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The Short, But True Story of How I ‘Nearly’ Found the Hidden Treasure Chest of Forrest Fenn

by Baire Wain

This is the true and amazing story of how the location of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure chest was made using logic and the process of elimination. Join me for an incredible adventure to a special place of unusual geological formations and experience my thrill of a lifetime for yourself.

Winning football betting with Lucky 7: 7 KEYS to Winning Football Betting

by David Heart

How many systems out there guarantee you big winnings?

Well, if you are like us you have seen quite a few of them.

Instead of vague promises, and a bunch of unverifiable claims. We provide you what we do and how we do it.

Read about all of the factors that we look for when making our recommendations. Learn to apply your own rules and make your own picks.

Read about our rules and the specifics of how we applied them for recent games including the 2014 Season.

Join us for Lucky 7 and have a good, fun read

What Happened to Little League Baseball in the Inner City?

by Mark O’Neal

There are various reasons why Little League Baseball has disappeared in many parts of the Chicagoland area as well as the entire nation. What Happened to Little League Baseball in the Inner City? touches on a variety of provocative issues such as the decline of Black baseball players at all levels of competition or the privatization of Little League Baseball for example. This book is geared toward the true fan of the game of baseball who is interested in seeing positive changes in the Black community. One of these positive changes is the resurrection of Little League Baseball competition in inner-city Chicago. Mark O’Neal feels an increase in Black kids’ participation in Little League Baseball will equal more Black players at the collegiate and professional levels.

If You Give A King A Cookie: and other short stories

by Austin Orr

Redfish, carp, king mackerel… Oh my! Published author Austin Orr’s breakout debut into Kindle format. Three short stories guaranteed to have you smelling the salty breeze, seeing your breath as you search for the perfect fly, and sharing the epic win of a big fish in little water.

Emergency Preparedness: How To Prepare For The Collapse Of Society And Survive In The Post-SHTF World!

by Mike Craft

Read this SHTF emergency preparedness guide and discover…

* The one thing that can be as important, maybe more so, then the items you store.

* What if you have everything ready when SHTF, you throw your bug out bags in the car, and then your truck doesn’t start? (How to make sure this never happens)

* How to discover new things and uncover roadblocks that you did not foresee in your survival preparations.

* The essential foods you must store in your prepper’s pantry.

* How to prepare for the collapse of the economy.

* What to do so you don’t lose everything during the next major economic depression.

* How to make sure they don’t confiscate your savings like in Cyprus and in other countries.

* The #1 thing that will make you financially vulnerable in the coming years.

* How to hedge against the weakening dollar and skyrocketing inflation.

* An effective way to purify water in the wilderness using items that are cheap or that you can find laying around.

* The one kitchen item that is almost as important in many ways as food and water.

…and many more emergency survival tips!

Hiking: Camping: Bushcraft Survival Guide (Survival Bushcraft Outdoor Life) (Reference Natural Disasters Wilderness)

by Tony Ferguson

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You’re About to Discover The Essential Skills You Need for Survival in the Wilderness

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Learn the fundamentals of basic bushcraft survival for long-term wilderness living or your next outdoors adventures. This is more than just a camping guide. Loaded with great advice, this preppers survival guide covers the fundamentals for enjoying the outdoors with just a few simple tools.

With the survival skills you’ll acquire from this book, you will learn more than just backpacking or how to build a fire. You will learn how to be one with nature and fully appreciate the outdoors experience. The bushcraft basics that you will learn from this survival guide will be a great start for you to explore the wilderness like you’ve never experienced before.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Man vs. Self (The Right Attitude)
  • Man vs. Technology (The Most Basic Things You Need to Have)
  • Basic Physiological Needs
  • Survival Kit
  • Man vs. Nature (Know the Wilderness by Heart)
  • Wild Animals
  • Must-have Skills in Bushcraft
  • Creating a Bonfire
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“This book is a beginner’s guide in surviving the Bushcraft life in the wilderness.” — Sabrina Angerstein

“I am not really into… camping. Until I read this book. I thought it was really difficult, but the book gave so much information on survival skills. It is always best to know a lot of things about survival because you will never know when and where you will have to use them.” — Joanne Aguilar

“This was a great book for anyone that wants to go camping out in the wildness. I have just started going out camping with my dad and we go to pretty high level places, where there is lots of animals. This was a an awesome guide on how to survive out there if something ever happened and some on the things Tony talks about was awesome to know about. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book, very worthy” — Jack Johnson

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Off The Grid 101: Amazing Lessons on Why You Should Think About Deciding Living Off the Grid (Off The Grid 101, Off The Grid 101 books, Off The Grid)

by Otto Blake

Learn all the advantages of an off the grid lifestyle

Technology has opened new doors for people that were at one time not thought possible. It allows you to be in constant contact with others, emailing, calling, chatting, and so much more. With all of the possibilities, it seems like people would be better prepared to survive and get along with anything. But this is not often the case. Many people still feel like they would be lost without the technology and could not imagine a world where they did not have it available at all times.

This guidebook discusses what life would be like without all of this technology. There are those who decide to live off the grid, a life that is simpler and without modern technology, because they see the greed and harm that can come from it. Some do it for personal choices and others do it because they see it as preparation for when disaster strikes.

This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about what it means to live off the grid.

Inside you will find information such as:

  • What living off the grid really means
  • Some of the reasons that you should consider living off the grid
  • The steps you should take to start leaving the modern world and living off the grid
  • The many benefits that come with living off the grid.

This kind of lifestyle is great for so many people because instead of limiting you, like many people think it would, it actually opens up a lot of new doors. Read through this guidebook to find out more about how this lifestyle can be so great for you.

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Off the Grid Lifestyle: How To Prepare For The Collapse Of the Power Grid And Survive In The Post-SHTF World!

by Gary Lane

Read this SHTF off grid guide and discover…

* How to build a basic wilderness first aid kit.

* How to control bleeding and prevent infections in wounds.

* How to control bleeding even when there is a risk of death via blood loss.

* Proactive steps you must take to prevent infection once bleeding has been controlled.

* How to make sure your pets are safe during and after an emergency.

* The inexpensive grocery store item that will be essential for disinfecting just about everything.

* The protein-packed, high-calorie bulk foods you can store in your home and car.

* Survival plants to eat when there is no other food.

* Learn how to avoid poisonous plants.

…and many more off grid survival secrets!

Self Sufficient Living Basics: How To Prepare For The Collapse Of Society And Survive When Things Are Desperate!

by Tom Sellers

Read this SHTF off grid guide and discover…

* Homesteading skills everyone should learn.

* How to get started growing your own food.

* Secrets of making and using compost.

* Why and how you should start storing large amounts of water – even if you don’t have enough space.

* The best animals to raise on a homestead.

* How to find and buy the best off grid land.

* The one thing your off grid homestead must have (not all properties have this).

* The biggest thing that people overlook when buying an off grid property…and why it could make your land nearly worthless.

…and many more prepping survival secrets that will save your life when society collapses!

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