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Christmas Coloring Book For Adults: 16 printable pages

Christmas coloring book for adults: KINDLE users – link to printable coloring pages is provided at the end of the book.
Adult coloring books are perfect for parents who want to color with kids but would love to have a choice of more detailed and sophisticated choice of coloring pages for themselves.

If you are into winter city, snowflakes, snowman, cozy winter scenes, hot chocolate, gingerbread man and house, and Christmas cookies, you will enjoy this coloring book. It is not only for adults, but can be enjoyed by kids as well, designs are more detailed than in children’s coloring books, that’s all 🙂

— Coloring books for grown-ups make cute and inexpensive Christmas gits. —

Coloring pages of this festive Christmas book can be a great all family activity for winter holidays.


by Dennis Gac

Don’t be confused any longer about what you need to be doing and/or how to direct your attorney to get you the best possible result. And, yes, you need to “direct your attorney” and “How To Prepare For Trial – Getting Through The Initial Steps” will help prepare you. You simply cannot leave things to chance. Having a base on knowledge so that you can direct your attorney.


by Paulette Conti

This is a true story of a 12-year-old girl living in Florida who was raped and immediately collapsed into profound shock. Her mother witnessed the crime but didn’t have any health insurance to help her daughter receive proper medical care. Instead, she decided to place her daughter in one of the most notorious U.S. mental institutions of the time at Chattahoochee. Many patients didn’t survive the horrors they encountered there.

Inside this â??hospital from hell’, this perfectly sane 12-year-old girl witnessed daily brawls and bashings. She witnessed ghastly sights, including beatings by staff, frenzied assaults and suicide. To add to her torment the doctors decided on a series of experimental shock treatments to attempt to erase the memory of the rape; the side effect was to erase her early childhood memories! To survive she invented a tough â??pretend friend’ to protect her from those who tried to kick her to death and nearly succeeded. â??The pretend friend’ became her second personality.

Paulette Conti, has revealed her whole story to award-winning, Australian journalist and author, Les Thompson. This story also paints a poignant picture of a girl yearning for her mother to rescue her and then finally meeting the dashing Italian-American man whose lively spirit and deep compassion would lead her to having her own family, a nursing career and the determination to help others.

The Adventures of Jasper and Jasmine

by Thomas Belusko

The Adventures of Jasper and Jasmine is more than a cute story of caterpillars and butterflies. It is a tool to help children adjust to entering the foster care program and helps to show them with love and guidance and fostering of self confidence they can be whatever they want.


by Dennis Gac

Sadly, most Father’s have trouble with visitation rights after a divorce or breakup in a relationship. Some instances are more severe than others. When you have issues, at times, you need to take severe steps to educate the X to “not mess with you.” “Remedies For Violation Of Visitation” speaks specifically about how you can seek relief by filing a civil tort claim lawsuit against the X.


by Dennis Gac

Sadly, false allegations have become part of the family court legal landscape against Father. If you’re not careful false allegations of sexual abuse of domestic violence can really throw your case a curve ball and keep you from your kids. Learn what other fathers have done in similar situations. “How To Stand Up To False Allegations A Fathers’ Rights Approach” tells you everything that you need to know about what other Fathers have done in similar situations. Also, some of the supplemental forms can be ordered in Amazon Kindle that give exact examples of defenses.


by Dennis Gac

Fathers are often in a situation in which they have to defend themselves against contempt of court for non-payment or under payment of child support and/or for other alleged violations of court orders. Contempt requires a willful violation of a court order and many fathers are not willfully in violation of a court order; however, they are still dragged into court on contempt. Learn “how” other Father’s have successfully defend contempt so they can move on with their lives by ordering Fathers’ Rights Defense Against Contempt.


