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by John Anderson

Start your own part-time thrift store product selling business from home

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to set your goal ….do this before anything else

– How to find thrift stores

– How to find products that are more likely to sell

– How to create a product listing that turn visitors into paying customers

– How to sell your products via Facebook

– Advance strategies for selling and doubling your business via SEO


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Passive Income: Make Money While Doing Nothing

by Alex Schumer

Passive Income: Make Money While Doing Nothing will help you on your path to earning passive income online. This book will help you learn what passive income is and the beginning steps of several different options. All of these options are easy to start and what is great about passive income is, you can do one or two or you can do them all. There is no limit to what you can do with the different ways to earn passive income.

PASSIVE INCOME: Make Money Online and Achieve Financial Freedom: How To Make $500 – $12 K with only $50 *FREE BONUS ‘SEO 2016: Complete Guide to Search … Online Business, Affiliate Marketing)

by Kenneth Lewis

Discover the Secret to Making up to $12K a Month – starting with only 50$!

You don’t need to be the slave to a schedule anymore – working on call trying to fit meet someone else’s beck and call. Imagine if you could work when you want, where you want – and be bringing in money passively – even when you aren’t working!

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Publisher’s Note: This expanded edition of Passive Income includes FRESH NEW CONTENT to help get you on the path to financial freedom as fast as possible.


Whether you are a stay at home parent wanting to spend more time with the kids, are a high school or college student looking for a job that fits your class schedule or if you are just needing some supplemental income – passive income will help you live any lifestyle you ever imagined.

This book is your complete guide on how to make your goals of financial freedom a reality.

Here is only a SMALL Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Top 10 Entrepreneurial Options (with Direct Listings)
  • How to Identify Your Skills and Talents to Contribute to Your Passive Income Stream
  • Best Ways to Identify Your Most Profitable Niche
  • Effortless Techniques to Make Your Money Grow
  • Tools to Enhance Your Passive Income Success
  • Over 30 Profitable Online Companies to Work For
  • How to Avoid Scams While Staying at a Startup Investment of $50 or Less
  • Top Strategies to Create Your Business Plan
  • Discover the Ultimate Secret to Financial Freedom
  • Much, much more!

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“Having disposable income is the key to becoming richer, because now you have money to invest or save. If you are a career person and there is little you can do about cutting your spending, earning a passive income is the way to having money to save or invest. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to make that little extra using online methods. The author of this book understands the joy that comes from doing what you like; the author helps you choose what is right for you instead of what will make you more money, so that you may enjoy it. You will then learn how to research the right opportunities and separate them from the scams. This book gives you an opportunity with a minimum investment of 50$. From working online to starting an online business, it all lies in the pages of this book.” – Timothy, August 2015

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be just something you dream about. By changing the way that you view ‘making money’, you have direct control over the amount of income you can make.

Do you want to live a life free of financial stresses once and for all?

>> You CAN!

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How to Get Rich and Stay Rich: A Practical Guide on Investing, Spending and Saving for Long-Term Wealth (Financial Freedom)

by Jonathan Rothwell

Get Rich and Stay Rich

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Are you tired of losing your time and money in ‘get rich quick’ schemes? Are you burnt out from spending more hours at work than you do at home? Are you ready to take control of your finances and become financially free? If so then it’s time for you to learn how to get rich and stay rich the practical way. In How to Get Rich and Stay Rich: A Practical Guide on Investing, Spending and Saving for Long-Term Wealth you will learn tips that will give you a roadmap for your journey to financial freedom so you don’t waste all of your time and money on tactics that will only set you behind.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to invest your money so it works for you
  • How to develop an investment strategy to fit your temperament and financial goals
  • The distinctions between different investment vehicles
  • How to balance spending and saving.
  • And more!

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Money isn’t the only aspect of getting rich, freedom and having the time to spend your money how you want is the true definition of being rich. What would you do if you were financially free and you no longer had to exchange your time for money? Would you travel the world, spend time with loved ones or finally start a business?

