Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 23 Dec 15

A Ripple of Fear (The Fears of Dakota Book 1)

by J.M. Northup

In a world with fears stemming from catastrophes and terrorism, America faces its biggest challenge yet. Discord and apprehension are pushed to the extreme as ancient prophesies approach fruition.

The world Dakota lives in is becoming unrecognizable. Presence of doomsday preppers is prevalent, deteriorating the security people once had in their government and each other. As tensions grow, so does the paranoia that drives the nation to a crossroads which will change history.

Dakota holds onto her hopes of a better tomorrow, but the thread of peace seems to unravel faster than it can be contained. What will become of her and the people she loves, when a spark ignites America into an inferno of fear?

Combining survivalist drama and a dystopian future, A Ripple of Fear is a gripping story for readers of all ages.

Survival (Twisted Book 1)

by Rebecca Sherwin

With intertwining memories and a world of deceit and betrayal yet to be exposed, Survival, book #1 in the Twisted series, is an intense, compelling page-turner, seen through the eyes of Skye ‘the Skillet’ Jones.

With no friends, no family and a life of loneliness ahead, Skye was looking for a reason to fight. To live. To survive. A once happy family was torn apart, leaving a hazy cloud of confusion, abandonment and fear in its wake. Her twin brother, Oliver, was all she had… until the talons of death and the consequences of his dangerous coping mechanism tore his life from him.

Skye was left alone, mourning the loss of her brother and the life he would never live, when Cut Throat Curtis swooped in and taught her to fight; to control her emotional anguish with physical strength. But he was dangerous, a force to be reckoned with. A man with turmoil and secrets of his own. He soon left as quickly as he’d appeared, becoming a ghost in the life she no longer knew.

She had nothing. She had no one.

When all Skye had was her will to survive, fate gave her Thomas. He fought for her, he fought with her and he loved her like no other.But fate was waiting, ready to strike with the force of a hurricane when she thought she had everything she’d ever wanted. It was coming, the cruel twist of fate that would bring Skye to her knees and threaten her survival once more…

Watson Manor Investigations (Watson Manor Mystery Series Book 3)

by Ronald Craig

Watson Manor Investigations Third Novel in the Watson Manor Mystery Series.

It’s 1998 and Watson Manor, a B&B in Marina, California opened its doors two years prior. Charlie and Jenny Watson converted a downstairs unit into Watson Investigations and are hired to find a missing newspaper reporter. Their investigation uncovers a chain of events, threats, lives taken and misdirection perpetrated to cover the criminal activity. The plot intensifies when Charlie’s first love surfaces after fourteen years and is entangled in the investigative web with strings still attached to Charlie’s heart.

The Gathering Place

by Trevor Johnson

The Erato Club, Mayfair: a decadent Sixties playground for London’s rich and famous. But the Erato’s pleasures are nothing compared with those on offer at the รข??club within the club’ known as The Gathering Place. A Futuristic penthouse lair where money buys you all the sex, drugs and murder you could want. This is the world that undercover journalist Sophie Boyd must infiltrate if she is to investigate tycoon Hugo Summers’ connection with the disappearance of a wartime spy. A world that will threaten her sanity, her soul and her life.

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