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PRIMAL Unleashed (The PRIMAL Series Book 2)

by Jack Silkstone

The mission began, in 1989 Afghanistan, when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors–and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice. It could end apocalyptically, in the present, if a sinister evil escapes its sealed tomb…into the hands of one of the same men who fought to bury it.

Intel suggests that’s exactly what’s happening: A Ukrainian veteran of the ’89 Soviet-Afghan conflict, battle-scarred and cold-blooded, is now a wealthy businessman–with a sideline selling deadly hardware to the highest bidders. He’s getting ready to make his biggest deal yet with a radical Iranian commander hell-bent on possessing the ultimate doomsday weapon. Only the battle-tested skills, state-of-the-art tech, and no-rules-but-their-own attitude of covert vigilante strike force PRIMAL can keep bloodthirsty madmen from unleashing hell on earth.

PRIMAL deals unconditional justice–with cold steel–to a world in dire need of heroes.


PRIMAL is a team of elite operatives, hell bent on fighting for the downtrodden and oppressed. A renegade agency waging a secret war against the untouchables; powerful criminals, greed driven corporations, and twisted politicians. With cutting-edge technology and tactics they strike across the globe with impunity, stepping in where governments fail.

PRIMAL books are dedicated to those who have fought for a just cause.

It is recommended the PRIMAL books are read in order:

1. PRIMAL Origin

2. PRIMAL Unleashed

3. PRIMAL Vengeance

4. PRIMAL Fury

5. PRIMAL Reckoning

6. PRIMAL Nemesis

7. PRIMAL Redemption

8. PRIMAL Renegade

PRIMAL Mirza and PRIMAL Inception are stand-alone prequels.

Confederate Union: The War of Northern Secession

by Alan Sewell

What if the NORTH had seceded?

What if the pro-slavery Democrats had kept their party united and won the election of 1860? What if Jefferson Davis fought to save the Union while Abraham Lincoln fought to leave it?

The Confederate Union: The War of Northern Secession is the alternate history of the Civil War the way it should have happened!

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better– This is a most valuable, — a most sacred right — a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.”

– Abraham Lincoln

“It needs the united power, harmonious action and concentrated will of the people of all these States to roll the wheel of progress to the end which our fathers contemplated, and which their sons, if they are wise and true, may behold. This great country will remain united.”

– Jefferson Davis

Blockade: The Quarantine of Cuba

by William Dempsey

This intriguing story follows the adventures of the United States Navy sailors who enforced the quarantine of Cuba and neutralized the Soviet Union’s submarine threat as the 1962 missile crisis developed.

Chief Gunner’s Mate Mike Stafford, recalled to active duty after a career that took him from World War II and Korea to the Bay of Pigs invasion is now aboard the U.S.S. Boyington (DD 953) and headed into what could be WW III. He teams with Bosun Paul Jones, the ship’s senior petty officer, to battle the Soviets, a saboteur, a Russian freighter that tries to run the blockade, and the seedy denizens in the back alleys of old San Juan as they search for a missing crewman.

The period involved, while short, is nonetheless of historical importance. During these few weeks of October and November 1962, the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, the two most powerful nations on earth, prepared for what might have been a nuclear holocaust. Weapons were unsheathed and aimed as President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev faced off in the most dangerous political-military confrontation the world had ever known.

Kennedy had backed down at the Bay of Pigs and Khrushchev bet he would do so again. The stakes were unimaginable

One Star-Spangled Night (A SEAL It With A Kiss Novella)

by Rogenna Brewer

Life is full of second chances…

Sleep is the last thing on Captain Doug Reese’s mind when he finds himself in charge of a disabled aircraft carrier and a disheartened crew. Once the ship pulls safely into dry dock, however, his insomnia becomes an issue and Doug is ordered into counseling.

Instead of seeing a shrink, Doug seeks out the lowest ranking Navy Chaplain he can find.

Lieutenant Lindsey Alexander might be fresh out of seminary, but she’s not as naive as the world weary Captain believes. She knows he has no interest in her advice. So she makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Lunch–and he’s buying. One hour a day for ten days.

By the time his sentence is up, sparks are flying between the Naval Aviator and the Navy Chaplain. Until past mistakes threaten their sparkling future.

Author’s Note: One Star-Spangled Night is the second in a series of One Night novellas created from secondary characters of previous works. The USS Enterprise and Steve Marietta appear in the full length novel Sign, SEAL, Deliver.* You will also find One Star-Spangled Night in the multi-author anthology Celebrate!


Betrayal at Bahia de los Cochinos

by William Dempsey

Commander Fred Schmidt and Chief Gunner’s Mate Mike Stafford team up in this action packed, historically based, sea-land adventure. Veterans of WW II and shipmates during the darkest days of the Korean conflict, they now face a new enemy close to home.

The Soviets are on the move with their new ally, Fidel Castro. The CIA covertly plans to topple the Castro regime by training and equipping a brigade of Cuban exiles. If they can establish a beachhead at the Bay of Pigs and declare a provisional government, the U.S. can come to their aid, militarily, and oust Fidel. A last minute decision places Schmidt’s new command, the destroyer Jaffey, in the middle of the action.

The invasion begins, but before they can implement the plan, President Kennedy cancels all U.S. military involvement. Schmidt agonizes over the decision, but follows orders and withdraws, stranding Stafford ashore with the exiles. A Soviet submarine pursues the Jaffey while Stafford and two colleagues fend for themselves. Cuban forces close in for the kill.

The exiles are defeated, and the Jaffey damaged. Schmidt faces a Board of Inquiry, and Stafford escapes the battlefield with two others. They won’t die on the beaches of Bahia de los Cochinos, but they aren’t safe anywhere on the island. Enter a beautiful Cuban woman and the anti-Castro underground. The escapees keep running, but a trail of bodies collects in their wake. Will they escape the island alive?

Scripting the Truth

by T.A. Henry

At loose end in post World War II London, Lady Margaret Leighton chances upon a movie poster showcasing the young soldier she gave her heart to while serving as a military nurse. Desperate to reconnect with him, she uses her wits and newly discovered writing muse to scheme her way into the movie studio where he is an actor. Molly is certain they will live happily ever after. And they just might… But first Molly has to figure out who she is and what she wants. Can she make this unexpected career work with the expectations of her elite family? She’ll try to do it all while trying to keep the seams on her stockings straight.

Romance: Mail Order Bride: Taken By Her Wild Montana Cowboys, 15 STORY BUNDLE (Single Authors, Fantasy, Billionaires, Historical, Ranchers)

by SteamyReads4U

ooking to add some SIZZLE to your Library? In this Collection, you’ll find over 160,000 words of PASSION guaranteed to leave you wanting MORE!

This 16 Book Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance Bundle includes:

The Trials of the Morgan Sisters of Montana

Riding the Wild Stallion

The Sisters of Harrington and the Wild Stallion

In Between The Handsome Rancher Brothers

The BBW Widow and the Handsome Rancher

Two Cowboys And A BBW Bride

Riding the Wild Stallion


Caught In Between The Two

She Will Be Loved

Cora’s Secret

Rival Sisters and The Well Endowed Cowboy

Stranded with the Cowboy

The Arranged Mail Order Bride

Stuffed By Well Endowed Rancher Brothers


A Bonus<> Romance Story!!!

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