universe of Aliens and UFOs?


Are you fascinated by the unknown? Have you seen a UFO? Do you want to know the truth about alien encounters?

With UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy), you’ll learn what aliens are, what the Roswell UFO incident was, and how the UFO controversy began. You’ll also discover what Area 51 is â?? and why “ufologists” are so fascinated with this secretive facility.

With Special “Textbook” Formatting and Exercises, This Book Ensures You Understand All of This Essential Knowledge!

In UFOs and Aliens, you’ll find out about alien encounters, abductions, and UFO Sightings. This book also describes crop circles and other unexplained phenomena that may be evidence of visitors from other worlds! You’ll discover what the New World Order is, whether alien civilizations are good or bad, and whether an alien invasion is imminent!

You’ll even learn how “ancient aliens” may have facilitated or accelerated human development!

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Alkaline Diet + Mediterranean Diet 2 in 1 Bundle: Book 1: Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan and Alkaline Foods + Book 2: Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Weight Loss with 10-Day Diet Meal Plan

by Linda Williams

Book 1: Alkaline Diet

5 Super Useful Tips To Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan, Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods.

Donuts, Twinkies, French fries, soft drinks, the standard American diet is centered around processed foods. Beyond the obvious health risks that these unhealthy and fattening oils produce, these are all highly acidic foods.

Of course our body has natural counter systems in charge of neutralizing this acid, but it does put stress on the organs involved, even in healthy bodies. Excess acid is harmful in that it not only stresses organs such as our kidneys but in that it has the potential of interfering with key bodily processes critical to ensuring that the body runs normally.

The Alkaline Diet easily solves all those problems and provides extra energy in our day to day lives by taking the stress off our organ systems through eating alkaline foods that naturally neutralize the acidity from other food without having to use the acid-neutralizing systems to do so! How does the Alkaline Diet work? The main source of alkaline foods the diet is centered around is fresh fruits and vegetables. Sounds easy right?

To help every step of the way throughout the process of this life-changing diet, this book includes:

– How To Make Alkaline Water

– Alkaline Foods

– Alkaline Diet Meal Plans

– 5 Helpful Tips

Inevitably, things will happen, challenges will inevitably crop up. But through it all, don’t give it up! This is something you’re doing for you. The end goal might be getting a healthier body, but in the process you can lead healthier life in which you will be more confident about who you are and have more self-esteem. The process will be hard, but I firmly believe in the benefits the Alkaline Diet has in changing people’s lives. By taking this first step to a new and better life, I know that you will be able to change your life forever.

Enjoy the Alkaline Diet!

Book 2: Mediterranean Diet

The Ultimate Guide to Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Weight Loss with 10-Day Diet Meal Plan

Not another diet book! We’ve all been there before and seen the various “crash diets” that claim to be a quick fix to getting that ideal body, but the truth is, they don’t work. By eliminating portions of nutrition, your body is essentially starving itself and must compensate to gain the nutrients it needs, preventing weight loss.

Food is delicious. After all, it’s what leads us to eat again and again. It is what fuels us and should be something to look forward to, and with most typical diets that’s not possible. Since I’ve discovered the Mediterranean Diet, it has done wonders for my weight and self-confidence. The Mediterranean Diet is based simply on eating nutritious foods, such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and good fats. It has been proven to decrease risk of heart disease and lead to a longer lifespan, and if used properly, can also lead to weight loss. With the Mediterranean Diet, you can enjoy what you eat while leading a healthier lifestyle.

This book provides a gradual introduction to ease you into experiencing the Mediterranean Diet, including:

– A description of what exactly the Mediterranean Diet is with recommended serving amounts

– A 10-Day Meal Plan detailing breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner (recipes included)

– Dozens of additional fun and delicious ethnic recipes

– Tips to keep in mind as you continue the diet in the future

Enjoy the book!

And God Said: Let There Be Evolution: The Science and Politics of Evolution

by Paul Sanghera

Instead of just being another book on evolution, this book puts the whole story of historical development of the theory of evolution from Darwin and Wallace to modern genetics together in an easy to understand form. Instead of overemphasizing Darwin and fossil evidence, it extends the treatment of the theory to a much bigger scientific context, which includes biochemistry and molecular biology. Furthermore, it also explores the connection of the theory of evolution with physics, and what quantum mechanics, the well-established theory of physics, may have in store for evolution.

As the development of practical applications of a theory provides the ultimate evidence for its validity, this book explores the applications of evolution. This book also offers a reality check that many of us need in order to break away from so-called Darwinism. Such a breakaway is good for the scientific health of our nation and the world. In addition to busting the false synonymy between Darwin and evolution, this book also busts many other myths about evolution. Scientifically, it is hard to understand what something is without understanding what it is not. Last but not least, this book includes simple questions and problems with answers and solutions in order to provide the option for the reader to be interactive while venturing through the book.

In a nutshell, this book tells the story of evolutionary theory in the bigger sociopolitical, historical, and scientific context in which it has unfolded. One of the reasons for being aware of this story and keeping the story in a bigger context is that we can learn from our past experiences and avoid the mistakes of the past. For example, such a context includes the eugenics movement, which played a significant role in the history of opposition to evolution. It is important to remember the role of eugenics so that we stay alert or on guard against the possibility of such tragedies happening again in the name of science.

The need to keep this big picture of evolution in sight is direr today than ever before. Here is why. As a society, we are entering the molecular age from both dimensions, living and non-living, by using the tools of nanotechnology and bioengineering including biotechnology. As we will be able to evolve living entities in the lab, it will be possible to control evolution and its pace in many ways and thereby manually interfering with the natural biological evolution. This will have profound impact on the society and our planet as a whole. This reason alone is good enough for us to be mindful of and keep the big picture of evolution in mind.

Alone in the Wild: Expert Advice on How to Stay Alive in the Wild (Alone in the Wild, Wilderness, Wilderness Survival Guide)

by Darrell Abbott

For most people, becoming lost in the forest seems like an absolute worst-case scenario. As far-fetched as it seems, being lost in the wilderness becomes quite a sobering situation once it happens to you. Do you know what it would take for you to survive being alone and lost in the woods? Could you successfully gather food, set up a camp, and gather clean water? There’s no better time than the present to learn these critical skills.

This book will teach you:

  • How to best prepare yourself for a journey into the wild.
  • Where and how to secure safe sources of food and drinking water.
  • How to hunt, fish, gather, and trap.
  • Setting up a base camp, including how to build a basic shelter.

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