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Adventures With George: A Minecraft Novel

by Francois Zucco

When four siblings find themselves in a land of floating trees, odd floppy-nosed villagers and murderous skeletons, they realize that this is no ordinary game of Minecraft.

Fighting for survival in an virtual reality, they soon find that the murderous skeletons are the least of their worries – they’re also being hunted down by the ruthless and tyrannical gamekeepers.

Mission Trip Spanish: learn the Spanish you need for your mission trip in five weeks or less

by William Moseley

Do you want to learn Spanish for your mission trip to Latin America? Maybe you don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’ve taken Spanish classes, but when it comes time to speak to actual people, you freeze up and can’t remember the words you needâ?¦or worse. Maybe you were never taught the words and phrases that you’ll need while on your mission trip.

Are you frustrated with the resources that are out there when it comes to learning Spanish for your mission trip? Don’t worry, you are NOT alone. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for YOU. In this book, you will learn the Spanish you need for your mission trip easily and FAST. This easy-to-read guide is here to prepare you for your mission trip to Latin America, all you need is five weeks or less.

You will LEARN

-The tools you need to learn Spanish quickly

-Specific words and phrases that you’ll use while on your mission trip

-No-Fluff memory techniques that will make the vocabulary stick, the first time

-How to keep yourself motivated and energized to learn Spanish for your mission trip

-All the internet and phone app resources you’ll need to learn Spanish for your mission trip, FAST

Each chapter will explain one step in the process of becoming proficient in Spanish for mission trips. As you go through each chapter, you will learn about why the steps are important, and how you can keep yourself on track. Mission Trip Spanish provides straightforward and no-nonsense strategies to prepare you for your mission trip to Latin America. You will learn how to make these Spanish learning strategies work for you, in a way that fits in with your busy and hectic life. This book has strategically been designed to increase your level of Spanish quickly so that you will be prepared to connect with those you serve while on your mission trip to Latin America. You will also receive advice on how to apply what you learn in this book in order to be successful, maximize your Spanish learning, and achieve your own personal goals, whether proficiency or fluency. You will notice that this book has been designed in a way that encourages you to use those techniques that you find to be most effective for your own learning. This book encourages you to use those techniques that work for you and your own personal strategy of Spanish learning for your mission trip and beyond. This allows you to tailor a Spanish learning strategy that is most likely to fit with your lifestyle, resulting in short-term and long-term success.

Included in Mission Trip Spanish is a FREE Master List of words and phrases that you may use while on your mission trip to Latin America. These are common phrases that are specifically tailored to the needs of mission trip volunteers and participants. This list is incredibly useful for the busy person looking for quick phrases that can be memorized before arriving in the mission trip destination country. As you become more familiar with the techniques and information in this book, your Master List will grow into your own personal Master List. If you’ve always wanted to speak Spanish with native speakers and communicate with those you serve while on your mission trip to Latin America, Mission Trips Spanish is for you. Let’s get started.


The Christmas Sparrow

by S.B. Herring

A delightful addition to your collection of Christmas stories for children, this tale of the first Christmas spurs the imagination as well as shares the true meaning of Christmas.

A king is coming to Bethlehem! All of the animals in the stable think that they have the best skills to offer the king…except the sparrow who agrees that he really is too small to do anything important. But surprises await the animals, for the king is very different from what they expect, and the sparrow contributes in a very big way.

The Christmas Sparrow is a charming tale, illustrated with delightful, colorful, antique images. As a Christmas stories kindle selection, it’s perfect as a Christmas Eve story, a Christmas story for bedtime, or for any time during the Christmas season. Its heartwarming message, however, lasts throughout the year.

Minecraft: Minecraft Diary Collection 4 (UNOFFICIAL MINECRAFT BOOK – Minecraft Diaries for Kids)

by Minecrafty Brothers

It includes a never before published Minecraft Guide and 30+ Bonuses, Limited Time Only!


A Minecraft Kid and the Sand Temple

Diary of a Minecraft Ninja on the Run

Treachery in Minecraft Desert Temple 1

The Minecraft Desert Clan 2

Free Bonus for Minecraft Fans

FREE to kindle unlimited subscribers, grab your copy and have fun!

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Minecraft: Minecraft Diary Collection 3 (Unofficial Minecraft Diaries)

by Minecrafty Brothers


Minecraft Diaries for the true Minecraf fans, read them FREE with kindle unlimited!


Over 40 thousand words in this diary collection

Diary of a Useless Creeper 1

Diary of a Useless Creeper 2

Diary of a Minecraft Vicking

Diary of a Minecraft Bounty Hunter 1


FREE to kindle unlimited subscribers, grab your copy and have fun!

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Endless Reasons To Love Winter

by Rada Mihalcea

Looking for a morale boost to get you through the winter months? This cheerfully illustrated book will change the way you look at winter, with nearly 100 reasons to fall in love with the cold season – its festive mood, the slower pace of time, the time spent with family and friends, and a lot more. A perfect gift for all ages, for Christmas, New Year, or any other winter day.