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by Red Mikhail


Inside you’ll learn:

How to choose profitable topic so you won’t waste your time writing something that won’t make you a penny

the easiest way to create an amazing book cover

The importance of a customer list

The top 7 ways to get super cheap or free visitors online

How to take advantage of these free traffic online

The correct profile set up that will get you more credibility

how to use social media for maximum effectiveness

how to sell your products without really selling…I know, weird.

How to get affiliates that will make you thousands of dollars without you doing any work

BONUS – the super cheap traffic source that is making a killing today


Deeper Secrets Of Wealth: You Should Know About


This Book Will Give You Deeper Insight Into The Concept Of Money & How It Can Built to Last For Generations To Come

ETSY ONLINE INCOME – Etsy for the not so creative person: How to Make Money on Etsy… Even Without Creating the Product Yourself

by Andre Bennet


Here’s a simple step by step way to make money on Etsy for absolute beginners.

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to properly set up your profile

– How to create products…or outsource them

– How to find products that are guaranteed to sell well

– How to find buyers

– How to use SEO to double your Etsy sales

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by Red Mikhail

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Inside you’ll learn:

Supplement Business

– The things you need to know before you even think about starting your own supplement selling business

– Where to find the best products to sell

– How to create a product listing that sells your products…fast

– Why now is the best time to start a supplement business

– How to never worry about shipping again

T-shirt Selling Business

– The exact niche that will never become obsolete…ever.

– How to find designs in these niches.

– How to create a good product listing … so you could sell more shirts

– How to market your t-shirts for free

– 10 best practices for t-shirt startup owners


The Real Estate Answer Group: Reverse Mortgage Guide: Reverse mortgages for seniors, real estate retirement guide.

by Sarah Evans

So, what exactly is a reverse mortgage?

As baby boomers reach retirement age and beyond, this question is asked so often, but seldom answered in a straight no-nonsense way that can easily be understood.

A reverse mortgage is a loan given by a bank to the owner of a home. The owner makes no payments on the loan, but can still occupy the property for as long as they want to, or are physically able to do so.

That’s simple enough and sounds great, right?

Retired Hollywood stars convince you on TV that a reverse mortgage is absolutely the right thing to do, and everyone should sign up today. But waitâ?¦ there is much more to find out before making a decision that will affect your financial stability and living arrangements for many years to come. A reverse mortgage is a major financial decision and shouldn’t be made until you have all the facts.

As the author of this guide, it is not my goal to convince you one way or another. In fact, after detailed research, my opinion is that reverse mortgages are a very good alternative for some homeowners in certain circumstances, and an extremely poor choice for others. Depending on your particular situation, either extreme could apply, or you could fall somewhere in the middle.

The risk involved arises when seniors act without the knowledge and information they need to make an educated decision. As we know, reverse mortgage products are definitely not the best choice for everyone, but may be a good alternative for others. Take time to study the good features, and the bad. If a premature decision to commit to a reverse mortgage is made, regrets can sometimes follow.

As you proceed through the following pages, hopefully you will find enough information to evaluate your particular set of circumstances, and therefore have the confidence that the decision you made was the best in your circumstance.

In this book you will learn:

1. What a reverse mortgage is.

2. If you qualify for a reverse mortgage.

3. If a reverse mortgage is a good or bad idea in your situation.

â?¦and everything else you need to know if you or someone in your family is considering getting a reverse mortgage.

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5 Star Tips to Leading Traffic to Your Website

by David Knuckles

5 Star Tips to Leading Traffic to Your Website

YouTube Channel Behind The Scenes: All Your Questions Answered About Starting A YouTube Channel In This Book!

by Martina Jackson

YouTube Channel Behind The Scenes: All Your Questions Answered About Starting A YouTube Channel In This Book!

Being a YouTube Video creator is an awesome home based business, it can even be done in your spare time.