by Dennis Gac

In most jurisdictions, you will have to prove a substantial change in circumstances in order the “change” or modify a court order regarding custody or visitation. This is an important concept! “Substantial change In Circumstances And Custody – A Fathers’ Rights Approach” describes, in detail, what a substantial change in circumstances is and a real life example as to “how” to use it. It’s always advisable to consult a local attorney to make certain you’re doing things right]


by Dennis Gac

This is an example of an Appellate Court brief that was used by one successful Father regarding custody and substantial change in circumstances; which argument can be used in all states. Please consult your local rules; however, these arguments can be effectively used in Fathers’ Rights cases. [Please consult with local legal counsel]


by Dennis Gac

You may or may not know that you are entitled to “discover” things about the X and the opposing side in your case. About finances, money she may be hiding, her background, medical issues, custody issues affecting the kids and much more. “Interrogatories For Fathers’ Rights” has every conceivable question that has been used successfully by other Fathers in similar situations.


by Dennis Gac

Ever wonder how to deal with all the emotional aspects of going through a custody battle, child support collection issues and/or a nasty divorce? “Fathers’ Rights “The Emotional Meat Grinder”, What do you do? How do you cope? How to keep your current family happy? All of this issues and more are covered in this timely Fathers’ Rights book.


by Dennis Gac

Non-married Fathers face a special challenge. There is a while level of prejudice that permeates the family law with non-married Fathers at the bottom. Thus, you have to do it right to level the playing field. “Establishing Paternity, A Fathers’ Rights Approach” will tell you everything that you need to know about establishing “your” rights NOW.


by Dennis Gac

Timely information on Divorce strictly from a Fathers’ Rights perspective. Includes comments on divorce strategies and techniques for Fathers, including blackmail during the divorce process, Using Tort Claim Lawsuits to Fight Divorce; Sample Divorce Narrative, Effects of Divorce on children, and much more.


by Dennis Gac

In today family court system, a Father must employ strategies that are outside the box and level the playing field. “Fathers’ Rights Strategies I” includes timely information on Paternity actions of Unwed Fathers, Termination of Parental Rights, Contempt issues, information about Bench Warrants and how to fight them and how to vacate unfair orders.

Fingers and Scissors

by Irit Talmor

” Emily, like many cute two-year-old boys and girls,

Refuses to let her mother cut her nails.

Mom cleverly comes up with a conversation through song

That elicits Emily’s enthusiastic cooperation and teaches her the finger namesâ?¦ ”

Many young children do not like hygiene procedures such as cutting nails. This book, with its friendly text and colorful vivid illustrations, makes the whole thing pleasant and even fun – for them and for their parents.

Irit Talmor holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research.

She is a proud mother of three children.


by Dennis Gac

“How To File A Motion For Continuance: A Fathers’ Rights Approach” can help you gain the time that you need to better prepare for trial and/or for a motion. Very often Fathers are rushed into hearing and they are not prepared. Don’t allow this to happen to you. There are two valuable examples contained in this book, along with explanation.


by Dennis Gac

It’s important to create a paper trail in order to lay the foundation for your case. In the case of denial of visitation, which is all too often common for Father’s, having a notice to send to the opposing side is important to create that paper trail. This is an exact real-life example. [It is advisable to check with a local attorney to make certain you’re in compliance with local rules]

Pillow And Mr. Gu


This is the story of a boy named Pillow. He is a cheerful boy. One day his mother brought a potted little plant caled Mr. Gu. He love that plant because it given by his lovely mother especially he fond of plants like his mother. How he love Mr. Gu? You can find on the end of these story. Happy reading 🙂

Simple & Effective Techniques for Parenting the Difficult Child

No one knows your child like you do. You are your own biggest ally in regaining control of your child, your household and your life. All you need are proven and effective strategies for parenting a child in crisis at all stages of development. Learn why people act the way they do and effective responses to negative and positive behaviors. Happy kids need to know someone is in control until they can control themselves and they will continue negative behavior trying to attain that safe environment. Learn techniques from a front line Youth Service Counselor with over a decade of experience dealing with at-risk kids in crisis that can be applied to your family situation immediately.


by Dennis Gac

Learn the State by State rules and regulations and suggested guidelines for each state in the divorce process. It’s important that you know these guidelines to level the playing field in a very Pro-Mother, Anti-Father system. You can stumble around the internet trying to find the information that you need or find it “all” right here.

98 Best Travel Tips: A Guide For Travel Junkies on a Budget with Kids

by Chris A. Baird

LEARN: How to Travel More While on a Budget and With Kids!

