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The Nature of Denial

by Madelyn March

Darkness is growing within Anna Montagna and she can’t control it. She’s hurt someone that she loves. She fears that mental illness is descending upon her, like it did her mother, except her mother never hurt anyone. Scared and alone, Anna flees to small-town Mikamaw in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to save her family from the monster that she has become.

Anna hopes to find anonymity and solitude in Mikamaw, but instead finds a slightly-psychic friend, nosy locals, and the healing nature of the landscape. Despite the hundreds of miles Anna travels to escape her past, it continues to haunt her. She tries to drown her life’s regrets in alcohol and deep water, but they always resurface. When her husband and best friend find her in Mikamaw, she must decide whether to confront the past or turn and keep running.

ROMANCE: African American Romance: Beat of a Thug’s Heart (Urban Hood Alpha Male Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

by Serena King

This Thug’s Got Rhythm.

Jacqueline is a studious woman pursing her masters in classical music. She has no time for love, just work. For part of her coursework she agrees to tutor inner city students. One student she works with is particularly talented at piano, and asks her to be his home tutor.

The kid she tutors is a prodigyâ??his drug dealing brother Jomial is another story. She has no patience for thugs like Jomial, and he believes she is an uppity woman who looks down on him. He was not far from the truth. Until she hears him sing that is, and she becomes entranced with this handsome tough guy.

Once they begin writing songs together sparks fly, and her passion for music becomes a greater desire! But will the beat of this Thug’s heart lead her down a troubling path?


Warning, this book includes sexy, steamy love scenes intended for a mature audience over 18.

Mr Right for the Night (Romantic Comedy)

by Marisa Mackle

Anna Allstone is dreading her school reunion. It is being hosted by Victoria, the ex school bully and partners are invited. Anna doesn’t have a partner but is determined to find a man to take along to the party. She only needs him for a night, but will she find him on time?

‘Mr Right for the Night’ is a No.1 international bestseller. It has been translated into German and Japanese.

Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Divided Heart: (Historical Western Clean Romance Short Stories)

by April Jane


Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance with a Happy Ending

Alice Montgomery has lived in the lap of luxury her entire life. When she is signed up to be a mail order bride, she doesn’t think it will go anywhere. However, to her horror, a man twenty years her senior has taken interest in this shy and young girl.

Despite her misgivings and her pleas against going, Alice’s mother packs her away to go live in the Wild West, where cowboys run alongside Indians and they don’t know what proper lettering looks like.

However, there is more than just leaving luxury that makes Alice panic. She has never been able to hold a decent conversation with someone of the opposite sex in her entire life; save her late father and missing brother.

This is like a nightmare come true for the eighteen year old, but she resigns herself to this fate to give her family a little more money so that they can perhaps convince her wayward brother to return to the family and get a decent job.

When the train is hijacked, Alice becomes the hostage of the charming and dangerous William Smith who is so easy to talk to it is like magic. For the first time, Alice does not feel terrified of men and is able to talk with him. She quickly finds that her heart is no longer her own.

Will this train robber be able to save her from a fate that would have doomed her to live in silent misery, or will she die before she manages to make it to the end of this perilous journey?

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of The Bride’s Heart Divided includes 3 x BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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Jules: The 2nd Adventure

by Kaelia Stevens

War. It doesn’t start with armies or bombs. It doesn’t start with declarations or protests. It doesn’t start with speeches. It starts with one thing. Intent.

Jules understands this concept. She intends to kill a cult leader. She intends to undo magic from the past. She intends to get her family home.

She intends to start a war.

Mail Order Bride: His Russian Darling: (Historical Western Clean Romance Short Stories)

by April Jane


Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance with a Happy Ending

Rosaline Belikov came over from Russia with her mother to change her life and make it better. Becoming a part of high society was in the near future, and making a name for themselves was second to that. Not all is well, though they have achieved this.

Rosaline’s one and only love from the time she was twelve doesn’t have enough money to stay in the Americas. She knows that she cannot have him either way; Adrian will be torn from her whether she lets him go back to his family in Russia and abandon his apothecary shop that he runs in her town, or she can allow him to complete his dream and live in happiness without her.

She will be in another house, another man’s wife. She will be a mail order bride. Rosaline decides that becoming a mail order bride is the best course of action, and is soon shipped off to Montana to a rancher who is a list of contradictions.

When he discovers that he will never have her heart, he decides to try woo her and gain her heart rather than send her back to get another bride.

Will she be able to resist this man who is twice her age, or will she fall in love with his charming personality?

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of His Russian Darling includes 3 x BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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Romance: Claimed by the Cowboy Bear: (BBW Mail Order Bride Bear Shifter Romance) (Western Paranormal Werebear Short Stories)

by Ruby Scott


Kate just wants the simple things in life; a good home, some time to herself, and a loving husband.