Houston Wyatt and the Christmas Rescue

by Christopher Josephs

It is Christmas Eve in the Othora Prime Galaxy. Houston Wyatt and Brufanus are trying to obtain cargo from an abandoned ship and come across a different type of cargo. With the Alliance hot on their trail, will Houston and Brufanus have a Merry Christmas?

Julie Jones: One ordinary world, One extraordinary girl

by Crystaline Rose

A spiritual/therapeutic Children’s Book about HOPE, LOVE, JOY and RAINBOW WINDS of change~

Julie Jones is a young girl living in a black/white world when she suddenly she discovers the magic of â??color’! She tries to share her excitement with her family and friends but they can’t see the beauty around. Julie discovers they are “too mopey, too numb, too busy, too glum”. Julie starts “to feel alone and feel blue” but thankfully, she remembers her HOPE can carry her through. “So she cherishes her HOPE, she tucks it and holds it and nurtures it deep inside”. Julie hopes maybe one day â??the winds of change’ will blow into town…

What exactly does this mean? You’ll have to open up and see:)

Crystaline Rose is both a teacher and children’s book author. When she brings her stories into classrooms and readings, they are met with â??Aha’ moments, appreciation and excitement. “The illustrations are magical and the story has meaning!” Parents share that their children are asking for “the rainbow book!” and look forward to reading it again and again. Therapists are also reading Julie Jones in their healing rooms with children, teens and adults. “There is inspiration and hope to be found for any age.”

A full color 44 page beautifully illustrated children’s book. Suitable for all ages, from toddler to adult.

Minecraft: Minecraft Potions: The Ultimate Guide to Tips, Tricks for Minecraft Potions (Minecraft Handbook Essential Guide Books for Kids) (minecraft comics, minecraft secrets)

by John Mat

Put the Magic into Minecraft with This Book

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.


Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


You’re about to discover how to…

use Minecraft seeds which are used by gamers while playing this super awesome game. The seeds for PC, Xbox 360 and the guide which can be used by people are mentioned. There are tricks and tips given which you should follow in order to complete the game. Enjoy!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to brew basic potions as well as modified ones
  • How to perform basic and modified enchantments
  • The potions explained (awkward position, swiftness potion, strength potion, healing potion)
  • Tips for minecraft potions

Start Using Enchantments and Potions to Kick up the Excitement NOW!

Grab It NOW With Kindle Unlimited!

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Jezebel: Another Gypsy Campaign (The Eye Book 1)

A mini series about a woman torn between multiple identities. The Victim,The Victimizer or The Avenger. Growing up in the cold hard streets; young Naomi has seen many of things, no little girl should ever see. Thanks to a young Guardian, who would not sit by and lose another kindred in a bigger battle; gave aid to Naomi along with a few others. Surviving her own struggles Naomi now seeks out victimizers and makes them pay.

Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and The Cutie Campout (the hilarious adventure for children ages 7-12)

by Starrie Sky


The hilarious wacky kids adventure you can’t put down

Age Level: 8 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up

In The Cutie Campout

Heidi, Arika, and Olga are going on a trip—A camping trip to Lake-A-Lotta-Fun, that is!

The girls set up Camp Cutie deep in the Cutie Patootie Land Jungle, nestled amongst the glowing fireflies and the friendly natives.

What they don’t know is , Mr. Zonk and his two goons, Jordan and Slimy, have a camping trip planned of their own. But the wacky and weird Mr. Zonk won’t settle for sleeping under the stars in the usual tent-camping way… He thinks it’s a much better idea to kick it “pirate style” setting sail in a huge Pirate Ship instead!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! With his usual taking-over-the-world tactics, he’s created a Bionic Firefly to lure all the sweet, little jungle fire flies into a giant jar!

  • Will Captain Zonk capture all the fire flies??
  • Will he make the Cuties walk the plank??
  • Will Heidi and her friends save the day, and rescue all the fire flies??
  • Will Mr. Zonk actually take over the world?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Find out when Heidi, Arika, and Olga set out on another wild and crazy adventure as they team up once again to rescue Cutie Patootie Land from the sinister plots of Mr. Zonk.

The all new zany, crazy, and

wacky adventure, Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land – The Cutie Campout

Ë?Ë?Ë? What Others Are Saying About the Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land:

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, radically cool, cute book July 15, 2013 By Soleil “This book was lively and fun. It was full of vibrant colors in the pictures, and cool characters. I AM TELLING YOU NOW GET THIS BOOK!!!!!”

5.0 out of 5 stars The Cutest Book EverMay 30, 2013 By Trina Nguyen -“I’m an adult who finds this book an absolute delight to read. The story and illustrations are exciting, fun and so entertaining. A must read for all girls! I can’t wait to read another book by this creative and unknown writer.”

5.0 out of 5 stars FUN STORY! July 30, 2013 By Joyce L. Mitchell – “FUN story on a super cute planet called Cutie Patootie Face. Very creative and the illustrations are adorable. Kids at my house loved it, especially the ten-year old.”

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