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Natural Homemade Beauty Regimen Box Set (4 in 1): Easy and Organic DIY Recipes for a Beautiful You! (DIY Homemade Beauty Products)

by Carrie Bishop

Natural Homemade Beauty Regimen Box Set (4 in 1)

Book One: DIY Beauty Products: Natural Homemade Recipes for Beautiful Skin, Body and Hair

Inside you will learn that

– Coconut oil is not only used in recipes – it can be used to prepare a moisturizer

– Honey and oats as a facial mask will leave your face moist and supple

– Taking Vitamin C orally will boost you immune system. But a homemade Vitamin C serum will fight the signs of aging and diminish fine lines and wrinkles

– Mayonnaise can be used as a hair mask

– And Much More

Once you’ve learned all these secrets of DIY beauty products, there will be no stopping you. It will save you money, take years off your face naturally (no chemicals) and give you the confidence you need.

Book Two: DIY Shampoo Recipes: Your Guide to Gaining Beautiful, Strong, Healthy Hair with Organic & Natural Recipes

Inside You Will Learn:

– Why homemade shampoo is better for your health, your wallet and your hair;

– The environmental benefits of homemade shampoo;

– How to wash your hair with homemade shampoo;

– The ingredients you need to make your own shampoo;

– How to choose the right essential oils for your shampoo;

– How to make a variety of different homemade shampoos and find the right one for your hair type;

– How to make your own conditioner;

– And much, much more

Once you have tried your own shampoo you will never want to go back to commercial formulations.

Book Three: DIY Deodorants: Natural, Homemade Recipes for Deodorants and Perfumes for Men and Women

In this book, you’ll find:

– Traditional Baking Soda Deodorants

– Baking Soda Free Deodorants

– Deodorants for Men

– Homemade Perfumes

– And much more!

Deodorant can be perfected to smell however you’d like, or not smell at all! Just omit the essential oils in these recipes and you’ll have an unscented deodorant that you’ll enjoy for weeks to come.

Book Four: Natural Remedies: Homemade Organic Remedies for Your Health and Appearance to Prevent and Heal Sickness

In this book you will learn:

– A brief history of the concept of natural remedies.

– Natural remedies for common illnesses.

– Natural remedies for ailments that affect your appearance.

– Much, much more.

HEADACHES: A guide for your headache pain relief and sinusitis treatment and free yourself for life (headache pain, migraine)

by Ryan Smith

20+ Bonus Books included

Discover how to relieve headache pain and free yourself for life

You’re about to discover how to be relieved of headache pain. Headaches, even with the astounding medical advances that our society was able to achieve in the last few decades, remain one of the most baffling human afflictions. This book intents to focus on one of the mainstream types of headache that affects a good part of our population: sinusitis-related pain in the heads. More than 15% of Americans have reported as suffering from headaches brought by inflamed sinuses and sinusitis ranks as one of the most common form of allergen-related health condition in the United States.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is the connection between Headaches and Sinusitis?
  • How to end Headaches and Sinusitis?
  • How to take care of yourself?
  • What are the alternative therapies?
  • What are the medical treatments to end Sinusitis?
  • How to prevent headaches?
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

The book is an excellent guide to get rid of headache. This book contains certain helpful tips, by which a person can get relief from headache. The book is very well written and is very informative. – Arnold

The book is well written and informative. The author explains in explains in clear and practical language. Definitely recommended! – Kevin

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Adult Coloring Book: 50 Unique Zen Mandala Designs for Mindfulness and Relaxation (mandala, tibetan mandala, mandala coloring book)

by Steven Parker


KINDLE USERS – We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can’t download this book from your Kindle device – We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book.

Print the PDF on large 8.5×11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do the rest.

Are you ready to relieve stress and get creative? Our Adult Coloring Book: 50 Unique Zen Mandala Designs for Mindfulness and Relaxation is just what you need. You’ll benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety after a long, hard day. Coloring has also been shown to increase your creativity.

How does coloring help stress for adults?

It’s been scientifically proven to help you take your attention away from your problems. This is the first step to stress relief. Because coloring regulates your amygdala, you get therapeutic relief from stress. You get a small dose of dopamine when you color which helps reduce anxiety and fear. Neuroscience has proven that when we stimulate this area of our brain to produce positive feelings, it can literally rewire our brains.

Coloring can now be thought of as a very inexpensive and creative therapy session. Since it requires focus, even if you only color for a short period of time, it can improve symptoms associated with ADD.