I wrote this book to share my experiences with any individual(s) who is/are thinking about getting into this business and YES, creating videos is a business and it should be taken seriously.

This book is written in a question and answer format for easy quick reference.


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The Art of the Twitter Complaint: how to get the most customer service bang by tweeting

by Danny DeReuter

How to complain using social media for maximum results

Frugal Living Box Set: Over 80 Money Saving Secrets Which Make an Incredible Difference to Your Minimalist Lifestyle plus 23 Amazing Tips for Making Money … make money online, minimalist living)

by Jeff Young

BOOK #1: Minimalist: 29 Money Saving Secrets Which Make an Incredible Difference to Your Minimalist Lifestyle. These Money Saving Tips Will Simplify Your Life

Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home? It can be a defeating feeling when you attempt to clean a room, but the amount of clutter and unused items seem to have multiplied since the last time you did Spring cleaning. What about your finances? Is it one of your dreams to be able to retire early and still maintain your current lifestyle?

In this book, you will learn three areas of your life that you can change in order to simplify things. We will discuss things like:

  • Why people choose to live minimally
  • How to decide if this lifestyle is right for you
  • The benefits of being frugal
  • Ways to declutter your home
  • How to simplify your finances
  • How to make time for you

BOOK #2: Frugal Living: 55 Tips to Save Money! Enjoy Living on a Budget, Become Debt Free, and Have Complete Financial Independence

Do you often find that you are struggling to stay on track when it comes to budgeting?

Are you spending more money that you’re earning in a month, and you don’t know where to start?

Do you suffer from frugal fatigue, a coined term that describes the effects of not spending money on anything that’s fun or entertaining, and then falling off the wagon and overspending on a splurge?

Then the tips in this book might help you avoid overspending, whether it’s from lack of knowledge as to how much you’re spending or it’s from frugal fatigue. You’ll not only learn how to stop spending as much as you are, but you’ll also learn a great deal more!

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to save money on your groceries, and not just with coupons!
  • How to save money on utilities, home repairs, and decorating! Who says you can’t decorate on a budget?
  • How to save money on personal expenses, such as clothing, haircuts, dining out, hanging out with friends, and much more!
  • How to pay off your credit card, mortgage, student loan, and other personal debts that you may have using the snowball debt effect and other methods
  • How to become financially independent by making smart investments in order to generate passive income and how to become an entrepreneur!
  • And much more!

BOOK #3: Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet

The internet has become a global market where very huge income can be harnessed worldwide. The internet has become so important nowadays that it has formed a daily routine for most people. What we can do over a simple Wi-Fi connection has become so versatile. You can do virtually anything online like reading books, magazines and newspapers , emailing, using the social medias like facebook, online shopping, use of Skype, google search, etc. the list is endless. But have you come across the lovely part that has to do with making money online? If you haven’t, then I guess congratulation is in order. Here is a wonderful opportunity placed on your laps. While many people have the erroneous belief that making money online can be very expensive or require several professional and technical abilities, I am here to tell you that making money online can be done with little or no professional skill.

Here are 23 Amazing tips to easily earn money from the internet. In this book you will discover:

  • What internet business is all about,
  • How you can easily make money from the Internet,
  • Important factors to help you evaluate your preparedness.

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Customer Services and CSAT analysis: A measurement analysis procedure for services continuity

by Shanthi Vemulapalli

Every service organization needs to be matured enough to serve to the customers on long term to sustain their business.

But when they continue Vendor and Customer relationship, there are some process steps need to be followed for the resolution of the issues raised by the customer.

The vendor’s internal and external teams issues need to be analyzed to find the root causes.

At the same time if the customer raised unnecessary issues, one need to be in a capable position to educate the customer and identify the root cause within the customer area and work closely to resolve by their team or stakeholders.

This short book follows a process by denoting the solutions with the relevant process steps; on how to run the CS business smoothly with the customers and their stakeholders. At the same time how to attend to the issues within the vendor teams also from the issues received through CSAT.