Do you wish you could travel more? Do you feel you don’t have enough money? Does traveling with kids seem too difficult?

The good news is that you don’t need to struggle with this any longer. You already have everything you need to start taking more trips right away. You only lack the direction to making this happen.

THE TRUTH?: You Are Not Traveling Because You Lack Knowledge.

Most people want to travel more but lack the knowledge of how to make this a reality.

For instance, have tried many times to plan a vacation only to realize you have too little money? Or maybe the idea of taking the kids on a trip seems like too much planning.

In the book “98 Best Travel Tips: A Guide For Travel Junkies on a Budget with Kids” you will learn 98 powerful tips to start traveling regardless of your budget and how many children you have.

This is the fifth book in the bestselling PowerListsâ?¢ book series. Each PowerListâ?¢ book is designed to help you get more out of life.

DISCOVER: 98 Best Travel Tips

In “98 Best Travel Tips” you will discover that through a series of well-defined tips broken down into sections, you will be in a position to easily make a plan and set a budget for taking a trip you will never forget!

You Will Learn:

  • Why You Should Travel
  • Why You Don’t Travel
  • Where to Start
  • Managing Safety and Security
  • Keeping Costs Low
  • Packing for the Trip
  • Kicking Off the Trip
  • Tips for Children on Trips
  • Heading Home
  • Planning Your Next Trip

DOWNLOAD: 98 Best Travel Tips

You can learn just how easy it is to start traveling immediately. Everyone is different and if even a few of these tricks work for you, it will be worth the time.

Are You Ready To Start?

Quit waiting to get control of your vacations and act now.

Go to the top of this page and click the “Buy now” button.

Dominate Your Case In 45 Days Or Less!: Child Support and Custody

by Dennis Gac

“Dominate Your Case In 45 Days Or Less” is “the” system that will help you level the playing field in family court once and for all. Are you tired of getting pushed around in family court regarding your kids and for child support and other issues? Then, don’t waste any time and grasp a firm understanding of the court’s agenda and why they’re so prejudiced. How To Dominate Your Custody Or Child Support Case In 45 Days Or Less is your key to success in family court. Divroce,child support, custody, visitation, the court’s agenda, paternity false allegations and exact examples; all included for your benefit and Fathers’ Rights. It’s got it all!

POTTY TRAINING IN 3 DAYS: Stress Free Potty Training Guide (Potty Training, Infant Development, Potty Training Boys Girls)

by Aries J.Walker

Special FREE Bonus Book At The Back For You To Enjoy

The New Potty Training in 3 Days: Comprehensive Training Guide – Hassle Free and Easy Steps for Dummies!


Today only, get this Amazon EBOOK for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

All his life the only option was going into his diaper. But now he has a second choice!

There is one moment in everyone’s life when a question pops in the little head: should I use

that potty my mom makes all the fuss about?

That’s THE question for kids when their parents start the potty training, a notorious period of

messy accidents and frustrating failures, which ends in rewarding success and a dry baby


If you are looking to start the potty training and you still have couple of dilemmas over it,

you’ve picked the right book, as it will teach all that you need to know to make the transition

from diapers to grown-ups pants smooth for you and your child.

You will learn how to:

  • read the signs your child is giving you when he’s ready for the potty
  • decide if you and your child are ready to start the training
  • pick the right customized method
  • encourage your kid and help him associate the potty with a positive experience

And this is not all: parents talk a lot about the potty and this lead to the appearance of a lot of
myths. We’ve gathered them from the park talks and debunked, so you can know what is true
about the potty experience and what not.
Read this book, and then team up with your child to reach a new milestone in his life and celebrate this new independence, along with the confidence boost that comes along with the potty!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

Protecting Your Parenting Time: A Fathers’ Rights Approach

by Dennis Gac

A well written, extremely detailed parenting plan is absolutely essential to protect your rights as a Father. Otherwise, you’re totally at the whim of the Mother and this is not a good position since women have the upper hand in Family Court anyway. “Protecting Your Parenting Time: A Fathers’ Rights Approach”, tells you everything that you need to know to establish a great plan and to enforce it with contempt of court proceedings.

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