Why choose this coloring book? This book provides more than 50 patterns to provide you with the ultimate coloring experience. You get to be creative and be transported back in time to your carefree childhood days.

It’s time to unwind with one of the most popular relaxation methods available: adult coloring. Find out for yourself just why adult coloring has become amazingly popular. Choose the best picture that suits your day and start coloring. Our digital version means that you can print out high quality digital images and color until your heart’s content!

Essential Oil Recipes Box Set: 60 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Essential Oils plus 22 Amazing Reflexology Techniques to Successfully Relax Your Hands … reflexology, how to use essential oils)

by Helen Turner

BOOK #1: Essential Oil Magic For Quick Healing: 60+ Admirable Recipes Guide on Essential Oils for Relaxation and Good Sleep, Natural Remedies, and Energizing Effect

Are you interested in using essential oils for your everyday ailments?

Do you often find that you’re unable to sleep through the night, or you can’t seem to relax before bedtime?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The extraction techniques companies use in order to obtain the oils, and which one is best for your health
  • How to find good, quality oil that will last a while and will work wonders on your body and your mental health
  • The benefits of using essential oils
  • How to use essential oils properly so that you do not endanger yourself or anyone else
  • Problematic contamination of essential oils and how to avoid them
  • Sixty recipes for relaxation, energy, and a good night’s sleep
  • And much more!

BOOK #2: Essential Oil Recipes: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide on How to Make Essential Oils with Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

No matter where you turn, the term “essential oils” is everywhere and with good cause. Whether it be pleasing aromas that work well for aromatherapy, or replacing other oils with essential oils for cooking, the health and wellness benefits are far more than one could imagine. You can use essential oils in cooking main dishes, salads, appetizers, and even desserts. And this eBook, Essential Oil Recipes is the ideal handbook for making a lifestyle change using essential oils.

Essential oils are finding their way into the lexicon of terms of the average westerner, using these oils for cosmetics or toxic chemical-free perfumes. Essential Oil Recipes will give you blending tips and recipes to help with health problems such as itchy skin, digestive problems, and an all-natural alternative to decongestant rubs that are petroleum based products.

In Essential Oil Recipes you will learn:

  • History & Getting Started
  • Medicinal Uses
  • Diet Recipes
  • Essential Oils Aromatherapy
  • Essential Gifts

BOOK #3: Reflexology: 22 Amazing Techniques to Successfully Relax Your Hands & Feet

This book will give you a brief history and explanation of the fascinating treatment method called “Reflexology”, and then will teach you 22 different Reflexology techniques which you can use on yourself or others to help hands and feet relax.

The book includes:

  • A chart of the different reflexology points in our hands
  • A chart of the different reflexology points in our feet
  • Explicit, easy to understand and follow directions for performing Reflexology techniques yourself
  • Information about the benefits of Reflexology, and when it should not be used
  • Guidance regarding treating children with Reflexology
  • Photographs that demonstrate some of the reflexology techniques

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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METABOLISM BOOSTING: Maximize Your Metabolism Naturally For Effortless Weight Loss (Fast Metabolism Hacks, Metabolism Boosters) (Boost Your Metabolism)

by Darrin Wiggins

Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Includes 80+ bonus books right inside.

Does your metabolism feel like it is in slow motion? Do you want a fast metabolism?

Metabolism Boosting Tips & Recipes

You know the drill. You follow a low-carb, low-fat, Paleo, vegan or whatever else diet, sometimes losing weight, but typically something doesn’t work. Though you seem to be ticking off all the boxes, you reach a plateau and the fat just doesn’t seem to budge. In frustration, you resign yourself to the fact that you simply weren’t blessed with a “fast metabolism” and may as well give up.

What is a fast metabolism mean anyway? It means you efficiently burn the calories you ingest whether that is during training or resting. When you have a slow metabolism, you do not see the results you would expect from eating healthy and focusing on exercise. If you are experiencing the latter, then this book is for you.

Rock That Metabolism

With a strong and healthy metabolism, your body is lean, resilient and primed to burn fat for fuel. Without having to resort to snake-oil supplements or difficult-to-follow meal plans, you can start today to unlock your body’s natural capacity to be lean and healthy.