There are workflow charts also drawn for easy understanding.

Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a Interior Designer: Looking for a job that matches YOUR passions? Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a Interior Designer

by Janie Morrison

Looking for a job that matches YOUr passions? Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a Interior Designer Find out the secrets of scoring YOUr dream job!


Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a INTERIOR DESIGNER isn’t an Career advice book — it’s a mentorship in 50+ pages.

The competitive nature of the INTERIOR DESIGNER job market and the growing number of applications per job has made it extremely difficult for people to land up a job easily. The growing unemployment has also forced people who are usually over-qualified for a job to apply for the same just to avoid a gap period and remain a part of the rat race.

This makes most of us wonder how in the world will it be possible for us to avoid the competition and get YOUr applications through to the job that YOU deserve.

There are just two ways YOU can avoid YOUr chances at getting a job. YOU can either apply for jobs that have considerably lesser job applications to compete with or better YOU chances at getting through by improving YOU candidature. This book is all about the latter and not the former….

This is the ultimate guide for people like YOU who are serious about taking control of their destiny and Landing their INTERIOR DESIGNER dream job. Our guide is crisp, keeping YOU engaged with the progressive 12-step process without YOU becoming discouraged.

Here’s what YOU will learn with our Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a INTERIOR DESIGNER guide:

Learn to establish a dream job Mind set

Learn how to Break Through Barriers

Learn to think big and Imagine the new possibilities of YOUr dream job

Learn how to formulate YOU Strategy

Land YOU Dream Job

Our Guide gives YOU the confidence Sooo YOU will never be nervous when applying and Interviewing for YOUr INTERIOR DESIGNER dream job!!!!

This guide has a 12-step process that provides a clear, structured approach to landing YOU dream job.

What We Cover in our “Learn How to Get a Job and Succeed as a INTERIOR DESIGNER Guide “:

Chapter 1: Apply for Jobs That Were Never Listed

Chapter 2: Skills Always Win!

Chapter 3: Donít Rely On YOUr Resume

Chapter 4: Donít Focus On Money

Chapter 5: Donít Quit YOUr Day Job

Chapter 6: Demonstrate Genuine Gratitude in YOUr Current Job

Chapter 7: Get Off Social Media And Back In The Game

Chapter 8: Reach Out To YOUr Connections

Chapter 9: Get Ready To Apply

Chapter 10: Stay Up To Date On All The Tricks

Chapter 11: Behave As If YOU Are Still Being Interviewed

Chapter 12: Build Relationships Based On Performance, Not Conversation

Chapter 13: Spot The High Performers And Mimic Them

Chapter 14: Think Three Moves Ahead

Chapter 15: Find A Mentor

Each chapter provides YOU with A fresh perspective, powerful solutions, in-valuable resources to help YOU identify and land YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER dream job!!!

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by Red Mikhail

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In this bundle, I’ll show you 5 ways to make a living online.

Reselling Thrift Store Items

Selling on Ebay.

Selling physical products via the FBA Amazon Progam.

Making Money via ETSY.

Amazon’s Associate Proram- Affiliate Marketing

Completely different paths but with the same goal.

It’s your choice on what vehicle you want to take.


Think and Succeed: 7 Mind SEcrEts Revealed to Lead Your Life to Success

Yes, you have everything in your power to succeed! Learn the secrets and understand how you can use your mind power to lead your life to success!

Money is Power!: How Practice Makes Profits ~ Mastering the Stock Market Volume I

by Kimon Inglessis

We all have the same goal when we make an investment: maximizing profits while limiting losses. The goal of this book is to help novice and beginning traders to understand the markets and to explore ways of maximizing profits while limiting losses while trading the stock market.

