Free literary fiction Kindle books for 24 Dec 15

What If

by Lauren L Carpenter

What if our lives were forever changed by a single moment in time? If we had the choice to chase our dreams or stay where we are…what life would we choose?

Paint the Black

by J.D. Dudycha

Every boy who picks up a glove dreams of playing in the big leagues. Only a few are actually good enough to make the grade.

With a ninety-eight mile-per-hour fastball and a devastating slider, eighteen-year-old Jack Burke was a baseball phenom. Picked in the first round, his future as a superstar seemed destined. Nothing could stop the kidâ??except himself. His childhood dream of a baseball life would turn into a nightmare marked by injury, immaturity, and personal tragedy. After just a couple years of minor-league ball, he found himself on the outside of the diamond. He asked the question he never imagined, “What will my life be without baseball?”

Paint the Black is about pitchingâ??and livingâ??on the edge where decisions have consequences. But it’s never too late to start over again.

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