This book looks at simple and practical methods that anyone can use to start working with their metabolism instead of against it. You will discover:

  • exactly how your metabolism works – and how to use that knowledge to burn fat
  • which foods are really going to help with weight loss and which are simply over-hyped health fads
  • precisely how to manipulate and encourage the metabolism you were born with to use the food you eat efficiently
  • how men and women’s metabolisms differ, and what you can do make sure your diet and exercise regime are tailored to your body
  • how your lifestyle may be undermining your weight loss efforts and hone in on the psychological and behavioral reasons you may not be losing weight
  • why inflammation and stress are your worst enemy when it comes to fat loss, and how to take control of your cortisol production before it sabotages your weight loss goals

Now you can discover the secrets of that skinny person who seems to be able to eat whatever they want without getting fat. They aren’t “blessed” with a fast metabolism, they simply know exactly how to eat and exercise to keep their physique in peak, fat burning condition. Celebrities, nutritionists and trainers alike have exploited these same metabolism rules to melt fat and feel great.

Are You Ready?

Grab this book today and start maximizing your metabolism to melt the fat off.

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This book contains all of my books plus another author’s as a way to say thank you to you my reader.





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Coloring Book for Adults: Best Coloring Book to Relieve Stress (Coloring for Grown Ups 2)

by Kiera Waters

Coloring Book for Adults

Best Coloring Book to Relieve Stress

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.” Lucian Freud

Abstract art, like the kind in this coloring book, has a special and enduring effect on the human spirit. Art in general has always been integrally connected with spirituality and the transcendent. From time immemorial, epic stories, songs, and paintings have expressed and explored religious archetypes and helped people overcome and transcend the pain of living. In many ways, creativity takes us back home to a spirit realm that is infinite and powerful. Art is also profoundly anti-establishment and empoweringâ??there have been countless artists who were blacklisted by governments and seen as a real threat to consensus trance and the status quo. Artistic endeavors open the heart and mind and help us remember who we really are.

Modern art’s roots are very spiritual in nature; many abstract artists saw themselves and their works as vehicles in which humankind could reconnect with their higher purpose. Abstract art expresses a reality that is beyond the material and helps us see things in a new way. And, like the quote above, the more abstract a work becomes, the more “real” it is. Scientists are discovering the fact that our known reality and the universe itself is pure projected consciousness and a hologram. Indigenous people knew this for centuries, and artists have too. Perhaps this is why the more abstract a work is, the more “real” it seems; maybe the truth is that what we see as real is truly unreal, and that there is more truth in myth than in a scientific report. It seems that abstract art helps connect us to this kind of magic; earth magic that our ancestors were completely immersed in.

Abstract art became popular at exactly the time in history when there was a growing interest in mystical and occult teachings. Coincidence? We think not. Abstract art expresses what words cannot say. More than many other kinds of works, abstract art straddles worldsâ??the world of the common and the world of the spirit. Like shamans, artists came with messages for humankind from the otherworld.

This coloring book is abstract in nature, which may help the reader “straddle worlds” as they create a beautiful new work from the skeleton of lines the artist drew. Recent research shows that coloring helps with blood pressure, calms, and soothes. Of course it does. It reconnects people to their innate creativityâ??an ability that can atrophy in the modern world. It is vitally important that people at this time explore their creativity, for in art there is freedom and an opportunity to gain wisdom from realms otherwise inaccessible.

We hope that the quotes selected for each picture caption helps you access the creativity simmering within. And that, after you finish with this book, you consider your own artistic interest and talent, and follow them wherever they may take you.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Rembrandt
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Robert Hughes
  • Miles Davis
  • Robert Henri
  • and more

Download your copy of “Colouring Book for Adults” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

What I Learned from An Onion: Big Wisdom, from little things

by EllaBeth Bando

A magical book of stories in the authoritative voice of a contemporary “Neo Shaman,” What I Learned from an Onion guides us down “Pathways to Wholeness”.

Its Heart-centered wisdom informs the spirit, spinning out reveries of childhood in more innocent times of clear values, community, and Earth connection.

A language of innocent wonder and purity conveys the hidden charisma of doodle bugs, butterflies, daffodils, and back yard trees.

These deceptively simple tales suffuse every page with the warmth and “medicine” of Native American Ancients.

This little book is a journey into enchantment.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Guide to Living With or Dating a Narcissist ( Narcissistic Husband | Narcissistic Boyfriend )

by Dev Koller

If you want to truly understand how your narcissist boyfriend or husband thinks and – more importantly – learn how to cope with his narcissism, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

At first, you probably cherished the time you spent knowing or living with a pleasant, delightful, and charismatic person; only to later realize this same person exploits all their charms in an attempt to manipulate and control you. No matter the affections you show, this person never reciprocates with any sympathy or compassion. If this sounds like your situation, then you might be living with a narcissist, and the first step to regaining your freedom (and sense of sanity) is to face the reality of the situation.

