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The Cursed Viking (An Irish Witch’s Seduction) (Viking Romance Book 1)

by Leila Sables

After capturingâ??and losingâ??the one woman who could cure him, the only thing a cursed Viking warrior can do to save her from a rival berserker is set her free.

Deirdre’s relationship with the local population has always been rocky, not the least because they’re convinced she’s a witch. What’s more, they’re right. She’s not casting spells or laying curses, but she’s certainly comfortable looking into the future.

Which is why, when they’re finally faced with the threat of an attack from a viking band, they finally see a reason to accept her in town. She’s not there for more than a few minutes when the attack starts, and when a big, handsome-looking Viking comes storming through the door and throws her over his shoulder, Deirdre realizes there’s nothing she can do but go along for the ride.

Gunnar, on the other hand, is more than happy with his lot in life. He’s good at raiding, and his skill and prowess on the battlefield provide him with good standing.

After twenty years, though, he’s slowing down. Not because of his injuries, though, and that’s the problem. He’s taken more than enough to kill him, more than once. But no matter how bad he’s hurt, it never seems to stick. In fact, he’s never hurt for more than a few minutes before his wounds close up, leaving nothing behind.

Without being able to get hurt, he’ll never die a warrior’s death. That’s where the witch comes in.

Can Deirdre escape her captors? Will Gunnar find what he’s looking for? Or will both of them find out that they really wanted something different all along?

Heart of Gold: A Victorian Western Historical Romance (Mercers of Montana Book 2)

by Evelyn MacQuaid

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Free spirited Charlotte Mercer who prefers chaps to corsets and lassoes to needlepoint, is outraged at being forced to join polite Victorian society and learn the rules of etiquette she abhors, all in the name of redeeming her family’s good name. But when she meets Luke Fanning, he stirs within her uncomfortable yet deliciously strange feelings she cannot understand and which she is determined to fight.

Devastatingly handsome Luke is a charming and notorious seducer. Tales of children out of wedlock and ruined women follow him closer than a shadow. He has sworn that no woman will ever entice him into marriage, but when his world collides with Charlotte’s, his resolve weakens for the wild and dark- haired beauty he’s determined to possess.

Eagle to the Son: The story of Isaiah

by Nina Gould

‘Eagle to the Son’ : The story of Isaiah’ is set in Jerusalem more than 600 years before Christ was born. It is an attempt to give an insight into the life and times of Isaiah and his wife Bethulah, a prophetess. Their courtship and marriage is depicted sensitively and with humor.

Gifted with eagle-like vision Isaiah is able to see the glory who is Jesus. Seer, statesman, evangelist, teacher and preacher, he is called by God to give a message which is often rejected. He lives during the reign of five kings, serving those kings who are men of faith loyally, but scorned by those who have fallen into idolatry.

These are turbulent times with wars and rumors of wars and peoples being carried off into exile by the cruel Assyrians. To ensure Jerusalem’s water supply in times of siege, wise King Hezekiah has a 1/3 mile tunnel built under Jerusalem, an amazing feat for that era.

There are times of joy, with the Passover Feast being re-introduced with great celebrations

Surrounded by a group of disciples in his latter years, Isaiah pens his great work to the glory of God.

His words resonate down the centuries: ‘Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given’ and ‘He was pierced for our transgressions.’

Investing In Jemima

by K M Shropshire

Jemima Collins knew she was far from being a beauty, but as the daughter of a wealthy businessman she wasn’t without suitors. Despite possessing a curvaceous figure, her copper-colored hair was unfashionable, and her blunt manner of speaking left most males feeling out of their depth. Mr. and Mrs. Collins feared their daughter was being left on the shelf and wanted her to marry. Jemima’s plan was to follow in her father footsteps by taking over his half of the business. She loved creating designs for beautiful pieces of furniture — a talent her parents attempted to keep hidden from merchant society. The thought of giving up her independence filled her with dread. She had seen too many intelligent, young women give up on dreams of being anything more than a wife and mother. Society left a female with few alternatives.

Lucian Douglas had known Jemima most of his life. They were good friends in their youth, but the last few years brought a change in his feelings for her. He kept himself busy as he tried to sort out just what he felt for her. What had been friendship had ripened into something more. To him, she was a beauty. Lucian loved her spirited manner and blunt way of speaking. His hands itched to run though those red tresses and to caress those lovely curves of hers. His father’s illness brought him home to stay, and Lucian knew what was in his heart regarding Jemima. Would she be able to see him as anything more than a dear friend? He had a plan to that happen, and his heart was fully invested in the scheme.

The Fourth Wise Man

by M. Kerr

In the meridian of time, many watched for the signs that would herald the birth of the Christ child. In a kingdom far away from Judea, three men have seen the star and have prepared for their journey, unaware that a fourth man will accompany them…


by ignacio sanabria

1. Tangled Synapses: How Neuroscience And Resilience Overcome Depression

2. The Oxytocin Women

3. 30,000 Days For Mr. William Kantshakes

4. The State Dinner

Four amazing titles in one book, for you to read, written by Neuroscience Researcher, author and writer Ignacio Sanabria, M.Ed.

Excerpt from the Tangled Synapses book:

“The impaired, distorted ‘reality’ I am accustomed to experiencing just showed up, as has been its habit over the last six years. My depression episodes have taken on a life of their own. They usually last for about two or three hours, during which feelings of powerlessness, a sense of discomfort and unreality take over. It is as if I am here, yet nowhere, but wanting to be somewhere. Such confusion dominates the mind of people that battle depression.

In this book, the author describes with excruciating detail his ordeal with depression, and how he overcame it.