She used to have it all, but after the sudden dissolution of her marriage, she’s feeling cold and out of place.

Lonely, lovely Kate decides to take her chances with a new husband out west, hoping to forget her hurt and finally start to heal.

As soon as she arrives, however, it becomes clear that simple isn’t going to be something Kate can count on.

The town is populated by strange creatures — she’s been targeted by one of the supernatural ones before — and her new husband isn’t exactly the innocent cowboy he seems to be.

Soon, Kate finds out that simple just isn’t in her vocabulary anymore — and neither is â??lonely’ or â??cold’, especially as things heat up with her new werebear loverâ?¦

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Claimed by the Cowboy Bear includes 20+ BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Caveat Emptor

by Steve Anderson

Jack Henderson is a middle aged man trapped in a loveless marriage and a boring job when suddenly he is catapulted into a world of espionage and intrigue when his old friend from The Navy is accused of stealing a tonne of plutonium to sell to the Iranians Jack is forced trying to clear his old friend’s name and ends up chasing the stolen plutonium 1/2 way across the world, through exotic India and Sri Lanka overcoming his fears and limitations
Along the way his old friends are able to offer him some help, and even a war plane or two, but in the end it is Jack who battles the villains and has to destroy the plutonium before it becomes an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Romance: Examined For the First Time, Medical Romance Bundle, 10 STORIES + BONUS (Billionaires, Collections, Medical)

by SteamyReadsPublishing

This TEN STORY ULTIMATE Medical Collection will fulfill your deepest and darkest fantasies!

Over 110,000 words of hot sizzling juice-dripping stories PLUS a BONUS Romance Story!!

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DEADLY (The Deadly Series Book 1)

by Hailey Matthews

Lila Wilkins has spent most of her adult life being haunted by the past. At the age of 11 she lost her beautiful sister to a brutal and shocking murder and watched her killer Adam, go free.

The jury may have come back with a verdict of not guilty but Lila vowed that one day he would get his just desserts.

Now over a decade later, twenty-six year old Lila is out for blood and revenge.

She has a new name, a new look and a new career in the Big Apple where she can be closer to her prey.

Her plan is very simple.

Destroy the life of the man who stole her sister’s in every way imaginable.

But even as her plans for revenge unfold, she can’t help but be drawn to the strong, silent and breathtakingly handsome Adam Cliff. His gentle ways and sweet words ignite a passion within the love starved Lila that she has never felt before.

But could she really betray the sister she loved so dearly by falling in love with the man who took her life? She can’tâ?¦


This is Part 1 of 3 of DEADLY. It is not suitable for readers below 18.

AFRICAN AMERICAN URBAN FICTION: AFRICAN AMERICAN ROMANCE: Ball So Hard – A Baltimore Love Story (College Basketball Sports Romance) (Multicultural & Interracial Romance Short Stories)

by Chamille Paxton

**WARNING:Contains Panty-Melting Adult Scenes That Don’t Leave Much To The Imagination. 18+ Readers Only. Includes a SURPRISE BONUS inside!*

“Stay away from those basketball players,” was the only warning Jessica’s father gave before she boarded the train.

Jessica left her comfortable home in New Jersey to start a new journey on the campus of Morgan State University. Jessica didn’t think much of it, until she met James, a charming basketball player for the Morgan State Bears, who had his eyes and heart set on Jessica.

Coming from humble beginnings, James quickly learned never to take anything or anyone for granted. College was his chance to make something of himself and prove that his older sister Kelly’s sacrifices were not in vain.

Fighting to escape financial struggle, James quickly finds himself headed straight towards what he had been trying so desperately avoid. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

Jessica and James are faced with a struggle that could shift both of their lives. Will true love prevail, or will money come between love?

ROMANCE: The Highlander’s Bride (Victorian Historical Scottish Romance)

by Lisa Cartwright

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It takes a tough man to live among the rocky outcrops and fighting clans of Scotland. It seems Angus Blake is such a man but he is required to have a fair lass with which to produce an heir. Finding a bride is not an easy task. Angus’ Mother was Lady Blair and she set the bar high. He must find a bride before his Father selects one for him. Lord Donald Blake is in no shape to help his son.

Angus sets out on a quest to find a woman with his faithful servant Rufus by his side. While they camp at Clatchard Craig, the beautiful Maighreed (Mai) MacKnabb blows into Angus’ life. With her raven locks, violet eyes and indomitable spirit, Mai captivates Angus.

There is no simple end to his quest. Angus falls in love with Mai and she falls for him in return, but difficulties lie ahead. Nefarious Lord Grey Harper challenges Angus for Mai’s hand in marriage. Love, loyalty and a tragic death bring this tale to an exciting climax.

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