Narcissists are people with a personality disorder who are selfish, lack in empathy, and demand attention, altogether disregarding other people’s feelings. It might sound scary, but we are here to help. This book will show you how to take back control of your life and possibly make some progress in your relationship as well. We will explain how you can identify a narcissist and what living with such a person entails. Continue reading for advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the manipulation, and how to break free from the narcissist’s spell.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What a Narcissist Is
  • How to Identify a Narcissist
  • What Living With a Narcissist Entails
  • Narcissistic Parenting
  • Protecting Yourself and Others
  • How to Break Free
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION: Why You’re Still Stuck With Your Gut (Weight Loss Motivation Hacks and Secrets) (Weight Loss Books For Women)

by Darrin Wiggins

Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Includes 80+ bonus romance short reads right inside.

Weight loss wannabe’s it is time to think outside the box.

LEARN: Weight Loss Motivation Techniques That Work

The way people motivate themselves to lose weight is completely backwards. Most of the techniques they start with eventually become mental roadblocks that actually impede their progress. You may have been making these same mistakes this whole time also.

No one can blame you. You see how people are perceived to motivate themselves all the time on T.V. either with a personal trainer pushing them, a theme song playing in the background or who knows what else. People assume those techniques are what they need to be motivated to lose weight. They are half right.

DISCOVER: Why Weight Loss Motivation Starts With WHY!

You can have the best shoes ever made, the best food, the most knowledge, etc. but none of those things will help you lose weight if you do not understand WHY you want to lose weight in the first place. Sure the doctor may have told you why or your spouse why or the late night infomercial why but none of that matters.

It is you that has to get out of bed every day and actually want to do the work. All of the external motivation techniques you can use only serve as temporary solutions to a chronic problem – the complete lack of self-motivation due to a disconnect from your WHY.

While the reason may seem obvious to others, it may mean nothing to you. Now is the time to take an unorthodox approach to your weight loss motivation. Sure you can still use all those other things like music, affirmations and weight loss groups, but only after you have clarified why you are trying to lose weight in the first place.

Do that and you are almost guaranteed weight loss success when you marry internal motivation to sources of external motivation.

DOWNLOAD: Weight Loss Motivation Madness

If you are ready to stop the madness of constantly trying to force yourself to lose weight then take a look at what you will discover inside:

  • 5 excuses you make that are killing your weight loss goals
  • Why worrying about what others think of your body is actually making you fatter
  • How your mindset is quietly sabotaging you without you having a clue
  • The power to stay motivated regardless of what life throws at you
  • How your exercise plan can work against your motivation if you are not careful
  • External motivators that help but only when you are ready for them

This is not your conventional look at weight loss motivation on purpose. What you have always done obviously isn’t working or why would you be reading this book? NOW is your time to finally master your weight loss motivation.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start developing your own brand of powerful weight loss motivation today.

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This standalone short read contains all of my books plus numerous other authors as a way to say thank you to you my reader.





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Goals: Simple And Fast Technique To Master Your Goals And Get What You Want (The Habits, Mindset, Psychology, And Health Principles Of Success Book 2)

by James Parker

My name is James Parker and I am about to reveal to you a simple and fast technique you can use to master your goals and get what you want. A really transforming book you need to have. I can boldly say that because I have personally transformed my life with the information I am sharing with you in this book. You too will transform your life with this fascinating technique revealed in Goals.

Why You Need Goals

Setting Ñ?оur gоаlÑ? givеÑ? Ñ?оu clarity оn whаt Ñ?оu ultimately want. It makes you gel аnd articulate thе desires flоаting in your mind. It ensures thаt Ñ?оu аrе сhаnnеlling Ñ?оur timе, еnеrgÑ? аnd efforts intо thingÑ? that rеаllÑ? mаttеr tо you.

Whеn Ñ?оu dо not hаvе gоаlÑ?, Ñ?оu аrе flоаting around every day. Your energy is erratically diÑ?Ñ?еrÑ?еd in superfluous activities whiсh Ñ?оu engage on impulsive bаÑ?iÑ?. These аrе activities that play no role in your larger Ñ?соÑ?е оf life, but whiсh Ñ?оu are not аwаrе оf bесаuÑ?е Ñ?оu are juÑ?t living life as it comes.