The novice trader has more questions than they even know they have. Maybe they know about “limit orders” but not “stop limits” or “the bid” or “the ask”. This is why this book tries to begin at the beginning and quickly explain the important aspects while not getting bogged down in too much needless detail. Analogies and clear examples are used throughout the book to help to explain the different topics and critical charting interactions that can seem random at first but tend to follow certain patterns.

With over 100 graphics pulled from real world charts used as examples including a technical analysis of the chart, you can follow many company’s stocks and see how the technical predictions developed in the months and years since the book was written.

If you have wondered how the stock market works and how you can trade profitably with a less risk of loosing your money, then congratulations! Today you have begun your journey of discovery that can lead to a literal pot of gold at the end of a ticker tape rainbow! Is it an easy journey? No, it isn’t easy, but it is not impossible either, and who ever heard of a pot of gold that is easy to gain access to?

Trading stocks is not for the faint hearted or mentally lazy and those with poor discipline will have even more to learn than will the natural Zen Master. However, with practice even the worst trader can learn to fix their mistakes and capitalize on their own strengths. By noting entry and exit points and reasons for making each trade you can analyze your good trades and also any mistakes. We learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Never fear failure, learn from the attempt and note the results and then incorporate the lessons learned in the next attempt.

You will see how you can develop your own trading strategy using the zero risk method of online trading games or paper trading. Even an experienced trader should use practice trading when trying a new strategy or trade setup until they can regularly trade it for gains. Once a repeatable setup has been successfully traded profitably by using an online trading game or simulator multiple times, then you can look to trade that same setup with a small real money position when it next appears. When first trading with actual money it is best to trade only a small position until you can limit losses and make consistent gains. Only when you can limit losses and make consistent gains should you consider increasing the dollar size of your trades.

We are seeking repeatable setups and signals that can signal profitable trades while keeping our risks as low as possible. We then want to practice the same setup until we can return consistent gains and limit any losses. The stock market is a chaotic environment at best, so we need to simplify anything that we can and remain focused on the critical pieces of information. The main goal should also stay in focus: maximizing profits while limiting losses.

5-Easy Steps for Effective Delegation: The Guide For Business Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Teachers and Trainers

by Carolena Lyons Lawrence

By delegating effectively, you will get your staff and others engaged in important and challenging work allowing them to develop their skills and to prepare them for their next level of responsibility. Most of all, delegating will allow you time to work on innovative projects and to take care of the bigger picture.

This Guide breaks the delegation process into 5 easy steps that you can practice and become skilled at delegating.

Step One: Determine What to Delegate

Step Two: Select the Right Person

Step Three: Delegate the Assignment

Step Four: Monitor and Evaluate Progress

Step Five: Recognize and Reward

To be effective in the delegation process, it is very important for you to complete each of the Five-Steps in order. Do not take short cuts because you may run the risk of miscommunication and receiving the wrong outcome from the job.

As a leader, our job is to nurture and develop the staff in their attributes to empower them to successfully take on tasks.

An added bonus of delegation is that delegating can be used in all areas of your life. You can also delegate at home and in personal and social circles that you may be involved. Therefore, the art of delegation is not just limited to the work environment. You can practice the art in every part of your life.

Delegation will take time, work and will require us to overcome personal barriers to delegating; but it will be well worth it.

Lessons For Selling Video Games Online: 14 Tricks of the Trade For Making A Living Selling Video Games Online

by James Himsa

Love video games? Imagine making a sizable living by simply selling video games online. You can do so, but most people will talk about this in an analytical fashion. Here’s solid advice on how to get going and keep the proverbial ship afloat once you start. These are life lessons from selling video games online, and making profit. Not just a few bucks, but a real world living.

In this book I will discuss tricks and lessons that I’ve managed to learn from the school of hard knocks and selling video games.

You will learn:

What Video Game Liquidators Won’t Tell You

Walmart and Video Game Selling

How Far Back Should I Go With Retro gaming For Reselling?

Is It Possible To Make A Living Selling Video Games Online?

and much more in a conversational style.

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