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iBooks Author

by George Smolinski

Ready for the next revolution in eBooks? Its here–iBooks. iBooks Author has the potential to replace Amazon Kindle eBook publishing. Read this book to find out why and learn how to get onto iBooks NOW

Remember the good old days of eBook publishing? You wrote a great book and published it on Amazon Kindle with a great cover and people bought it! You added value and people responded and bought your book.

But, times are changing and changing fast. A new player is in town with incredible potential. That new player is Apple with iBooks Author and Apple wants to take over eBook publishing forever!

In this book you’ll learn:

1. Why iBooks will become the DOMINANT eBook platform in the next 2 years

2. How to get on board this trend NOW before everyone jumps in!

3. Step-by-step formatting and designing tips for your iBook

4. How to publish your eBook the the iBooks Store using iBooks Author

5. How iBooks can and will revolutionize not only how we present material to our readers, but also how we teach, think, and learn!

As always, I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sales of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected Children’s Literacy non-profit in America

iBooks author is THE major trend in eBook publishing starting NOW. Get on board today and don’t get left behind!

Android Smartphone help: How to take care of your android

by Zach Abraham

Android devices especially smartphones have become the ubiquitous necessity of today. With time they tend to slow down, stop functioning properly or breakdown completely. The irate user, who has in most cases spent a huge sum on the android phone, is generally clueless about how to fix it.

This simple guide will help you learn the basics of android smartphone maintenance so that your cellphone keeps functioning optimally

Product Creation: Easy Internet Marketing Info Product Creation Riches

by Shane Farrell

For a limited time, get this best selling training for only $0.99. Regular price $6.99

“You Are About Discover The Truth About Internet Marketing And Exactly How To Make Money Online”

It’s Time To Leave Behind The Lies And Head Down The Right Path.

I’m guessing that you’re still a victim of the Internet Marketing Game. .

You keep falling for every new “shiny object” that hits the marketplace because you can’t get over the fact that you are still in search of those push-button riches. . .

It almost seems as if it is a continuous cycle because you keep going right back to square one, and because you keep spending money, you are broker than you were before.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ll be willing to bet that it does, and truth be told, most Internet Marketers are trapped within this cycle and just don’t know how to get out.

I really don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but believe me when I tell you. . .

There is NO SUCH THING as overnight riches!

Trust me, I know that for a fact because not only can I relate to you 100%, but also, I had to find out the hard way.

I gotta admit, when I first got started online, it was almost as if I was shooting in the dark.

I kept jumping around from product to product and expecting results every time I spent my hard earned, day job money.

Eventually, I ended up spending THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars on pure junk that never got me the results that I was after.

After so much failure, things were getting so overwhelming for me and because I was only wasting money:

I just wanted to GIVE UP!

But before I really decided to call it quits, I wanted to exhaust my efforts, so I continued my quest to make money online.

Only difference is this time, I made a wise decision to reach out to someone who was seeing success online to get the inside scoop on exactly how things worked in Internet Marketing.

At that point, I must say that I tried everything online, and reaching out to someone for help and direction is the one thing that I never did.

Because of all the junk that I’ve purchased in the past, I didn’t think I could really trust anyone because it seemed as if they were all out to get my money.

However, I still decided to move forward, and it was a completely different story.

Needless to say, that was the best decision that I have ever made for myself, because I no longer was just wingin it.

Instead, I had a set plan of action of exactly what I needed to move forward to finally become a successful Internet Marketer.

The most important factor was the shift in my mindset that took place.

No longer was I the guy running around throwing money away on various different products.

I then took on the proper mindset of an Internet Marketer and became the guy who started putting out the products.

It was a breath of fresh air to me because I finally cracked the Internet Marketing code, and I want to help you do the same.

Here’s How It Works

In a nutshell, this ebook is a series of 30 daily lessons that will hold you by the hand and walk you through each and every step to take you from zero to hero in Internet Marketing.

Each day you get an assignment from product research to outlining your new product.

Setting up download pages to uploading your offer to Warrior Plus.

Launch day mechanics for maximum profits and attracting affiliates!

Plus, it also comes with a list of recommended resources that you will need to create the foundation of your Internet Marketing business which will allow you to successfully:

=> Create your first product online to sell

=> Finally go from product buyer to product seller

=> Create $100+ paydays on demand marketing to your list

=> Attract affiliates hungry to promote your offers.

The great thing about these resources is that they are simple to get set up and running,

Grab this training today for only $0.99. Regular price $6.99!

AMAZON DOUBLE TROUBLE PACKAGE: Make money online as an Amazon associate or as an Amazon physical product seller

by Red Mikhail


Start making money as an amazon affiliate today!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Simplified and Made Step By Step…By Step

Finally!, A system that actually works and a system that can be follow step by step…No B.S. , Do this, do that kind of guide. Plus no fluff so you don’t waste your time.

Inside you’ll learn:

How to get started as an Amazon associate, free

secret keyword research method that only few are using – follow this and you’re already ahead of the competition

how to rank on the page 1 of Google…for real! – No theory just actionable content

How to write reviews that gets read and that converts into cash

Sample websites for you to follow

and many more

AMAZON FBA Step by Step

-How to choose a plan of attack, so you’ll know exactly what product are you going to look for

the best way to get started with private labels

what to do if you are strapped for cash

how to create a product listing that converts into cash

the exact template on how you can go from “knowing nothing” on FBA to almost expert, in 60minutes or less

the daily practice that separates the loser sellers from the winners

how to get reviews that has much higher bearing when it comes to Amazon search rankings

The easiest way to add eyeballs to your listings – on chapter of TRAFFIC

click the download button and read this book today!

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Dart Scripting Made Stupid Simple

by Jordan Kaufman


Are you sick of How-To publishers calling you an “Idiot” or one of their “Dummies”? Well, we give you the respect you deserve but we make the SUBJECT Stupid Simple.

In “Dart Scripting Made Stupid Simple” we get you scripting quickly, in an easy and enjoyable manner. We cover the following subjects swiftly in a way easy to absorb in just 70 pages:

  • Commenting in Dart
  • Importing Libraries
  • Click Listener
  • Casting
  • querySelector
  • Variables
  • Math
  • Conditionals
  • Switch
  • Looping
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Lists
  • Maps
  • Manipulating HTML
  • Classes
  • Getters / Settters
  • Static Fields / Methods
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Class
  • Interface
  • Mixins
  • Operator Overloading
  • Exception Handling

Get started with Dart Programming now!

Plus free downloadable code at

Follow us @Jordan_RK


by Red Mikhail

Get started making a living online

Inside you’ll learn:


– Where to find the best product launch… before everybody else does.

– How to create an affiliate site from scratch …from A to Z.

– The exact guidelines to follow for creating your product review

– The exact bonuses to give to your customers… this will work even if you aren’t a big name guru.

– How to do proper seo backlinking and on page tweaking.


– The exact step by step blueprint to making an extra $500 per month…part-time

– How to find domain and what exact criteria to use

– How to know the value of a website in 30 seconds or less

– how and where to sell your websites as fast as possible

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