Essential Results I Have Experienced Because Of The Technique In This Book

  • I got a master degree with minimal effort.
  • I went from almost broke to incredibly wealthy.
  • I had no problem to get fit and healthy.
  • And much, much more!

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download Goals Today

  • Why you need goals.
  • How to create, plan and excecute goals in a simple and fast way.
  • Why planning your goals is importaint.
  • How to evaluate the resaults.
  • How goals can help you асhiеvе Ñ?оur highеÑ?t Ñ?оtеntiаl.
  • How you can continiously improve.
  • And much, much more!

Download Your Copy Today

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Natural Health And Wellness: A Collection Of Articles By Sheri Ann Richerson

by Sheri Ann Richerson

A collection of articles about natural health and wellness. All of these articles were originally published on Suite101. Now you can own them, as a collection, for your Kindle.

Chapter 1: Aromatherapy Allergy Relief: Try Lavender And Chamomile For Eczema, Food Allergies And Asthma

Chapter 2: Ginger – a Homeopathic Medicine: Grow Your Own Ginger For Culinary And Medicinal Use

Chapter 3: Prevention Of The Flu

Chapter 4: Natural Diet Pills: A Proper Diet, Water And Excercise Are Essential To Weight Loss

Chapter 5: Detox Naturally: Eliminate Unnecessary Chemicals And Other Toxins From Your Body

The Insomnia Cure: Sleep Problems Explained and How to Use Natural Sleep Treatments to Solve Sleep Problems for Life (How to cure sleep problems and insomnia)

by Brad Wilson

Learn how to resolve all your sleep problems using natural methods

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Resolve Your Sleep Problems for Good Using Natural Methods

In â??The Insomnia Cure: Sleep Problems Explained â?¦’ you will discover how sleep, or the lack of it, can affect you both physically and mentally, how healthy sleep patterns can become disturbed and how to identify the various types of sleep disorders. The causes, symptoms and consequences of sleep loss are outlined and effective natural treatment approaches for specific types of insomnia are provided to help you decide on the treatment option that will work best for you.

A Drug-Free Approach to a Good Night’s Sleep

You will find out how simple measures can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep and which herbal, homeopathic and nutritional remedies can help. There is also a description of how conventional medical treatments can be used alongside the natural approaches.

Sleep is an important time for the body to recover, rejuvenate and recuperate from the day. Although 8 hours is generally considered to be a good night’s sleep, that may differ from person to person based on lifestyle and genetics. You know you are well rested if you wake up feeling energized and revitalized. Conversely, too little sleep will leave you chronically tired, with poor memory and concentration, irritable, accident-prone and more susceptible to colds and flu. Lack of sleep for too long a period can precipitate many serious medical issues, and people who suffer from chronic sleep problems have an increased incidence of death from all causes, especially heart disease. This is especially true in the case of shift workers who have been shown to have shorter life expectancies.

Sleep disorders are incredibly common and have many underlying causes, therefore it is important to identify the cause of insomnia before deciding on a treatment plan. Stress and anxiety are often the main factors contributing to lack of sleep but many different external and internal issues can be preventing this natural process. And regardless of the cause, there are certain simple changes you can make to lifestyle that will give your body the best chance of a good night’s sleep. Combined with herbal or homeopathic remedies, or nutritional supplements that are all described in detail in the book, you will resolve your sleep issues.

â??The Insomnia Cure:â?¦ is a complete guide to regaining control of what should be a natural process that is essential to full enjoyment of a healthy life.

All the recommended treatments have been successfully used by a conventionally trained doctor with experience in natural therapies.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Basics of Sleep
  • Types of Sleep Disorders
  • Symptoms of Poor Sleep
  • The Consequences of Insomnia
  • Natural Treatment Approaches
  • Choosing Herbal, Homeopathic and Nutritional Supplements
  • How to Use Non- Medicinal Techniques to Combat Sleep Issues
  • Much, much more!

â??The Insomnia Cure: Sleep Problems Explained â?¦ is a complete guide to treating and resolving sleep disorders that are affecting the quality of your life. All treatments presented in the book have been successfully used by a conventionally trained doctor, with experience in holistic medicine. They draw on the experience of many years of clinical practice using integrated medicine which combines the best of conventional and complementary medical approaches.

Download your copy today!

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$0.99! Start your journey to achieve optimum sleep today!

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