Excerpt from The Oxytocin Women novel:

“Maria Jose showed up at Aparicio’s place. She dropped by to say hello to Aparicio, Astrid’s boyfriend, while the pouring rain stopped. They saluted each other with kisses on the cheek as was customary. Maria Jose sat next to Aparicio to watch television.”Would you like to watch a movie? What about the latest James Bond movie?” Aparicio asked her.”Yes, sure,” she replied.

It happened too fast. Aparicio grabbed Maria Jose and passionately kissed her. She was so shocked she almost fainted. She never imagined or expected something like that. She quickly recovered and responded passionately, too. He took her calzhinas off and made love to her, just like that. The entire process did not take more than five minutesâ??enough time to produce an Oxytocin release of 2.0 milliliters per minute for both of them. This was a record mark for them. Next, Maria Jose dressed up and left the place. No eye contact was made, and no single word was pronounced. The Oxytocin, once again, was messing up peoples’ lives.”

The Oxytocin Women, describes what happens when Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for love is over- or under-secreted. Oxytocin rules the bewildering, yet frantic world of love and sex.

Excerpt from the 30,000 Days For Mr. William Kantshakes novel:

“It is now the time to begin keeping track of my own time, as my time has a story, the story of the 30,000 days I was given to live. But 30,000 days are a lot of days to live, especially when some of these days were absolutely fascinating, and some others, the vast majority, unfortunately, were absolutely and totally miserable. It looks like 30,000 days are a very long time, perhaps for a newborn; but for someone who has lived 29,000 days, 30,000 days is nothing. At this point, you could finally understand the very essence of time. By then, it may be too late, as you may be tempted to get a new lease on time. But the number of days available to you is already set. Time, then, becomes a commodity, but time is always a commodity.

In this novel, the author colorfully describes how Mr. William Kantshakes, named after William Shakespeare and Immanuel Kant, sometimes wasted away and sometimes enjoyed the 30,000 days he was given to live.

In The State Dinner novel, the author explores the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, who was assassinated fifty years ago on November 22, 1963. Zeus, the former Almighty god of Mount Olympus, now the Almighty god of the Cocuy Mountain, situated in the South American Andes, fathered two heroes: JFK and Hector. This is the tale of the two hero brothers who met only once on December 17, 1961, during the president’s state visit to South America.

Neuroscience Researcher, Author and Writer, Ignacio Sanabria, M.Ed., was a successful IT professional living the fantastic yet elusive ”American Dream” until depression forced him to make drastic lifestyle changes. Please download the 4 books FREE summary at: for more information.

Romance: Historical Romance: Mail Order Bride: Sarah: Sisters of Binghamton Series (Sweet Western Inspirational Frontier Historical Clean Romance) (Clean Historical Western Short Stories)

by Charity Phillips

Exclusive to the Kindle Edition: Includes Heartwarming BONUS COLLECTION of Four CLEAN Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!

Will This Young Widow Be Able To Leave Her Tragic Past Behind And Allow Her Heart To Love Once Again?

In 1870, the four Perry sisters of Binghamton, New York make a pact to find some way of financially supporting their nearly blind mother and their father, who suffers from consumption. They decide to answer ads from men out West looking for wives in the hope that their new lifestyles will enable them to help their parents back East.

Sarah, the eldest and a widow, will be the first to respond to a personal ad in San Francisco’s Matrimonial Newsâ??though as far as she’s concerned, her one true love died fighting in the war five years ago.

After weeks of combing through ads, Sarah is drawn to thirty-six-year-old homesteader and widower William J. Lindsay’s ad for a “calm, good-natured lass from the East to help build his home and hearth.” As she and William begin their correspondence, she finds herself having feelings she’d thought had died forever.

Will feelings of betrayal get in the way of her blossoming love for William, or will she follow that love out West?

***This is the first book of the Sisters of Binghamton series. Each book within the series is a STANDALONE story and may be read without having read the other stories first.***

BOOK 1: Mail Order Bride: Sarah

BOOK 2: Mail Order Bride: Lizzie

BOOK 3: Mail Order Bride: Margaret

BOOK 4: Mail Order Bride: Ann

Fire in the Heartland

by Alan Sewell

Fire in the Heartland by Alan Sewell is a novel with a new look at the personal and political intrigues behind the lines that decided the outcome of the Civil War as much as did its battles.

The story is centered on the Harkner Family, of Kentucky, Illinois, and Alabama. David Harkner, a cousin to Mary Todd Lincoln, must decide whether to place his allegiance with the Union, the Confederacy, or the State of Kentucky acting independently of either. His brother Basil is a Union officer, his brother Tom leads an anti-Lincoln conspiracy in Chicago, and his brother Ed is a politician and officer in the Confederacy.

David travels the heartland of the Federal and Confederate States, meeting with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, Andrew Johnson, and Alexander Stephens. He must assess the Confederacy and recommend whether Kentucky should join it. He must decide whether to work for President Lincoln in gathering military and political intelligence about the Confederacy in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. He must decide whether to reveal the Northwestern Conspiracy against the Lincoln Government that his brother leads in Chicago.

David’s choices may secure President Lincoln’s reelection or cost the life of David’s brothers.

David’s final mission is of war-winning significance.

Fire in the Heartland was developed through extensive research into little known events that helped decide the outcome of the Civil War. It provides a unique insight into the personal and political intrigues that were part of a war.

And it’s a great read.

Under the Lilacs

by Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott (1832 – 1888) needs little introduction, as she is one of the most famous American female authors, whose most famous work is Little Women.  She also served as a nurse for six weeks during the Civil War at Union Hospital in Georgetown, and her letters were compiled to create Hospital Sketches.

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